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Hajr-Al-Aswad: The Natural Holy Black Stone – Not So Holy, And Not Black


So, the prophet of Islam and his Quran was lying: The Hajr-al-Aswad is suppose to be black in color from absorbing Muslim sins. This is one of the main purposes for pilgrims and their Hajj to Mecca. The black stone is in fact not black, and out of public view it is being burnt and painted to appear black.

Notorious and frenzied idol worshipers circulating, touching and kissing a black stone with a silver frame shaped like a vagina. The cramped interior of the sanctuary is where the gods of pre-Islamic Arabia reside acquired from widespread looting: Hubal, the Syrian god of the moon; al-Uzza, the powerful goddess the Egyptians knew as Isis and the Greeks called Aphrodite; al-Kutba, the Nabataean god of writing and divination.

A confiscated multi-faith Hindu temple idol and ritualistic practice.

Jordan’s King Abdullah with no underwear, carrying only a thin cloth wrapped around his body, fully naked underneath (exactly like old Hindu rituals) kissing his black vagina.

The earliest traditions concerning the Kaaba claim that inside its walls was a pit, dug into the sand, which contained “treasures” [360 idols, most likely Hindu] magically guarded by a snake. The processional chant that tradition claims the pilgrims sang as they approached the [Female] Kaaba:

Here I am, O Allah, here I am.

You have no partner,

Except such a partner as you have.

You possess him and all that is his.

Muslims are actually ritualistic idol-worshipers although they kill thousands of non-Muslims around the world every single year, justifying their murders that the people are “idol worshipers” and therefore haram and kafirs and it is legal to kill them.

They go to Hajj in Mecca to circulate around a black stone, encased in a silver frame shaped like a vagina, and kiss it in ritualistic worship.

Muslims believe the black stone in Mecca fell from heaven (which old European writings claim is the head of Asrarte/Aphrodite – also known as al-Uzza and Isis – from a damaged statue). This may also explain why the stone is broken in many pieces. Well, if they damaged a large statue during their many raids and the head came off, it would certainly have ‘fallen from heaven’. And the chips in the stone may very well be from the efforts to throw stones or heavy objects at it to make the head come off. Considering the Muslim “culture” of decapitation it wouldn’t be surprising if the very stone they worship like an idol, was decapitated too. Muslims have been assuming that the stone must have been a meteorite. The black color is very significant because it verifies the Quran’s accuracy of prophet Mohammed’s claim that the stone absorbs Muslim sins which turned it black.

Here is one of many Muslims descriptions about the Black stone:

“Hadith: When the Holy Black Stone was brought down from the paradise it was green in colour.

“Prophet Mohammad said it became black in colour as it absorbed the sins of Adams progeny. The word ‘Hajar Aswad’ means ‘Black Stone’ and it became black as it absorbed the sins. Now it is the Holy Black Stone which shall absorb the sins. And if you don’t kiss it, then what is the use of your Hajj or Umrah, when your sins have not been forgiven? Is this not a conspiracy when they say just kiss the Holy Black Stone from far away because of the rush of people? Kissing it absorbs the sins; if you just signal a kiss from a distance, your sins have not been absorbed and neither has your Hajj been accepted.

“Secondly, if you do get to kiss the Holy Black Stone, it has been painted on. You are actually kissing the paint and the paint cannot absorb your sins. Therefore, in both cases, your Hajj or Umrah are not being accepted nor are you being purified of your sins – all thanks to the Saudi government.”

If you do not kiss the Holy Black Stone during Hajj and Umrah, your Umrah and your Hajj is incomplete; and now after the Saudis have painted over the Holy Black Stone. Even if you kiss the Holy Black Stone it will not be regarded as the kiss of the stone, you will be kissing the paint, not the surface of the Holy Black Stone.

Well, the stone doesn’t appear to be so black after all and prophet Mohammed and his Quran was not telling the truth. The Saudi’s keep burning the stone so it will appear black. They claim it is “cleaning”. What stone needs to be cleaned by burning? Even stone statues from Egypt that are over 3,000 years old don’t need to be burnt to be “cleaned”. No stones in Churches need to be burnt to be cleaned. 2,000 year old stones worshiped in India does not need to be burnt to be cleaned.

Here’s a video of this activity from Mecca itself:

104 thoughts on “Hajr-Al-Aswad: The Natural Holy Black Stone – Not So Holy, And Not Black

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  2. Wait, does anyone on this Earth -besides- Muslims still believe they are good people? I’m no huge fan of religion in general, but I can get along with preachers and priests from almost every religion. I’d never have a Muslim over my house, though.

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    • Most Muslims in the West are pleasant enough. But, they aren’t very good Muslims. When they are Good Muslims, their political loyalty is entirely Islamic.

      Islam is never benign. It is a sinister plot against the human spirit and the human species. Islam is NOT a spiritual religion. Islam is a political religion devoted to seizing hegemony.

      In Islam, violence is normal. Chimpanzees, the most violent of all the apes, would make perfect Muslims.

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      • No thats what the Roman Catholic church is actually look at there original teachings and also Islam is a religion of peace and for your information Jesus knows and prophesied Mohamad in Jhon chapter 16 verse 5


      • And also in islam violence is not normal. I went to church until the age of 17 and i love Jesus (Aysa) or as his mother called him ((Heshwa) but his so called followers do not follow our creator in the same way that he did. It clearly says in the bible he fell on his face 3 times in one instance and prayed . Think about it whos prayer is closest to that moreover Jesus was a Jew this means tge religion of Jewdaism would have practiced worship like the muslim of today religion and practice has become distorted moreover Etheopeon Cristian prayer like muslims this os evidence that there were Cristian or performed this same form of worship but what has happened humanity has hidden and blinded the rest with different names and TITLES


      • On a random note check out ancient maps and see if you can spot the garden of Eden and THINK Why would they hide such a place ???


      • A political religion seizing hegemony lol They are the head of the church yet they do not like JESUS check it out research!!!


      • Basil,

        Informed intellects in the West:

        #1. accept that Islam is incurably incompatible [ with everyone and everything ].

        #2. demand Islam and ALL its subscribers be expelled [ see #1 ].


    • The black stone is from the garden of eden from the stub of the Tree of life which is shown in All ancient maps moreover the tree of life was later referred to as MOUNT MERO or the black Rock so it is logical to assume that the black stone in mecca that we are told fell from heaven would more than likely be from Mount Meru which is the tree stump of the tree of life in the garden of Eden which also as we know is literally where we are told that it fell to from heaven ☺️


    • Your “religion” couldn’t be anymore fake. Allah is make-believe and Muhammad bin Abdullah was a serial liar and career criminal.

      The problem with Islam is that we don’t have mental hospitals to hold all you homicidal lunatics. That’s we want you all expelled and the mosques bulldozed.

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  3. This article is so foul, evil, disgusting, repulsing, abhorrent, corrupt, immoral and vicious that its writer should commit suicide out of shame. A BIG disgrace and curse to the writer of this utterly vile article. There is no place for sickening and detestable people like you in this world or the Hereafter. May you rot in hell. “It is the fire of Allah, kindled to a blaze, which mounts right to the hearts. It will be a vault over them in outstretched columns.” [al Humazah, 104: 6-9]



  4. Dear friends all the religions has there own GOD. And GOD is one only who runs the universe. We are human only & cannot be GOD any how. Human can be named as RAM, RAHIM, ISHU or PETER. Understand the facts only. Nobody can see, touch or feel the GOD as we are full of lots of mistakes & sins in our life. So please avoid mistakes & sins in your life . Love to all. What do you think, if only “one religion” left in the world people will not fight ???. Religion is not the matter of fight or terror. It’s literacy only which can save terror.

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  5. these stupid Muslims follow illiterate Mohammad so it clearly shows how illiterates peoples who are following an illiterate . by the way we hindhu people believe Lord Shiva and his 3 forms are Brahma Vishnu maheshwara and we call shankara as Shiva because he always used to be in shivattva. in hindhu religion everything is explained in detail and in depth and with very interesting stories …but Muslims they are really stupids don’t have taste sense etc

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    • Brother i truly respect your belief and i would like to tell you that the acceptance of hajj is upon Allah not on kissing any stone..
      We respect the holy stone because it’s from heaven we visit macca because we believe it’s house of Allah.. my brother i have many Hindu friends they respect islam and i respect their belief… don’t belive every single article, most of the informations are not accurate to


    • Brother i truly respect your belief and i would like to tell you that the acceptance of hajj is upon Allah not on kissing any stone..
      We respect the holy stone because it’s from heaven we visit macca because we believe it’s house of Allah.. my brother i have many Hindu friends they respect islam and i respect their belief… don’t belive every single article, most of the informations are not accurate

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    • Vikasbhai how can u hinduscreate a statute and worship him in other words u are supposed to worship your creator not your creation even a kid can work that one out so Vikasbhai who is stupid?


    • You Hindus how can u worship what u create yourself how can a statute help u it’s just common sense you are supposed to worship your creator not your creation


    • I strongly object the use of ‘illiterate’ for Mohammad. It shows your poor and biased study of history and religions. I show no disrespect for any god or deity worshipped by others. This is the teaching of the great Mohammad.


      • Are you suggesting that Muhammad bin Abdullah was not illiterate?

        So Muhammad was “great”? Is this why you worship him?

        I have a nasty surprise; just as Clark Kent and Superman were the same being. Muhammad and the alleged Allah were too.

        You’ve been duped.

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      • Having no academic qualifications doesn’t mean that one is an illiterate. As you do have some certificates in your name with no literacy to talk to. Moreover no one worships Mohammad but follows his teachings. Some people have been blinded by devil so they see nothing!


      • When Edgar Bergen died, Charlie McCarthy fell silent.

        When Muhammad bin Abdullah died, Allah fell silent.

        One difference is that neither Bergen nor McCarthy preached butchery. Another is that everyone understood McCarthy was a puppet. No one but Muslims worship a puppet, or “follow the ‘teachings'” of a dead puppeteer.

        You’ve embraced a canard. Can I assume you are simply embarrassed by your own foolish gullibility? Or will you persist in absurd ex cathedra assertions?

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  6. Whoever, wrote this god damned article, congratulations, you are an insanely humongous moron, who is in a desperate need of a life, as you clearly don’t have anything better to do, other than hating a religion on which you have nada information. Really sad.


    • Fake? Funny how authentic news are fake to you. And perhaps a wakeup call is needed: The whole world is displeased with Muslims. For you to imagine that it’s somehow contained to some small group of people, you got to be pretty thick.


      • So you don’t agree with Islam OK, but the fact that you’re calling someone you’ve never met ‘human garbage’ brings YOU to a VERY low level…garbage level actually. Think clearly and carefully about what you say to people and if it’s not coming from a place of love and light DON’T SAY IT!


    • Its the end of the world all of us will eventually know what is the truth or not..who we should worship when we were still alive..we will me..who are going to the wrong path will regret and think why yourself is so blind to see all the clues that allah gave and the opportunities for u to do what is right..and all of this because of shaytan..and u will blame them but then they will ask you back “who ask you to follow me?” Think religion is teach bad stuff but it also not wrong to seek truth..this world is a test

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      • this world is a test

        at the end of the world all of us will eventually know what is the truth

        Being alive now, right now, is the only life there is. We don’t die and come back. We aren’t “judged” at some later time. We are dead at all other times between our birth and our corporal demise.

        Atheists want humanity to exist endlessly into the future.

        Religionists proclaim we not only are going to die, all of us will be dead, and the future will be empty of people. Death is their goal, which explains their indifference to any plan which will enable our survival, like moderating birthrates, conserving resources and eliminating toxic effluents.

        Atheists want us to live, and religionists prefer we, and mother earth and all the other creatures, die.

        I’m an atheist. I want life.

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      • muslims are so blind that they cannot see that *allah*, the idiot psychopath at the heart of islam, is a mere invention of psychopathic criminal idiots who stole because they couldn’t create.


  7. So, this sort-of-black-ish stone (that may or may not be a meteorite, or may possibly be a decapitated statue head of a female god from pre-Islamic times, that is housed in a vagina-shaped frame) will one day grow facial features and speak!? Can we not agree that religious beliefs are just truly wacky? Why do people believe these things? It makes NO sense whatsoever. Come on, people, its the 21st century, can we not just evolve even a little bit? Hmm?

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  8. Very nice topic I want to add some more things and that are:
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in one of His hadiths:
    “The Black stone descended from paradise, and it was more white than milk, then it was blacked by this sins of the children of Adam.” (Tirmidhi)

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in one of His hadiths:
    “By Allah! On the Day of Qiyaamah, Allah will present the Hajare Aswad in such a manner that it will have two eyes and a tongue to testify to the Imaan (faith) of all those who kissed it.” (Tirmidhi)
    see more at:


  9. Hello there!
    Just wanted to tell you that you have the wrong facts. If you really wanted to put out that annoying information, please store it in your head. Nobody wants misleading information like this on the internet. You are a shame to yourself, and let me remind you that the word “Islam” means “Peace”. Your explanation is very wrong and very un-informational. I have a lot of muslim friends, and none of this defines them. If you want to know what Islam is really about, please go read the quran and get your facts right. Thank you.


  10. My dear brother. We won’t Worship stone and we all know that hajarul aswad is just a stone. Our messenger prophet Muhammad got message to do prayer directed toward Ka-ba mecca to bring unity in world on worship also this Ka-ba Mecca is the center of the earth for people living area. We were praying towards baitul muqaddas Jerusalem before we got message from allah informed by prophet Muhammad.

    You know the prayer call from masjid is unique from all over the world which is not changed for language and diversity. this way Islam spread peace and unity among people. There is no separation in Islam for rich/poor, black/white, race, caste, language. All r equal in Islam and Mecca. Kindly don’t hate/ scold other religion without knowing it properly. May Allah give you hidaya…. Insha Allah


    • Islam, has a great taTse for hatredness, differences, and separation. Lets go by each fact with examples.
      1. Muhammad hated jews, polytheists, christians that he even calles them with different name he had urged his followers to attack on different religions total 67 bloody battles are ascribed on his name. There are numerous battles and skirmishes on the name of allah and islam.
      2. A lot of differences over islam and muhammad, salafis, wahabis, shia, sunni, ahamadis, ismails and perhaps more the difference of opinion is too much that it often lead of bloody fights.
      3. Atleast top 3 separation movements are because of Islam. Eg. Kashmir separation movement based on islam, chechanya separation from russia also based on Islam, chinese xiniang state separation problem also attributed to Islam, phillipines separatist are also muslim.
      This clearly show that muslim do not want live peacefully with non-muslims (kafir) . Itis proscribed in quraan.
      Muslims are behind world 85% percentage terrorism. Muslims impose worlds some most nln-liberal laws .

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      • Dear i’m Muslim i follow sunna and i don’t hate anyone i have hindu friends i have Christian friends and even after reading your comment i still don’t feel any hatred for you. Every coin have two sides don’t just see the negativity also try to have a look of positivity.


      • So you’re attributing all these differences to Muslims… nothing to do with discrimination from the other side, suppressing them. Next you’ll be saying the Rohingya are creating the problems with the genocidal monks in Myanmar too. Try a bit of history and rational thought.


    • Well, I certainly wouldn’t fuck yours, not without a bionic condom. Your mother keeps them in a drawer in her nightstand. The only woman I know with a vibrator that needs two 12 volt car batteries wired in series.

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    • Wow! I thought it was totally HARAM to curse like that…makes you sound hideous!
      How about some dignity and intelligent words…that would be more appropriate behaviour… no matter what rubbish others say.


  11. Few points to note:
    1. Al-Bukhârî reports that ‘Umar – Allâh be pleased with him – came to the Black Stone (performing tawâf, circumambulation), kissed it, and said, “I know that you are a stone, you do not cause benefit or harm; and if it were not that I had seen Allâh’s Messenger – peace and blessings of Allâh be upon him – kiss you, I would never have kissed you.” Umar is caliph of islam after Abu Bakr.
    2. It is also narrated that many sahabs used to stand on kaba to give azaan, muslim call for prayer. Question here is how many idol worhsippers stand on their idol?
    3. And the basic islamic faith itself starts by proclaiming Shahadah “None other than Allah has the right to be worshipped”. And the prower of benifit or Harming any body is only with Allah and not with any stone.

    Dont draw conclusions on your own with satan’s brain.

    My dear Jews and Christians; u lack the very literature, the language, in which your books originally revelaed. So no real proof of ur isms. only translated versions of hebrew that too many with many changes, and fabrication. What is that you want to prove by all these baseless allegations? First sit and correct your own books. See below how ur belowed books the old and new testaments endorsing Incests.

    Bible – Book of Geneis- chapter 19 V30-38;

    30 And Lot went up out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountain, and his two daughters with him; for he feared to dwell in Zoar: and he dwelt in a cave, he and his two daughters.
    31 And the firstborn said unto the younger, Our father is old, and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us after the manner of all the earth:
    32 Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father.
    33 And they made their father drink wine that night: and the firstborn went in, and lay with her father; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose.
    34 And it came to pass on the morrow, that the firstborn said unto the younger, Behold, I lay yesternight with my father: let us make him drink wine this night also; and go thou in, and lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father.
    35 And they made their father drink wine that night also: and the younger arose, and lay with him; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose.
    36 Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father.
    37 And the first born bare a son, and called his name Moab: the same is the father of the Moabites unto this day.
    38 And the younger, she also bare a son, and called his name Benammi: the same is the father of the children of Ammon unto this day.

    What a stories? U fools u follow the above verses in your houses if you believe in your books, or correct your books with much more fabrication and stupidity of yours. Why to blame Islam? First correct urs. I am sure u might have born to such henious stories of daughters sleeping with father and son sleeping with mother belonged to Jews and Christians mentioned in the bible. First correct urself then we can talk of islam


    • Who is “Jews and Christians”? The mind of Muslims is so small and so conceited you can’t even think that there are millions of other people in the world who have nothing to do with religion. Discussion is impossible with you fools.

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      • Devil wants human goes to hell Quran says ” devil is your open opponent ” becare ful misguided humans in the name of discussion you can’t change truth sinner love falsity and good human love truth


      • Admin…no muslim worships idols…the kissing of the Black Stone is symbolic in our beleif that our good deeds and Haj is accepted by God. it is a stone…nothing more…nothing less…please get your facts straight before you post such incorrect and childish comments…but i do forgive your ignorance…behaviour is a learned reaponse…


      • But that’s exactly what an idol is in other religions too. No more no less. Yet Muslims kill others for doing what they themselves do! Barbarians.


    • See, how muslims blindly believe in muhammad the slayer. Can’t you muslim just drop the belief that muhammad was a messenger and allah is god. This is all fabricated by an imposter muhammad and you all read his message his book not the real message from god. If god really have to give, he will Either give directly or through natural ways surely not through a man. This is all about philosophy not the divination. Don’t believe in the evil ways of Muhammad. Believe in philosphy.
      No one will kill on the name of almighty but muhammad. He slayed thousand people on the name of Islam and spread the same message in his followers.

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  12. Saudi Arabia government are just using you people to make money,and deceiving u people to ”worship stone” instead of God.can’t you people think, how will God give you stone to kiss or to face when praying,then tell me what are the idol worshippers doing that is more than it sunnah but the truth remains that the place u face when you pray God is not d one there but stone,and the thing u kiss is not God the almighty but stone,,,,a black stone that absorb sin my u really want to serve God step out don’t be afraid of the threat that they we kill you or behead you, is better for you to become a child of God than to die in sin or than to die as a stone worshipper,no wonder Muslims world wide faces Kaaba to pray pllsss brothers repent today tomorrow is too far


  13. @OLAWALE, you are the bigger and indeed the biggest fool!
    I thought you have to be able to recite the Shahadah (that is, there is no god but Allah and Mohammed his messenger) to be able to pass as Muslim.
    I see: Jesus Christ was indeed a Muslim, and Christ the Muslim, was busy bowing down in the direction of Mecca (after all, the house of Allah, i.e. the Kaaba, is located there) and chanting Allahu akbar 5x a day while hitting his head to the ground.
    Same with Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.
    What a presumption!!!!
    And despite the fact that Jesus, like the rest Jewish prophets were all Muslims (an extra-historical invention), yet Jews today hardly chant Allahu akbar while slamming their heads 5x a day to the ground, in the direction of the Kaaba, the house of Allah in Mecca, at least to show a heritage of historical allegiance to Allah as bequeaths from the past.
    Deceived fool, they tell you the Bible has been corrupted just to open you up to accepting that hate literature, that book of lies, called Koran as infallible…
    I refer you to the words of Jesus: “Salvation belongs to the Jews.”
    By implication, any religion such as Islam that is not Jewish in origin can never fetch you salvation…
    Pure and simple!!!!


    • Idiit people, you don’t know the need of religion. There was not single god but many. Let the time pass and it will be revealed.


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    • Peter is the English form of Petros from the Aramaic Cephas. John comes from the word Yochanan. James is Yaqov, Andrew is from a Greek name, Philip is from Greek, Thomas is a form of Te’oma, and Simon is from Shimon (or Shimeon). By the way, Miriam is also spelled Maryam, Muhammad is Mohammed, Hamad, etc. So, using profanity in a question to ask where Jesus found someone named Peter, John, James, Mattew, Andrew, Philip, Thomas and Simon doesn’t invalidate the Scripture. Where did Muslims get the name Esa (for Jesus)? It’s simply the Arabic form of the word for “Yasha,” which in Hebrew means savior. In English it’s Jesus. Just a difference in language. But that doesn’t invalidate the Kitab.

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  15. Actually in Islam during the pilgrim, women are allowed to wear sewn cloth as long as it is white, and the reason why we kiss the black stone because it is part of the sunnah and it is not because we worship it just like we do our pray, we do not bow down to earth to show we worship the earth.but we pray to our god.

    And we do not go naked when we pray we have our guideline of wearing cloth, we need to cover some part of our body at all times, have you ever seen people literally naked during pilgrim? I want to explain further but you can search for aurat in islam.

    and the surah say wear something neat when performing a prayer and not about nude or anything.

    Leviticus 11:7-8
    And the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you. You shall not eat any of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.

    Your religion did told you to not eat pig and drink alcohol and yet you still doing it and my question is why? Are you truly a true believer of christian? And if you say jesus is god why he died?? Should god be powerful and never die? And if you say jesus is god or son of god because he has no father then should be adam higher than him?

    If you were to comment on muslim, It would be better to check on your religion and it’s origin first. Get your facts right


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    • what an ignorant fool! Anyway. Islam is the divine religion of monotheism. It is the way of all men of God in history of human existence, including JESUS: the prophet of Allah.whom you deified after you distorted his message been carried away by the miracles he confirmed himself performed not by his own power except by the leave of Allah. What is what you call Bible save stories written with touch of old testament without which Bible is only a written story.

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