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Islamberg, New York: The Muslim-Only Town Where Jihadis Learn Guerrilla Warfare Tactics


Jihad Training For Muslims living in Islamberg

by Pat Dollard

Islamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre underground-bunkered paramilitary Islamic compound. Here within the compound lives a Muslim only community. The majority of these are black american born males, hardened criminals who converted to radical Islam whilst serving time in state prison. It is also the headquarters of Muslims of the Americas, the International Quranic Open University and the United Muslim Christian Forum. Islamberg is the best known among 35 such compounds, ranging in size from 25 to 300 acres, that already dot 22 states across America. Evidence suggests these Islamic compounds and the convicted criminals who live their are participating in jihad training and using crime to raise funds.

Many of the muslims living their are convicts who converted to Islam in New York State Prisons such as rikers island or sing sing

Islamberg and the other ‘Muslim only towns’ and these organizations are led by a radical cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. He is the leader of Pakistani terrorist organization Jamaat al Fuqra . Muslim shoe bomber Richard Ried allegedly was heavily influenced by the group and its leader Gilani.

Sean Hannity talks to Martin Mawyer (Christian Action Network), producer of the new documentary film, Homegrown Jihad, about the 35 Islamic terrorist training compounds that exist right here in America.

Actual video of terrorist cells training to kill on American soil. They have recruiting bases on university campuses, and some of their training camps in America are as large as 300 acres.

Scattered around the United States, unknown by most Americans, are dozens of Islamic terrorist-training compounds known as “Muslims of the Americas.” Under the leadership of a radical Pakistani cleric, Sheikh Mubarik Gilani, Muslims of the Americas has thousands of devoted followers who are being groomed for homegrown jihad.

In never-before-seen video footage, Christian Action Network exposes these dangerous terrorist compounds and reveals for the first time a secret training tape in which American Muslims are recruited to “join one of the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare”… right here in America.

Jamaat al Fuqra is the Pakistani Islamic group responsible for a string of murders, bombings and other terrorist acts across the world, including in the USA. Its chapter in America calls itself, ”Muslims of America” (MOA), and actively recruits at mosques and prisons, where African-American inmates are especially targeted.

And Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani is the man whose Al Qaeda links Daniel Berg, the Wall Street Journal reporter, was investigating and on his way to interview in Pakistan as arranged in 2002 when he was betrayed and eventually beheaded. Pakistani police arrested Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani after Berg’s murder.

Islamberg has a makeshift mosque, a shack that is modestly named, ”International Quranic Open University.” and occasionally holds public relations events to project a non-threatening image to the non-Muslims outside.

Away from their eyes, however, Islamberg, which is located near the reservoir that supplies most of New York City’s drinking water, and the other MOA compounds in America train recruits in firearms usage, bomb making and guerilla warfare , as Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani declared in a recruiting video that was not intended for non-Muslim audiences:

“We give [our recruits] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.” – Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani

In 2001, ATF Special Agent Thomas P. Gallagher testified in court that “Individuals from the organization [Muslims of the Americas] are trained in Hancock, N.Y., and if they pass the training in Hancock, N.Y., are then sent to Pakistan for training in paramilitary and survivalist training by Mr. Gilani.”

In 2009, Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro obtained a Muslims of the Americas tape showing women at Islamberg receiving guerilla warfare training while dressed in military fatigue. The trainees were seen marching in formation, practicing hand-to-hand combat, learning to use knives and swords and firing guns into a lake. Only the first two digits in the on-screen date could be seen, indicating it was made in 2000 or afterwards

In 2012, a former high-level Muslims of the Americas member that lived at Islamberg for two years described widespread abuse, forced marriages and brainwashing at the commune. He said that almost all of the children are privately schooled and are illiterate. He said that he saw a 50-year old woman tied to a tree and beaten for violating the strict moral code.


Excerpted from ATLAS SHRUGS


Paul L. Williams with the able assistance of Michael Travis, Hugh Cort, Bill Krayer, Jamal Mickels, Doug Hagmann and Jeffrey Epstein

Jamaat ul-Fuqra may be the best positioned group to launch an attack on the United States, or, more likely, help al-Qaeda to do so.

Center for Policing Terrorism

We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil and its roots and its roots are America.

Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani,
Founder of Jamaat ul-Fuqra

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a terrorist organization with headquarters in Pakistan, has established over 45 compounds in rural areas throughout America. The compounds are providing paramilitary training to new recruits for the great jihad against the USA under the not-so-watchful eye of federal law enforcement officials. Most of the recruits are African Americans who converted to Islam while doing hard time in federal prison.

These compounds, which contain firing ranges and obstacle courses, are located at such places as Hancock, New York; Hyattsville, Maryland; Falls Church, Virginia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; and Squaw Valley, California. Multiple compounds have been established on the rural outskirts of Macon, Georgia and Red House, Virginia. Several of these sites contain landing strips and elaborate networks of underground bunkers. The group has also set up basic training camps throughout Canada, including two near Toronto.

Under the name of “The Muslims of the Americas,” a so-called “charitable institution, ul-Fuqra maintains offices in Tallahassee, Florida; Binghamton, New York; Springfield, Massachusetts; Dover, Delaware; and Roanoke, Virginia.

A three-month investigation into the organization has uncovered the following:

Jamaat ul-Fuqra has close ties to al-Qaeda. In December 1993, Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani, the founder of ul-Fuqra, was an honored guest at an international gathering of Islamic terrorists at the residence of Hassan al-Turabi in Khartoum. At the gathering, Sheikh Gilani and Osama bin Laden were caught on film chanting, “Down, down with the USA!” “Down, down with the CIA,” and “Death to the Jews.” The film now remains in the “Alec File” – – the CIA dossier on bin Laden.

Members of the group have been arrested for trafficking in firearms, including AK-45s.A recent report prepared by the Center for Policing Terrorism maintains that Jamaat ul-Fuqra “may be the best positioned group to launch an attack on the United States, or, more likely, help al-Qaeda to do so.”

Since the time of its establishment at a radical mosque in Brooklyn, New York, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been responsible for more terror attacks on America soil (30 and counting) than all the other terrorist groups combined. It has spawned and sponsored assassinations, kidnappings, mass murder, grand theft and fraud. ? Some noted associates of Jamaat ul-Fuqra include Richard Reid, the Shoe bomber and John Allen Muhammed, the Beltway sniper.

Members of the group, including Clement Rodney Hampton-El took part in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Others, such as Zacarias Moussaowi and Melvin Lattimore, played key roles in the attacks of 9/11.

{6597A2C2-6AEB-4875-9EDF-54961617AF20}07062011_kid_articleDespite ul-Fuqra’s criminal history, Sheikh Gilani’s band of jihadi henchmen remains to be placed on the official US Terror Watch List; and the branches of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, including the Muslims of the Americas, continue to operate, flourish, and expand as legitimate nonprofit, tax-deductible charities without interference from the FBI, the IRS, and Homeland Security.


The first ul-Fuqra compound was established at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains between the quaint little villages of Deposit and Hancock, New York in 1984. The 70 acre complex, the NewsMax team of investigators discovered, is surrounded with “No trespassing” signs; the rocky terrain is infested with rattlesnakes; and the woods are home to black bears, coyotes, and a few bobcats.

The entrance to Islamberg with the sentry post to the right

The main road into the compound – – dubbed Muslim Lane – – unpaved and marred by deep crevices that have been created by torrential downpours.

A sentry post has been established at the base of the hill.

The sentry, at the time of this visit, is an African American dressed in Islamic garb – – a skull cap, a prayer shawl, and a loose fitting shalwat kameez. He instructs us to turn around and leave. “Our community is not open to visitors,” he says.
Behind the sentry and across a small stream stand dozens of inhabitants of the compound – – the men wearing skull caps and loose fitting tunics, the women in full burqa. They appear ready to deal with any unauthorized intruders.
The hillside is blighted by rusty trailers that appear to be without power or running water and a number of outhouses. The scent of raw sewage is in the air.

The place is even off limits to the local undertaker who says that he has delivered bodies to the complex but has never been granted entrance. “They come and take the bodies from my hearse. They won’t allow me to get past the sentry post. They say that they want to prepare the bodies for burial. But I never get the bodies back. I don’t know what’s going on there but I don’t think it’s legal.”
On the other side of the hill where few dare to go is a tiny village replete with a make-shift learning center (dubbed the “International Quranic Open University”); a trailer converted into a Laundromat; a small, green community center; a small and rather squalid grocery store; a newly constructed majid; over forty clapboard homes; and scores of additional trailers.

It is home to hundreds – – all in Islamic attire, and all African-Americans. Most drive late model SUVs with license plates from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The locals say that some work as tollbooth operators for the New York State Thruway, while others are employed at a credit card processing center that maintains confidential financial records.

While buzzing with activity during the week, the place becomes a virtual hive on weekends. The guest includes arrivals from the inner cities of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and, occasionally, white-robed dignitaries in Ray-Bans from the Middle East.

The inhabitants of Islamberg keep a low profile, rarely visiting local places of business and having scant communication with the locals. They maintain that their settlement is a peaceful place to pray, to escape from the decadence and crime of the inner cities, and to celebrate their Muslim heritage.
On its website, Islamberg presents itself as a patriotic settlement that hosts sporting events, cultural activities, and ecumenical gatherings for the local townsfolk. Indeed, some townsfolk have glowing things to say about the Muslim enclave in the dark forest. John Giannone, a loyal physician, said that residents of Islamberg helped him clean up the debris from his house after a flash flood nearly wiped the small town of Deposit off the map. They even did the dishes, Giannone told Fox News. The doctor now fasts on Ramadan out of respect for his helpers.

But all is not what it seems in Islamberg. It is neither as benign as a Buddhist monastery nor as tranquil as a Carmelite convent. Nearly every weekend, neighbors hear sounds of gunfire. Some, including a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, have heard the bang of small explosives. None of the neighbors wished to be identified for fear of “retaliation.” “We don’t even dare to slow down when we drive by,” one resident said. “They own the mountain and they know it and there is nothing we can do about it but move, and we can’t even do that. Who wants to buy a property near that?”

Venturing into the eastern perimeter of the compound, the investigators came upon ropes hanging from tall trees, wooden fences for scaling, a make-shift obstacle course, and a firing range. The range, which remains in regular use, contains abandoned vehicles that have been riddled with bullet holes.

The investigators also came upon a system of tunnels leading to underground bunkers.

Below: A denizen of Islamberg above one of the underground tunnels within the compound

The complex serves to scare the bejeezus out of the local residents. “If you go there, you better wear body armor,” a customer at the Circle E Diner in Hancock said. “They have armed guards and if they shoot you, nobody will find your body.”

At Cousins, a watering hole in nearby Deposit, a barfly, who didn’t wish to be identified, said: “The place is dangerous. You can hear gunfire up there. I can’t understand why the FBI won’t shut it down.”

The FBI can’t shut it down because it remains listed as a religious community and, since war has not been officially declared by Congress, the War Powers Act and the Smith Act, which would permit such intrusion, are not in effect. What’s more, the special agents of the Bureau are now compelled to undergo sensitivity training sessions so that they will not offend practitioners of Islam – – even radical Islam – – in the course of a criminal investigation.

FBI Agent Phillip Irizarry and other law enforcement officials at the Islamberg picnic

Several years ago, federal and state law enforcement officials finally did descend upon the remote compound but they made the visit neither to make arrests nor to investigate the reports of gunfire and explosions. They rather traveled to the compound to partake of halal hotdogs and Pepsi Cola at a communal picnic and to greet Islamberg’s newly elected mayor.

Williams at the Islamberg branch of the International Quranic Open University


Islamberg is also the campus of “The International Quranic Open University” – – a facility that consists of a small, ranch-style mobile home along Muslim Lane.
At the university, students receive training from manuals penned by Sheikh Gilani and learn that their “foremost duty” is to “wage jihad” against “their enemies.” The students are also treated to Gilani’s poetic tirades against Western civilization and his jihad jingles, such as this marching song:

“Come join my troops and army,”
Says our Sheikh Gilani .
“Prepare to sacrifice your head.
“A true believer is never dead.
“Say ‘Victory is in the air,’
“The kafir’s blood will not be spared.”

In “Pillar of Lies,” the standard text at the school, Gilani writes that the 9/11 attack was an elaborate plot hatched by Zionists to launch the US invasion of Muslim lands.

The Learning Center of the International Open Quranic Center at Islamberg

In a recruitment video for The International Open Islamic University, Gilani boosts: “We give [students] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.” Before becoming a student at the university or a citizen of Islamberg, recruits and students are compelled to sign an oath that read: “I shall always hear and obey, and whenever given the command, I shall readily fight for Allah’s sake.” They are also obliged to contribute 70% of their welfare checks and other sources of income to Muslims of the Americas, Inc.
Following the basic training at the compounds and their reception of a degree, the best and the brightest of the students continue to be shipped off to Pakistan for advance training in terrorist tactics.


The ul-Fuqra compounds in southern Virginia, including one near Red House, appear to be deserted trailer parks. Unlike Islamberg, no sentries stand guard and no watchmen are visible in the observation tower.


An old woman at the entrance to the Red House complex employs the Islamic custom of taqiyya (“deception”) by telling investigator Jamal Mickels that the settlement is deserted

“Everyone is gone,” an old woman in a black burqa says. “The place is deserted.”
But appearances are deceptive.

Within a matter of hours, dozens of African American men – – all in Islamic garb, replete with skull-caps – – emerge from a small shed that has been attached to the home of the imam. It is reminiscent of a scene from a Marx Brothers movie in which scores of people tumble out of a closet.

Other Muslims materialize from the dense forests.
Within seconds, the investigators are surrounded by hundreds of ul-Fuqra members and several are deeply agitated by the appearance of kafirs within the settlement.

“What are you doing here?” one asks.
“Who told you to come here?” another inquires.
“Are you the police?”

“Why are you taking pictures of our community?”
Jamal Mickels, a member of the investigative team who was born and raised in Syria, produces a card from a radical imam he had met the day before at the radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church. A tall man with an orange conical hat inspects the card, smiles, and shakes his head with approval. It serves as a jihadi version of a “get-of-a-jail free” card – – a pass that permits the team to leave the place without the loss of limb and or a prolonged stay in the underground facility. As at Islamberg, local residents complain of the incessant sounds of gunfire on weekends and the arrival of hordes of visitors from Pakistan and the Middle East. But the settlement has attracted little attention from law enforcement officials.

< Radical Islam has found southern Virginia so hospitable that Jamaat ul-Fuqra has set up settlements and paramilitary facilities at numerous sites between Red House and Roanoke.


By flying over the ul-Fuqra compound in Commerce, George, investigators noted the residents were engaged in the construction of a massive new underground bunker near a large fortress with a watch tower. When Congressman Peter Hoestra, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was informed of this development, he expressed surprise that members of the compound were undertaking this construction without a building permit.


Explosive material found at the al-Fuqra compound in Buena Vista, Colorado.

In 1989, federal law enforcement officials conducted a raid on the 101 acre ul-Fuqra compound in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They recovered a multitude of handguns with obliterated serial numbers and silencers, semi-automatic weapons, thirty to forty pounds of explosives, three large pipe bombs, improvised explosive devices, shape charges, blank birth certificates, counterfeit Social Security cards, sets of Colorado drivers’ licenses with identical photos and different names, and manuals entitled “Guerilla Warfare” and “Counter-Guerilla Operations.” In addition, they came upon several silhouettes for target practice, including one with the words “FBI Anti-terrorism team” written on the target’s torso bulls-eye. In the course of a subsequent raid on the complex, the feds uncovered a weapons cache of military rifles that included American M-16s and M-14s and Soviet AK-47s.

Weapons found at the Buena Vista compound

The FBI now knew without doubt that a militant organization of thousands of African American Islamists were conducting paramilitary training on American soil, but, strange to say, no measures in the halcyon days before 9/11 have been undertaken to ban the group or to shut down the compounds. And so, ul-Fuqra continues to expand on American soil at an unabated rate – – one recently popped up in Ailville, Georgia. The federal officials failed to make note in their official report that the Buena Vista compound had been deeply mined and contained vast underground bunkers that were interconnected by a series of tunnels. The compound is now deserted; the property has been returned to its original owner; but the underground facilities remain virtually intact for all to see.

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  1. Shame on America for breeding the enemy. President Washington and our forefathers are turning over in their graves. The people living near these clandestine muslim radical underground camps should complain – get the media involved. Get them off their land. They have ammunition, guns, bombs. Americans will get killed. O and gov are doing nothing to help American citizens.


      • Last year:
        22 Islamic Terrorist Camps Located In US
        According to the FBI, there are at least 22 Islamic paramilitary communes in the US. These communes are operated by the Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main US front group, Muslims of the Americas.

        Conservative blogger Pamela Geller has been keeping an eye on the camps since 2007.

        Geller says that most of the members of these camps are African-Americans who have converted to Islam while doing time in state or federal prison.

        When Obama was asked about it, his reply: “They have 2nd Amendment Rights Too.


  2. Io penso che gli U.S.A. siano la nazione più odiata da musulmani che interpretano il corano a loro piacimento e vedono in Maometto il loro profeta che inneggia alla guerra santa il popolo arabo- musulmano in particolare i nord-africani.Ci sono altre nazioni che vengono ritenute, in particolare modo, obiettivi nemici degli integralisti musulmani che, anch’ essi interpretano il corano in modo errato, in maniera da giustificare le loro azioni terroristiche e di violenza contro chi non condivide la loro religione.Gli Stati Uniti, così come è risaputo si sono arrogati il diritto di polizia del mondo e si sono messi nella condizione di essere il primo obiettivo “nemico” del corano nella persona di Maometto.Le altre nazioni sono l’ Inghilterra, la Francia, la spagna.L’ Italia non è una nazione nel mirino dagli integralisti musulmani, in particolare i nord-africani, perchè non abbiamo creato un clima di violenza per cui essere nel loro mirino.Certo se ciò avvenisse sarebbe parte di una strategia che ha come scopo, portare lo scompiglio ed il terrore in tutta l’Europa.In Italia, essendo molto vicina al nord-africa vi è un’ ingente approdo di massa da parte di rifugiati politici, o pseudo rifugiati politici.Sicuramente, nella maggior parte dei casi si tratta di extra comunitari fuggiti dalle loro nazioni e rifugiatosi in Italia, per poi trasferirsi nelle altre nazioni europee solo allo scopo di delinquere, così come è nelle cronache di tutti i giorni.Non tutti i non rifugiati politici vengono riconosciuti e rispediti in patria.Molti di loro vivono in clandestinità.Senza il diritto a rimanere in Italia o in altre nazioni europee.Fino a questo momento, nei confronti dell’ Italia ci sono state solo delle minacce, ma per il momento, non vi sono stati attacchi terroristici.Se questa situazione durerà, tanto meglio per noi e per loro, perchè il prezzo che dovranno pagare, per un’ eventuale loro crimine che arrivi ad attacchi terroristici, sarà molto alto.L’Italia è una nazione non belligerante per natura, ma, se messa alle strette reagirebbe in maniera molto seria e senza mezze misure.Inoltre ci sarebbe la popolazione civile che non accetterebbe di vivere in una situazione di terrore possibile e non c’è da sotto valutare l’ apporto della malavita che, in tali circostanze, darebbe un supporto molto importante alla ricerca e alla risoluzione del problema con i loro metodi.L’ Italia, a differenza delle altre nazioni, è un animale molto forte e feroce, che è dormiente, pronto a svegliarsi al primo segno di pericolo,ed una volta risvegliatosi, non si addormenterebbe più finchè la soluzione di pericolo non venga scongiurata e si possa ritornare alla normalità.Inoltre, quando l’Italia era un’ impero con molte colonie di nazioni africane, non ha sfruttato le riserve minerali e quanto altro, ma ha costruito case, scuole, chiese, strade,e tante altre infrastrutture per migliorare il bene delle popolazioni civili.Io sono molto scettico al riguardo di eventuali attacchi terroristiche.Spero di non sbagliarmi e di non sotto valutare il pericolo.Noi come nazione, non abbiamo fatto torto alle nostre ex colonie.Ma non si può certo dire con sicurezza che siamo al di sopra di ogni pericolo.Già il fatto di tenere nella nostra nazione migliaia di extra-comunitari è la naturale, quasi certezza, di quanto siamo tolleranti, per quanto mi riguarda fin troppo, e tutto questo, non vuol dire essere deboli, ma semplicemente aperti alla tolleranza ed alla integrazione delle più diverse razze ed etnie.Un attacco terroristico sarebbe come un atto di guerra dichiarato.I nostri servizi di sicurezza sanno il loro mestiere e sono molto efficienti al punto da scongiurare minacce terroristiche.E’ già intollerante i vari crimini messi in atto dagli extra comunitari di ogni nazione, inseriti nel tessuto e nel territorio sovrano,Intollerabili atti criminali che le forze dell’ ordine cercano in ogni modo di contrastare.Situazione non facile ma che va avanti e non si ferma.Ma tra tutti questi extra-comunitari che si nascondono nel sotto bosco delle nostre città e cittadine, è impresa ardua riuscire a scovarli tutti.Ma, dal crimine organizzato da parte di extra-comunitari sicuramente in combutta con la criminalità organizzata nostrana che ne trae un chiaro beneficio ( perchè diversamente non lo tollerebbe se non ne avesse un rientro economico ),è chiaro che il territorio in mano alle varie cosche e famiglie, sia dal nord che al sud non renderebbe essere possibile che un gruppo di terroristi riuscisse ad inserirsi nel tessuto urbano delle nostre città.Questo è quanto io penso e spero sia la cosa più vicina alla verità.Che, nonostante tutto, dio ci aiuti e ci assista.


    • Andiamo bene….non solo non abbiamo fatto fuori dal sud e neanche tenuto fuori dal nord le cosche mafiose neanche dalla politica al punto da non capire dove finisce una e l’altra e pensare come al sud che la mafia sia alternativa “meno peggiore” dello Stato in sfacelo e vessatorio; non solo questo, ma adesso dovremmo anche sperare in…loro e appoggiarci fiduciosi a “loro” per tenere a bada le minaccie islamiche. Delirante o comunque mortificante, da combattere nel Bel Paese o da abbandonarlo, niente vie di mezzo. L’Italia è un Bel Paese a rotoli e disorganizzato anche e soprattutto per colpa delle cosche e della mentalità di fondo, più le leggi complicate gli sprechi e tanto altro. Non raccontiamoci favole, e l’Italia non è così tanto tollerante per effettiva consapevole tolleranza ma per storico campanilismo e individualismo, mancanza di spirito comune di unita nazionale, disorganizzazione tacitamente voluta da chi ci marcia dentro, disfattismo, finto impegno, finto buonismo volto a prendere voti evitando grane e posizioni scomode. E tanto altro. Noi nel lo stile e nell’inventiva abbiamo da insegnare, ma nell’organizzazione e disciplina sociale abbiamo solo da imparare da tanti popoli, non solo del Nord Europa, altro che mitizzare la mafia addirittura per difenderci da minacce esterne o infiltrate perche la difesa a libello di famiglie è meglio del vuoto della difesa nazionale. Saluti


    • Violent convicted criminals are allowed automatic weapons if they are islamic. They only get arrested if they are Christian! These are converts to islam that did so in prison. For some strange reason, the government says that NO convicts are allowed firearms, but these pictures prove that the government DOES allow criminals to have firearms. It is our government that is criminal and allowing laws to be broken by CERTAIN people and others may be arrested even when they have broken NO laws. Very disturbing for law abiding citizens that are facing disarmament by our liberal government to make us safe. I suppose these will be the governmental police when law abiding people have NO way to protect themselves? After all, they are now of the religion of peace, and you can tell by the firearms!


  3. Why the hell aren’t we killing this scum instead of letting them run around in training camps???? Whatever IDIOT thought this was a good idea to let them get a foot hold in this country, should be skined alive and then burned to ashes.


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  5. …Yeshua
    – was received on Earth by Joseph and born of the virgin woman, Mary.
    As a true fulfillment of Mosaic Prophecy within the Law.
    Messiah, the Maven of Truth. Made it perfectly clear that the true Enemy,
    the “Angel of Light”…IS…”The Father of Lies”!
    Father Creator has a vast unseen…Process…of Universe Restructuring.
    As John prophesized, “Look closely! I see a New Heaven and a New Earth. The old heaven and the old earth have passed away… And the sea was no more.”
    THE FORGERY: Appeared. As the lie of Mohammad… The ruse of fear used by a desert pirate and his henchmen to unite local tribes under his command.
    Poison. A little goes a long way. Like mold upon grain.
    The Christ gave His Creation, the Truth: Himself: “To defeat the works of the Father of Lies.”
    A few hundred years pass after The Messiah fulfilled His Father’s Command (ours too… Father…and His Commands… given to Adopted, Holy Princes and Princesses)
    The Father of Lies…begins his attempt to steal Christ’s Promise.
    The Liar from the Desert…said Yeshua (Joshua) had…failed. And this Mohammad character…is the true ‘prophet’. “There is none more than I”…
    Father Creator raises up Prophets of His Son – IN EVERY GENERATION OF MAN!
    For this Mohammad. Hindsight is always 20/20.
    So-o…out in the sands…and after the fact…one has plenty material to weave another story…in order to gain something.
    That “something” is NOT…Father’s Eternal Promise!
    “Whoever gains this world…shall lose his eternal spirit!”
    You see. When the Father of Lies put forth before (the fasting) Christ, upon the precipice. ALL the nations of this World…for all of its time (and this included the entirety of every universe under the darkness of sin)…Mohammad’s Politique of religion was right in there – with all the rest – And all that was Christ’s. Only if He would accept his adversarial leadership…
    Mohammad’s imitation ‘bible’ and imitation ‘messiah’ are nothing more than blood-lusting words of a common pirate murderer who desired power above everything.
    He followed the Father of Lies. As does this World of Man.
    Father Creator shall sweep it ALL away.
    The Lie and the imitation. Gone. Never to be remembered.


  6. I think you meant Daniel Pearl, not Berg. Are there any other details you might want to correct in order to strengthen your credibility? I have no doubt that the story is basically true, but the other side is going to pick it apart and ridicule it, so do the best job you can!


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  8. islam is evil in forms and kinds..every muzlim is a potential threat to the future of peace loving non-muslim,s …wake up before its too late…already non-muslims are second class citizens in their own lands taken over by islamic hordes in arabia…entire arabia has been ethinically sanitized…all christians and others live under the fear of sharia and brute force…Dhimmis..


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  10. Where would we send them? We are about to pass an immigration act that will give them welfare, rights to vote, and free education. You think it is just for the Mexicans?


  11. Kick their ass out of USA and put this basturds packet in a garbage trolly back to Arabia the hell which these ass holes like or shoot them for the shake of humanity kill them , they don’t deserve life they deserve hell, god will burnt these bustards in boiling oil in hell for sure… They are traitors first and the only punishment is death.. Islam sucks


    • The Americas was founded by the so called “Red Indians”. They were the aborigines of the Americas. Americas dose not belong to the Christians nor to the white people only! the ones that should be kick out of the Americas are the whites who robbed the aborigines and claim it as theirs. The whites [not all though] are the real bastards and should be wipe out from the face of the earth. GOD WILLING, THE MUSLIM ARM FORCES OF AMERICA WILL TAKE OVER THE AMERICAS.


      • exactly, muslims have been in the business of mass murdering and raping way before the first british boat arrived in north america. Way before the spanish first discovered la espanola, shit, way before the vikings even.


      • fuck! There’s is no Peace on Earth. We face a constant threat to these foreign people. The only way to make peace in this planet is to have one rule, one leader, one culture. Conquer all those evil minorities. They are evil continually creeping towards all aspect of positive freedom of Humanity.


      • Zul, You are wrong. All whites hate you. WTF is an “aborigine”?? You are an uneducated dumb ass. After you take over (will never happen) will you return the Americas to the “red indians”? No you will kill all of them too. They have their own religion and do not want islam. No one wants islam. Fuck off back to hell.


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  13. When Obama was asked about their weapons and training…his response was: “They have second amendment rights too.” Oh!, and “we are watching them.”


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