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Faces of Islam in 12 photos

There is no punishment for the crimes Muslim men committed against the women in the pictures. Sharia is focused on strictest punishment for women, and the poor. To the rich and influential the law is more lenient. What sane human bring will DEFEND an ideology like this?

This is Islam. This is Islam and it’s endorsement and freedom to abuse and use women as they please, with no boundaries.

Over 70% of terrorism is committed by Sunni Muslims and over 90% of terrorist acts are committed in Muslim countries, by Muslims killing other Muslims. Muslim countries are 100% male dominated and ruled. It should give us a hint what a male dominated society entails and turns into. So you can imagine all other barbaric brutalities they are engaged in at large on a daily basis. These men are completely diabolic.

This barbarity is the after-effect of 14 centuries of singular free reign to the male gender, without any moral compass or punishment for their actions. If Muslims are so concerned about ‘honor’ why is there no honor killings of Muslim men who brings more disgrace and shame to the Muslim community than anyone?

These pictures are the horrible and sad reminder of the imaginary “respect” Muslim men have for their women. The lives of these women are permanently destroyed while the men get off scot-free.  :(

Irum Saeed, 30, was burned on her face, back and shoulders when a boy whom she rejected for marriage threw acid on her. She has undergone plastic surgery 25 times.


Shameem Akhter, 18 was raped by three boys who then threw acid on her. Shameem has undergone plastic surgery 10 times.


Najaf Sultana, 16.At the age of five Najaf was burned by her father while she was sleeping, because he didn’t want to have another girl in the family. Najaf became blind and after being abandoned by both her parents she now lives with relatives. She has undergone plastic surgery 15 times.


Shehnaz Usman, 36, was burned with acid by a relative due to a familial dispute. Shehnaz has undergone plastic surgery 10 times.


Shahnaz Bibi, 35. Ten years ago Shahnaz was burned with acid by a relative due to a familial dispute. She has never undergone plastic surgery.


Kanwal Kayum, 26. Kanwal was burned with acid by a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has never undergone plastic surgery.


Munira Asef, 23.Munira was burned with acid by a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has undergone plastic surgery 7 times.

Bushra Shari, 39. Bushra was burned with acid thrown by her husband five years ago because she was trying to divorce him. She has undergone plastic surgery 25 times.


Memuna Khan, 21, was burned by a group of boys who threw acid on her to settle a dispute between their family and Menuna’s. She has undergone plastic surgery 21 times.


Zainab Bibi, 17, was burned on her face with acid thrown by a boy whom she rejected for marriage . She has undergone plastic surgery several times to try to recover from her scars.

Naila Farhat, 19, was burned on her face with acid thrown by a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has undergone plastic surgery several times.


Saira Liaqat, 26, holds a portrait of herself before being burned. When she was fifteen, Saira was married to a relative who would later attack her with acid after insistently demanding her to live with him, although the families had agreed she wouldn’t join him until she finished school. Saira has undergone plastic surgery 9 times.


41 thoughts on “Faces of Islam in 12 photos

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  2. One can say faces of Christianity or Atheism or Judaism if you really wanted to be honest, cause domestic violence is a big issue in the West or non Muslim lands so I don’t know how many photos and cases you want to post to show the horror atrocities done to non Muslim women and case studies published. Let’s be fair if we are really concerened about the women.


    • I think the number of non-muslim men who would inflict such grievous disfigurement on a girl, or woman, simply for rejecting his advances, are vanishingly small. It is, however, not uncommon in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In those backward,primitive societies men are emotionally immature and unpredictably violent when their plans don’t go their way. If there is a god, I hope he has plans for these savages, and I hope it involves much pain.


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  4. hey its not the face of islam.even though i live in muslim country an muslim there are so many people of other religion abuse hindus,chirstian.stop blaming islam.when the people of other religion doing it


    • Mohammed’s favorite wife was 6 years old when he married her. Yet it is claimed he didn’t have sex with her until she was 9. As if that makes it any better. How putrid to have sex with a child. When a Muslim dies a martyr’s death he gets 7 virgins, and white skinned boys. Pedophilia!!!!!!


      • Even to this day sex with children as young as newborn is accepted in Islam. There is no law against pedophilia. It’s only individual Muslims who feel something is not right with it all, and who ask questions about it, that cause confusion and embarrassment and then get the justified and abrogated explanation about a 9 year old… etc.


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  11. islam give many relieves to woman it is totaly a blessing for women i think ths site programmer not read quran(a holy book fr all mankind)…pls read ones…..islam is a blessing….and for woman it is vry vry vry kind……ths picturs show inner nasty mind against islam…muslim cant confused by these type site….islam is a fastest growing religion…in world really…


    • Wake up ur brainwashed Muslims, America doesn’t stand up for ur warped realities. Its not too late to flee, free ur women once and for all.


  12. You can’t heal a dog with rabies- only put it out of it’s misery so immediat execution is the only answer. Prison is not an option as they stay brain sick and why should society spend money just to keep a rabid dog in a cage ? WordPress has nothing to do with the site being difficult to open as it’s an open directory. What is a problem [ according to my covert power tools ] is the massive amount of DOS attacks your site is getting [ pro muslim extreemists or covert government agencies ] just tell all to ‘hammer’ the site with request data and you’ll get through


  13. Ranya are you saying if they cook & clean it’s better for them cause they are given benefits/good deeds…. like freedom & benefits???… If so are you joking??? That’s your ignorance right there….these are “normal” human rights … they are not earn’t …… and not given by a husband !!!! . She has her own life … to do what she wants. Time to acknowledge what your religion is about …. you’re in denial about this. Many many years & generations of control …. how sad 😦




  15. Ranya,this is being done by Men muslins more then you know….perhaps you should actually see what they do to female children and in the US it is child abuse why should we tolerate this abuse by any country or religion they sexual abuse children by a facade of marriage.Bullshit abuse is abuse


  16. this is straight ignorance, whoever wrote this knows NOTHING about Islam. Don’t go looking for valid information from people who base their views on a few ignorant group of people. In islam this is not allowed, OBVIOUSLY! Nor would something like this be accepted in ANY religion. In Islam the woman are given a high sign of respect. Their husbands have responsibilities over them. They have to provide them with things and protect them. In fact, the women don’t even have to clean, cook or anything, but if they do its better for them (they get good deeds). They are given freedoms and so many benefits, please don listen to this ignorance. It hurts to see people that don’t know nothing about Islam preach on it. Those woman could have been attacked by ignorant men, that has nothing to do with religion. If they followed the religion they know NEVER to lay a hand on your wive. The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) even went against this disgusting type of abuse.


    • Men are taught in the qur’an AND the hadiths to beat there women its ordered by Mohammad himself.
      Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is most high.
      Qur’an 4:34 In the hadith, Aisha states that she has not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women and in the “Farewell Sermon”, Muhammad compares women to domestic animals and once again orders men to beat their wives.


    • Thank ou for your enlightenment. My brother and I traveled in the Middle East when we were younger and the Muslim people were so generous and loving to us, total strangers.


      • Unfortunately it is such ignorant men who have tarnished the entire Muslim religion. I do not understand how the Law or Sharia can supercede the Laws of the country or their constituion, and not have severe punishment for these heartless abusers.


    • Your holy prophet married a six year old girl and also his own daughter in law. Islam allows men to beat their wives and marry 4 wives.


    • Exactly. Why on earth would the religion matter with this?. Whoever wrote this article should know that different people have different beliefs and it’s not like if anyone’s gonna talk about a bad lie of a religion, the people who” believe” in that religion are going to shut their mouth. Literally, other religion people may have done way more wrose things than this, but we may never know. So please, people, respect RELIGIONS.


      • Really, why?

        Show me a religion that doesn’t encourage runaway population growth.

        I want the human species to survive for the billion and a fraction years the Earth and Sun have left. Religionists want the population to swell until, within centuries, the clean water and pure air are gone and a raped Earth offers us nothing but famine.

        Screw you religionists. Our species would be best served if you all fell dead.

        Atheists want the species, and planet, to survive, while religionists root for a future where the living envy the dead.

        And, yes, you outnumber us. In precisely the same way that the patients in mental hospitals outnumber the staff.


  17. You can’t tell me Satan isn’t ruling the earth, he has these people brainwashed that they are right and there is no other way, just like the Democrats.


  18. This would have more impact WITHOUT the cute little “snowfall” thing going on. It was very annoying to look at this article and take it seriously, with “snowflakes” following my cursor movements. And no, I do NOT have any cut cursor effects turned on. It’s on YOUR site.


    • You’re looking at pictures of people who have been brutally mutilated by vicious attackers and the only thing you’re concerned with is what your cursor is doing?

      Step 1: Remove your head from your rectum. Step 2: Never comment again.


    • The problem to the american way Death to Islam is exactly what they are going against. Death and destruction doesn’t heal with more death and destruction but education and love, compation and the teachings of a better tomorrow. Death is not the answer just like americans carrying guns is not the answer, when will people wake up.



      • You should read up on the way these people think and live. Anyone who does this to another human is nothing more than an animal and should be treated as such!!! There laws will never mesh in the American society come here live by our laws or by goodness stay in your own country. And we the Americans are waking up we have the right to keep our guns for hunting self defense and just for recreation. I don’t condone killing but don’t try and take what me or mine work for..


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