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730s A.D. Text: ‘Kaaba Is The Head Of Aphrodite Whom They [Muslims] Worship And Kiss’

Hoyland’s book is worth looking into: Seeing Islam as Others Saw It: A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian Writings on Early Islam (Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam).
by Robert G. Hoyland

There may be a reason why the black stone and its frame in the Kaaba is shaped like a vagina common in ancient goddess worship. The known history of Mohammed reveals that he was born around 570 CE into a tribe of the Quraysh [known as Sons Of Korah/Korahites in the Bible], who not only worshiped the goddess Q’re but were the sworn guardians of her shrine.

In the Biblical times of the Old Testament the sons of the Korahite tribe came from a very aggressive and rebellious father but managed to survive his battles. The Korahites were a paternal house of the Kohathite Levites and descended from Korah through his three sons Assir, Elkanah, and Abiasaph. They became the gatekeepers for the house of Jehovah.

By 622 Mohammed was preaching the ways of his god, Allah, and was driven out by his own tribe as a result. Muhammad’s many looting sprees most likely brought him booty from bits and pieces of many sects and faiths of the region, which eventually were collected and shaped into the Qur’an.

This which they call “stone,” is the head of Aphrodite… whom they call Chabar [Kabar]

John of Damascus writing in the 730s A.D. (and therefore nearly a century after the initial conquest) notes:
They [Muslims] call us associators (hetairiastas) because, they say, we introduce to God an associate by saying Christ is the Son of God and God. To them we say that the prophets and the scripture have transmitted this, and you, as you affirm, accept the prophets …
Again we say to them: “How, when you say that Christ is the Word and Spirit of God, do you revile us as associators? For the Word and the Spirit are inseparable … So we call you mutilators (koptas) of God … They misrepresent us as idolaters because we prostrate ourselves before the cross, which they loathe.
And we say to them: “Why then do you rub yourselves on a stone at your Ka’ba (Chabatha) and hail the stone with fond kisses?” … This, then, which they call “stone,” is the head of Aphrodite, whom they used to worship and whom they call Chabar.

Here we see the an early reference to Christian-Muslim dialogue. By this time a leading Christian like John felt comfortable enough to respond to Muslim attacks on Christianity. Interestingly, he makes this comment on female genital mutilation (FGM) “He [Muhammad] prescribed that they be circumcised, women as well” which indicates that this practice was foreign to Syria before the Muslims arrived.

The Islamic paradise of 72 virgins could well be attributed to the Asrarte aspect of Aphrodite, who was associated with fertility, sex,  war and destruction. Let us keep in mind that the original Aphrodite was not like the former Aphrodite, centuries later, we are more accustomed to in the West to associated the name with:

Saint Theophanes the Confessor [750-818AD] describe Muhammad: “He said that this paradise was one of carnal eating and drinking and intercourse with women, and had a river of wine, honey and milk, and that the women were not like the ones down here, but different ones, and that the intercourse was long-lasting and the pleasure continuous.”

File:Statuette Goddess Louvre AO20127.jpg

Asrarte (Aphrodite) with eyes of rubies, of white marble, gold decorations – and the Crescent moon over her head.

  • Pausanias states the first to establish a cult of Aphrodite were the Assyrians, after the Assyrians the Paphians of Cyprus and then the Phoenicians at Ascalon. The Phoenicians, in turn, taught her worship to the people of Cythera.
  • The Black Stone rests in the Haram, “Sanctuary”, cognate of “harem,” which used to mean a Temple of Women: in Babylon, a shrine of the Goddess Har, mother of harlots. Hereditary guardians of the Haram were the Koreshites [korahites], “children of Kore,” Mohammed’s own tribe. The holy office was originally held by women, before it was taken over by male priests calling themselves Beni Shayban, “Sons of the Old Woman.”
  • Aphrodite, stems from the more archaic Cretan Aphordíta and Cypriot Aphorodíta, and was probably ultimately borrowed from Cypriot Phoenician. Herodotus and Pausanias recorded that Aphrodite’s oldest non-Greek temple lay in the Syrian city of Ascalon where she was known as Ourania, an obvious reference to Astarte [Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, and war.] This suggests that Aphrodite’s cult located at Cythera-Cyprus came from the Phoenicians. The fact that one of Aphrodite’s chief centers of worship remained on the southwestern Cypriot coast settled by Phoenicians, where the goddess had long been worshiped as Ashtart (ʻštrt), points to the transmission of Aphrodite’s original cult from Phoenicia to Cyprus then to mainland Greece. Ashtart was known as Ashteroth in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Astarte arrived in Ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty along with other deities who were worshipped by northwest Semitic people. She was especially worshiped in her aspect as a warrior goddess, often paired with the goddess Anat.
  • A number of improbable non-Greek etymologies have been suggested in scholarship. One Semitic etymology compares Aphrodite to the Assyrian barīrītu, the name of a female demon that appears in Middle Babylonian and Late Babylonian texts.


Is this the missing body of the Aphrodite Head in the Kaaba? Temple of Paphian Aphrodite in Cyprus. Remains of temple of Aphrodite dating back to 1500 BCE and modernised until the end of the Roman age. Paphian means of or pertaining to illicit sexual love; erotic; wanton; a prostitute. There are actual indications in the Qur’an that Muhammad himself was born from a prostitute or a slave, or was the result of an illicit affair, which would explain why he probably worshiped various Tribal deities.

  • Curiously enough, on Cyprus is the third most important and highly venerated Islamic site after Mecca and Medina – the Hala Sultan Tekke. This, too, has a black rock, said to have fallen as a meteorite as part of the tritholon over the shrine. The shrine is to a woman – the ‘aunt and foster mother of Prophet Mohammed’, an explanation that is probably been modified over the centuries. The ‘foster mother’ may likely be a family deity of Mohammed; Asarte. Could this, like Mecca, have been originally a goddess shrine? Unfortunately no other clues are forthcoming. It’s note worthy that there has been discoveries of Hindu idols found in the deserts of Kuwait. Hinduism was probably expanded as far as Arabia, and idol worship and temples was prevalent in the region.

“Varro states that the goddess was brought from a shrine called the Megalesion in the city of Pergamon while Ovid located the Mother’s home on Mount Ida near the ancient city of Troy, which was under Pergamene control at that time. Livy seems to combine the two traditions in reporting that the Romans sought the help of the Pergamene king Attalos I in obtaining the goddess from Pessinous. Precisely what the Romans obtained is described in several sources: it was a small dark sacred stone not formed into any iconographic image, that had fallen to the shrine of Pessinous from the sky.“(Roller, In Search of God the Mother, p. 265).

Muhammad with the black stone.

  • Aphrodite is also known as Areia, showing her connection to Ares, the god of war, whom she had extramarital relations with. As a result, she was, to some extent, made into a goddess of war. This is especially true in Sparta.

[Click to enlarge image] The Black stone in the Kaaba with a silver frame that has uncanny resemblance to Hindu goddess worship.

15 thoughts on “730s A.D. Text: ‘Kaaba Is The Head Of Aphrodite Whom They [Muslims] Worship And Kiss’

  1. Is there actually any truth in the rubbish that you write and publish on this blog, perhaps do some proper research if you are interested in actually learning any kind of truth. Sounds like the same old bollox uttered by most fanatical ultra Christians groups. At least argue with facts, don’t make up shit because you’re lazy. The Quraysh are descended from the prophet Isameel, Mecca was a sanctuary for hundreds of years towards the worship of one god until external influences corrupted its original purpose. The black stone has nothing to do former idols and the kissing of the stone has nothing to do with worshipping former pagan idols. What are your sources?


    • Jinns, angels, witches, even “Allahu Akbar” means Allah is the superior. Superior to whom? All the other, competing gods?

      Yet Muslims, those paragons of prevarication, name themselves monotheists.

      If Muslims have it, that means it was stolen from someone else, the modus operandi of the marauders of Islam.

      Work not. Work is for suckers. Take. Take, my brothers. The world is an oyster bed and the Muslims are the Starfish of Allah, the merciful and generous.[ generous with other peoples’ stuff, that is. ]

      Communism didn’t take in the Muslim world because, to their credit, Communists deemed parasitism a crime. Another reason Muslims condemn profiling.


    • You are the fool! The article is well written and researched. I have done my own research as a professional academic. All you and your kind do is insult and ridicule. The sign of a loser. I can confirm the man’s findings! By the way learn to use grammar properly and punctuation.


  2. Well researched article! When I’ve read St John of Damascus noting that the Kaaba is an obvious item of pagan worship rebranded and that Mohammeds tribe used to worship an Aphrodite cult, it immediately struck me that there were other Greek pagan cults who also worshipped similar black stones. I then set out to connect the dots, but you have already done so very well here.


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  4. wow wow wow ignorants That take Jesus messenger of Allah, as lord you know nothing about the history of Kaaba than giving the history of prophet nuhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him


  5. In Islam they chop off the sensitive cover over the head of the penis and they all fave and pray to a vagina installed on the wall of the Kaaba. I must say Islam nust be a racy religion with all that sex on their minds 24 7


  6. I have to say, you keep referring to ‘Asrarte’. Don’t you mean ‘Astarte’? I can’t find _any_ references on the web to ‘Asrarte’ as linked to Aphrodite, but many of Astarte, as I expected I would…


    • I think you are right. Asrarte must be “Astarte” (greek) and “Ashtoreth” (hebrew) which is the same as “Aphrodite” which is also known as “Artemis”. Interestingly, muslims believe that it “fell from heaven” and this is what the New testament say about the pagans of Ephesos who worshipped “Artiemis”:
      “The city clerk quieted the crowd and said: ‘Men of Ephesus, doesn’t all the world know that the city of Ephesus is the guardian of the temple of the great Artemis and of her image, which fell from heaven?” (Acts 19:35).
      That doesn’t mean it’s the same stone. It could have been mixed together in many ways. Just imagine that arabs around Muhammads time worshipped a stone from heaven and at the same time christians met them who read Acts 19:35 and people started to think it’s the same stone. And none of them must have fallen from heaven as a meteorite or something. As a bible commentator writes: “the image .. was supposed to have descended from heaven; which intimates that it was so old that no person knew either its maker or the time in which it was formed, and it was the interest of the priests to persuade the people that this image had been sent to them as a present from Jupiter himself. Several images and sacred things were supposed, among the heathens, to be presents immediately from heaven. Euripides states the image of Diana of Tauri to be of this kind; and calls it διοπετες αγαλμα, the image fallen from Jupiter. Numa pretended that the ancilia, or sacred shields, had come from heaven. In imitation of these, many of the Italian papists believe that the shrine of our lady of Loretto was also a Divine gift to their country. St. Isidore, of Damietta, says that the heathen, in order to induce the people to believe that such images came from heaven, either banished or slew the artists that had formed them, that there might be no evidence of the time in which, or the persons by whom, they were made: this point secured, it was easy to persuade the credulous multitude that they had been sent from heaven. The story of the Palladium, on which the safety of Troy was said to depend, is well known. It was an image of Minerva, and also supposed to have descended from Jupiter.”


  7. we know the status of black stone bettar then u…………your story is baseless and worthless. …..that is only a stone and mark for starting of tawaf of holy shrines of Abrahams lord…and God of jesus and Mose


  8. This does not surprise in the least, not being a great scholar of theology or Ancient history I have to wait until new revelations have been found. The areas of the old testament seem to me actual recorded history of course the language is strange and much is in metaphor leaving the average intelligent reader confused. Aphrodite indeed came from the East and acquired many names. Aphrodite is only her Greek name she had many more.


  9. If this interpretation of history is correct,it´s prove that islam in its roots is still a pagan religion.See how they pray,how they venerate the kaábah,look at the haj in mecca.islam is only a fineer layer to disguise what´s underneath.


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