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(Video) Radical Muslims In Belgium (Scary)

Belgium’s Muslim population is only 4% yet the problems have already begun. In Brussels they now make up 25% of the population. London’s Muslim population is now a staggering 38% (2010 numbers) and the numbers keep rising and rising. Readers sent us photos of London. It’s kind of odd to see all those famous English landmarks surrounded, not with English people, but with street after street covered in burka after burka clad conservative Muslims. You will even see open flaunting of extreme radical salafi Muslims, just one notch from a Talibani, walking openly on the streets of London amongst tourists (which they’ll probably try and blow up one day).

Yet those are not even the densest Muslim areas of England…

And we need not tell you of all the other Muslim shananigans over there in Britanistan, now with decapitations, honour killings, Female Genital Mutilations, Muslim no-go zones, occupying many of the city’s council homes (free housing/gov funded homes), doing nothing all day but living off welfare, sharia courts and with endless threats of an islamic takeover. The country that fought for refreshing human rights policies in its heyday, emulated by the whole world, and which fought for slavery to end when every Tom, Dick and Harry were collecting slaves worldwide like m&m’s – has now become the worse human rights violator in the Western world! All thanks to Muslim immigration.

On a good note, former destructive PM Tony Blair (the one responsible for the enormous Muslim migration into the UK in his  deliberate uncovered secret social engineering project) had one of his children fall victim to his own social project: his daughter, got robbed under gun point yesterday and is now scared to leave the house in the evenings! And she lives in one of the best areas of London. Glad she got a taste of the aftereffect of her fathers own policies.

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