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The Flaming Gay Caliph’s Of The Qur’an


So why are they always persecuting gays? Mohammed himself had gay relations. His senior companions had gay relations. The most gay-hostile societies in the world suffer from closet homosexuality and brutal denial. The brutal punishment for gays in the Qur’an, while Mohammed could frolick as he wish, just shows you how deeply conceited muslims truly are.

Arabic poetry to glorify homosexuality, penned down by their famous poet Abu Nuwas:

O the joy of sodomy!
So now be sodomites, you Arabs.
Turn not away from it–
therein is wondrous pleasure.
Take some coy lad with kiss-curls
twisting on his temple
and ride as he stands like some gazelle
standing to her mate.
A lad whom all can see girt with sword
and belt not like your whore who has
to go veiled.
Make for smooth-faced boys and do your
very best to mount them, for women are
the mounts of the devils


There’s some pretty amusing and outrageous stories in the Qur’an that would make the present day smutt seem tame in comparison.

How about the story of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab’s “condition” and his close companionship with Abu Bakr – a senior companion and the father-in-law of prophet Muhammad? Abu Bakr’s daughter was Aisha, the little six-year old incest victim that was married off to paedophile Muhammad. [Muhammad also used to asked Ali, his beloved nephew and Sahabih, to sleep in his bed at night].

Abu Bakr developed ‘a particular fondness for camels’ when he was young […hm…]. In his early years he played with the camel foals and goats, and his love for camels earned him the nickname “Abu Bakr“, the father of the foal of the camel.

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab – more plainly known as Umar – was one of the most influential Muslim Caliphs in history. But he was not keen to be a Calip or to war with the people in Medina and invade others, although he eventually engaged in these brutal acts and repeated murders. He succeeded Caliph Abu Bakr (632–634) as the second Caliph of Rashidun Caliphate on 23 August 634, on the request by Abu Bakr himself. Abu Bakr was only a Caliph for two years until he died of an unknown disease […hm…].

Umar’s Childhood

Umar was born in Mecca to the Banu Adi clan, which was responsible for arbitration among the tribes. His father was Khattab ibn Nufayl and his mother was Hantama bint Hisham, from the tribe of Banu Makhzum. He is said to have belonged to a middle-class family. In his youth he used to tend to his father’s camels in the plains near Mecca. His father was famed for his intelligence among his tribe. He was a High-class merchant and is believed to be a ruthless man and emotional polytheist who often treated Umar badly. As obvious from Umar’s own statement regarding his father during his later political rule, Umar said, “My father Al-Khattab was a ruthless man. He used to make me work hard; if I didn’t work he used to beat me and he used to work me to exhaustion.”

Despite literacy being uncommon in pre-Islamic Arabia, Umar learned to read and write in his youth. Though not a poet himself, he developed a love for poetry and literature. According to the tradition of Quraish, while still in his teenage years, Umar learned martial arts, horse riding and wrestling. He was tall, physically powerful and was soon to became a renowned wrestler. Umar was also a gifted orator, and succeeded his father as an arbitrator of conflicts among the tribes.

He became a merchant and made several journeys to Rome and Persia, where he is said to have met the various scholars and analyzed the Roman and Persian societies closely. However, as a merchant he is believed to have never been successful. Drinking alcohol was very common among the Quraish, and Umar was also fond of drinking in his pre-Islamic days.

Muslim love for camels

Abu Bakr developed ‘a particular fondness for camels’ when he was young […hm…]

Umar is Hostile to Islam

In 610 Muhammad started delivering the message of Islam. Umar, alongside others in Mecca, opposed Islam and threatened to kill Muhammad. He resolved to defend the traditional, polytheistic religion of Arabia. He was most adamant and cruel in opposing Muhammad and very prominent in persecuting the Muslims. Umar was the first man who resolved that Muhammad had to be murdered in order to finish Islam. Umar firmly believed in the unity of the Quraish and saw the new faith of Islam as a cause of division and discord among the Quraish.

Umar Planned to Assassinate pedo-Prophet Mohamed

Due to constant conflicts with the Quraish (no wonder, considering the prophet of Islam was a terroriser), Muhammad ordered his followers to migrate to Abyssinia. As a small group of Muslims migrated Umar felt worried about the future unity of the Quraish and decided to have Muhammad assassinated.

Umar converted to Islam in 616, one year after the Migration to Abyssinia. The story was recounted in Ibn Ishaq’s Sīrah: On his way to murder Muhammad, Umar met his best friend Nuaim who had secretly converted to Islam but had not told Umar. When Umar informed him that he had set out to kill Muhammad, Nuaim feared the worst. Umar was a man of his word and would attempt to do what he said. So in order to divert his attention, Nuaim told him to inquire about his own house where his sister and her husband had converted to Islam. This is where the Ibn Ishaq’s Sīrah story adopts a different tone (common in the Qur’an due to all the abbrigations) and gives a childish and syrupy story behind Umar’s conversion. It says that on hearing the Qur’an for the first time, after being angry and outraged that his sister had converted and even hitting her for it, Umar immediately decided to convert. Most likely the real story was something different.

When Muhammad arrived in Medina (through violence and terror and often arriving at night when people were sleeping, killing anyone who stood in his way), he paired off each immigrant (Muhajir) with one of the residents of the city (Ansari), joining Muhammad ibn Maslamah with Umar making them brothers in faith. And that is probably why Umar had to convert.

During his own reign, Umar would mostly adopt the policy of avoiding wars and consolidating his power in the incorporated lands rather than expanding his empire through continuous warfare.

Umar and His Gay Lover Abu Bakr?

Umar was not a very popular figure among the notables of Madinah and members of Majlis al Shura, accordingly succession of Umar was initially discouraged by high-ranking companions of Abu Bakr. Why? Because they knew he was gay? One of Abu Bakr’s early titles, preceding his conversion to Islam, was atiqe, “the saved one”. Muhammad later reaffirmed this title when he said that Abu Bakr is the ‘atiqe’ (the one saved from hell fire by God). Saved from what? Saved from hellfire for what reason? Saved because he was likely gay. Abu Bakr behaved like the quintessential closet gay, who condemns other gays. Bakr was responsible for numerous murders of gays. Closet homosexuals have been known to be ruthlessly condemning of other gays.

Nevertheless, Abu Bakr decided to make Umar his successor. Umar, still was well known for his “extraordinary will power, intelligence, political astuteness, impartiality, justice and care for poor and underprivileged people”. Abu Bakr is reported to have said to the high-ranking advisers:

His (Umar’s) strictness was there because of my softness when the weight of Caliphate will be over his shoulders he will remain no longer strict. If I will be asked by the God to whom I have appointed my successor, I will tell him that I have appointed the best man among your men.

Now, why was Umar spending all his time with Abu Bakr, and was his 24/367 companion and right hand man? Abu Bakr gave him the mantle to become the next Caliph when he wasn’t really keen on the role? If Umar suffered from a diseases resulting from anal sex – surely it’s not too far fetched to see a likelihood that Abu Bakr and Umar were potentially and actually gay lovers? A straight man tend not to want to spend time with a gay man, but here we had a powerful leader, Abu Bakr who spent all his time with Umar, and assigns important roles to him, and even left his entire legacy to him. So there was considerable closeness between them.

But the plot thickens even more. Butt worms. Butt worms that hunger for even more anal sex – for ‘cure’. Only in the Qur’an folks, only in the Qur’an!

Umar’s Mysterious Anal Disease
– Only Curable by More and More Semen

However, the Qur’an clearly indicate that Umar was a frequent “bottom” during his heyday. What is a “bottom”? In Saudi Arabia a bottom is a gay man who takes it in the backdoor. If you are a top according to Saudi reasoning, you are not gay. Only a bottom can be gay. Therefore there is massive demand for bottoms in Saudi Arabia; an awkward position with a huge shortfall.

If the Qur’an is accurate like muslims insist, then the Qur’an proves that one of Islam’s greatest Caliph – was gay. Consequently Umar Ibn Al-Khattab developed an anal disease. Which could only be cured by semen…. lots of semen. Lots of anal sex in other words […Hm].

Get the drift? The unusually close friendship between Abu Bakr and Umar, and the constant being together and inseparable until Abu Bakr dies, and documented claims that Umar had an anal disease while Abu Bakr died of an undisclosed disease…

Need we say more?


London-based Kuwaiti Shiite cleric Yasser Habib apparently speaks from his own life experience: homosexual anal sex causes a worm to grow inside the anus which can only be cured by more and more penetration and semen, more gay anal sex. [hm… so why does he say it like it’s a bad thing then? Isn’t curing diseases a good thing?]


London-Based Shiite Cleric Yasser Al-Habib in Anti-Sunni Rhetoric: The Caliph Omar Had an Anal Disease that Made Him Addicted to Homosexuality

Following are excerpts from an address by London-based Kuwaiti Shiite cleric Yasser Habib, which aired on Fadak TV on May 24, 2012. Fadak TV is dominated by Sheik Habib, who fled Kuwait in 2004 following a one-year prison term for cursing the Caliphs Omar and Abu Bakr and Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha. He was then sentenced in absentia for 10 years in prison. In September 2010, Kuwait revoked his citizenship.

Yasser Habib: Anyone who consents to being called “Emir of the Believers” is a passive homosexual. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, for example, who willingly assumed this title, was, without a doubt, a passive homosexual. The same goes for the caliphs Othman Ibn Affan, Muawiyya, Yazid, and the rulers and sultans of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties, as well as some of the rulers and sultans of our day and age. For example, the king of Morocco bears this title, and he is referred to as “the Emir of the Believers” by the [Moroccan] media. This is how you know that he is a passive homosexual.
This is in addition to the evidence revealed by Western media, which showed that the current king of Morocco is indeed a passive homosexual who belongs to the homosexual community. This was leaked from his palace by his assistants, his servants, and his “boys,” whom he would penetrate and who would penetrate him. They fled to Europe, sought asylum, and exposed all this.
Another such example is the person who ruled Afghanistan for a short time – the so-called Mullah Omar.
It is told [in the hadith] that Omar Ibn Al-Khattab had an anal disease, which could be cured only by semen. One should know that this is a well-known medical condition, which is also mentioned in sacred texts. Someone who, God forbid, has been penetrated in the anus – a worm grows within him, due to the semen discharged in him… A disease develops in his anus, and as a result, he cannot calm down, unless… That’s right, it becomes like an addiction, and he cannot calm down unless he is penetrated again and again.
The Shiites are undoubtedly protected from this disease, and from committing this abominable and hideous act.
As for the Nasibis [who hate the Prophet Muhammad’s family], they are definitely afflicted with this homosexuality.
One of the devils is present at the birth of every human being. If Allah knows that the newborn is one of our Shiites, He fends off that devil, who cannot harm the newborn. But if the newborn is not one of our Shiites, the devil inserts his index finger into the anus of the newborn, who thus becomes a passive homosexual. If the newborn is not a Shiite, the devil inserts his index finger into this newborn’s anus, and when he grows up, he becomes a passive homosexual. If the newborn is a female, the devil inserts his index finger into her vagina, and she becomes a whore.
At that moment, the newborn cries loudly, as he comes out of his mother’s womb. Note that some children cry normally at birth, while others cry loudly and incessantly. You should know that this is the work of that devil, according to this narration.

15 thoughts on “The Flaming Gay Caliph’s Of The Qur’an

  1. Maybe you should look into Shia Islam and take the biography of the Holy Prophet (saww) from the Shias.

    Also you mistranslated what shiekh Yasser said about Umar’s ailment, the seamen doesn’t “cure” the ailment, it just make the ‘itch’ so to say go away for a while.


      • Wow he said make the itch go away. This explains why there are hundreds of accounts of muslims raping Sudanese boys to death, and the bacha bazi and hunting down of homeless pakistani boys. It also explains why the Mughals also had harems of castrated boys, who when older would be given to their armies as sex slaves. Make the itch go away must be another scientific wonder.


  2. This could have been an excellent article if you didn’t ruin your credibility through overtly dishonest and unfounded claims. Muhammad (p) arrived in Medinah at night killing anyone in getting in his way… Seriously? It’s a good thing I learned something about Islam before visiting this blog.


  3. if you really want to know what the actual contents of the Qur’an were completely without engineering (although in fact from ancient times until the end of time later Qur’an will never tainted her purity) try to download the digital Qu’ran in android phone or go to a mosque that really mosques belonging to Muslims, believers, not Syi’ah and you will find the truth. are you sure what you say about Islam during this time? all your information it can be from a real Muslim? not a bad person who hates Muslims so they pretend to be a Muslim to aggravate the Muslims? Prophet Muhammad never even shown his face in history because no one is able to describe how extraordinary Muhammad face is … and do all Muslims once hated and say bad things about other religions?


    • Muhammad never showed his face, you are not only crazy for saying these stupid things but also screwed up in your head for believing this nonsense. Are you a wahabbi? Only a wahabbi will think like this.


  4. Dirty motherfuking jew.spew your talmudic toilet paper filth hilter was right heil hitler.lets hope another Hitler comes around soon and nukes israel and sorts you sob kikes out for once and for all you parasite homo cock sucking rabbis.


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