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Moderate Muslims hold peace conference in Norway to fight misconceptions about Islam, while supporting stoning for adultery

We already know we are dealing with sub-human savagery whenever muslim subjects are brought up, but if this wasn’t so outrageous and sick it would almost seem a joke. Islam Net is a Norwegian Muslim organization founded by student Fahad Qureshi in 2008. As a “moderate” Muslim group in Norway, Islam Net held a peace conference (!) to discuss and resolve the kafirs ‘naive’  misconceptions about Islam. Only to unanimously vote for stoning as death penalty for adultery. See the video below in English.

We couldn’t make this up!

It’s peculiar how quick muslim men agree to support the death penalty and stoning for adultery. If they’d actually follow the laws they claim to support, few of them would be sitting in that hall raising their hands, or anything else for that matter. But then of course, in their mind that law is only applicable on women – or kafirs… Cowards always stand with persecutors.

But this is not what’s truly shocking. We already know muslims are cruel by nature and one notch from the brink of insanity. The shock is that the Anti-Racist organization in Norway actually recognizes what utter and dangerous tripe these muslims and their warlord faith actually stand for, and openly oppose it! Now that’s the shocker. We don’t hear much common sense or intelligence coming from these human right organizations nowadays. Thumbs up to Norway!

Here Islam Net ask Norwegian Muslims if they are for the death penalty and stoning for adultery.

But Islam Net leader Fahad Qureshi denies that they will impose sharia in Norway.
Trym Mogen  |  Thursday 17 October 2013

(Dagbladet) : The debate has lately raged in Dagbladet between the Muslim organization Islam Net and the Anti-Racist Center. In the debate the Anti-Racist Center accused Islam Net to be conservative and reactionary and claimed that Islam Net wants the introduction of strict sharia in Norway .

Anti -Racist Center reacts at the content that appears in a speech Islam Nets CEO Fahad Qureshi held under the organization’s Scandinavian peace conference this year. Islam Net has even made video recordings of the speech , which is now out on Youtube and has just over 7000 views. Fahad Qureshi asking Meeting:

“How many of you agree that the punishment described in the Qur’an and sunna – whether it’s dead , whether it is stoning for adultery , whatever it is , as long as it is from Allah and his prophet – is the best possible punishment for humanity – and that is what we should practice in the world? How many agree with that? ”

Many of the about 1,500 audience to raise their hands.

At Islam Net’s peace conference at Hasle in Oslo in March, the audiences is asked to raise their hands in the air if they believe that death penalty and stoning is the best punishment for adultery. Video : Islam Net

Peace Conference, which according to Islam Net is part of efforts to resolve misconceptions about Islam, was this year held in Vinmonopolet old central warehouse in Hasle in Oslo, 23 to 25 March.

Do not demand sharia
Fahad Qureshi said that Islam Net’s and the assembly viewpoints do not make them radical or extreme Muslims.

– We are all just ordinary Sunni Muslims, he says on the video.

TMI: This is Fahad Qureshi, founder of Islam Net. Seriously people… look at this guy! Would anyone be surprised that this blatantly open Salafi supports stoning? What is he doing in Norway? Isn’t it better to send him to Kandahar to fight with the Taliban? It’s a Salafi dream to rule the non-Muslim world by Sharia. Muslims like this should be barred from the West completely.

He believes that the declaration does not mean that the Assembly wishes to impose sharia, Islamic law – which includes severe punishment of homosexuality and adultery – in Norway.

– No, it does not mean that. We do not encourage implementation of the Islamic penal system in Norway. The fact that the audience raise their hands in the air means that ordinary practicing Muslims believe that God knows best, regardless of what others would think about them, writes Qureshi in an email to Dagbladet.

– Does this mean that all Muslims must be for the death penalty and stoning? Are they infidels if they are not for it?

– If God has prescribed the death penalty for rapists, for example, Muslims will accept it. If a person does not know what God says about an aspect of Islam, it would be wrong to declare him unbeliever, Qureshi answer the question. [translation = in other words, those who do not accept that death penalty by stoning is not the right punishment has a chance to change their mind, or will be considered kafirs and punished accordingly]

2,000 members
According to Qureshi, there were about 5,000 people visiting the event over the three days it lasted. When he gave his speech , the hall with a capacity of 1,500 people, was completely full.

– There were Muslims of all ages from different mosques in Norway. Many of those in attendance are members of Islam Net, write Qureshi .

Islam net has over 2,000 paying members from various mosques, according to Qureshi.

Worried about recruitment

Leader of the Anti-Racist Centre, Rune Berglund Steen, has gone hard against Islam Net in the debate. He gets upset when he sees the video from Islam Net.

– Qureshi promotes the death penalty for many other people. It is a message marked by hatred, and it is both outrageous and sad, Steen writes in an email to Dagbladet.

Steen is concerned that Islam Nets attitude will spread to more young Muslims in Norway.

– It is natural to distinguish those who are active in Islam Net from those that simply attending a conference, and we are not looking to label everyone as extremists. But in the case of extreme and problematic attitudes that is something that must be opposed. We wanted to focus on a negative trend, where Islam Net has been recruiting members fairly undisturbed, writes Steen .

Steen believes most Muslim Norwegians are far from Islam Net, which he believes “have more signs of being a cult than anything that can call itself representative.”

– There is concern that Islam Net has as much support as they have, and especially that they practice such a negative impact on some young people, he writes.

Qureshi believes the criticism is completely misguided:

– I totally renounce criticism. We do not want to kill anyone, we actually work very actively to prevent radicalization and we reach out to so many young Muslims with Islam’s peaceful message, Qureshi responds to criticism from Steen.

Stone Age Mindset

The company Factory Events had rented out meeting facilities at Haslemere to Islam Net, but do not want a new conference by the organization in their premises.

– There will be no more new conferences in our offices. They call it a peace conference, but then talk about stoning and murder. We also set a limit and has said no to any of these conferences. We do not want any demonstrations and negative newspaper reports here next year, moreover, if Islam Net do not follow the guidelines we have. Islam Net has not done anything wrong and we will not deny them to have an opinion, but not like it is now, says operations manager at the factory, Arne Larsen Værlien.

He denied having a part to the conferences, but merely got an experience of the event.

– There were ninety percent students, and everyone was very nice. There was no noise, and the event was properly conducted . The problem was that some of the messages that were presented reminiscent of Stone Age thinking, he said.

Note that the background music of the video plays the khilafa anthem, that stand for Islamic takeover to create a new Caliphate.



Media war between Islam Net and the Anti-Racist Center in Norway:

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    • They better stand up then, before this gets any uglier. I’ll stand beside them, but they must stand up. They don’t get to be afraid, if we don’t. Creeped out Norwegian!


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