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(Video) Racism against blacks in Iraq: ‘Blacks are still viewed as inferior slaves, unimportant, useless objects’

File:Slaves Zadib Yemen 13th century BNF Paris.jpg

Mohammedans selling and buying Christian, jewish and black slaves in the market. [harîrî (al-), maqâmât, Iraq, Date: 1236-1237]


The Arab enslavement of the Dinka people.

File:Slaves ruvuma.jpg

Muslims capturing and hacking disobedient slaves, 1866.
Captioned, “Slavers Revenging their Losses,” shows a coffle of men, women, and children, led by Arab slavers; one of the guards is murdering a captive unable to keep up with the rest. These people were taken across Central Africa to the east coast of Africa. The engravings in this book are based on, according to the editor,” rude sketches” made by Livingstone. On June 19, 1866, Livingstone wrote: “We passed a woman tied by the neck to a tree and dead, the people of the country explained that she had been unable to keep up with the other slaves in a gang, and her master had determined that she should not become the property of anyone else if she recovered after resting a time. . . . we saw others tied up in a similar manner . . . the Arab who owned these victims was enraged at losing his money by the slaves becoming unable to march, and vented his spleen by murdering them” (p. 56). “The Life and African Explorations of Dr. David Livingstone” (St. Louis, 1874).


After the fall of Saddam Huessin media finally could report on what it is like to live in a Muslim Arab Middle Eastern country for black people, and here is something that most black people don’t know much about.
There is severe racism and racist attitudes towards black folk by Arabs. In fact, the racism against blacks remain from the Arab slave trade when 140 million Africans were captured, sold, and exported by Muslims. It is Muslims who created the expansive export of slaves in collaboration with local African Kings. The massive wealth they accumulated from it, attracted the rest of the world to part take in the slave industry many centuries later.
Arabs had been exporting and selling slaves for more than 1000 years before others caught on. Even today, in 2013, Muslims enslave over 27 million blacks throughout Africa, and parts of the Middle East. Slavery is legal according to Quran’s sharia law as the prophet also enslaved, raped and killed blacks. Muslims engage in slavery of other people as well, but especially enslavement of blacks who are considered sub-human by Arabs. A few months ago we posted an image from an ad in Arabic where a Saudi offered a “castrated black African” for sale he had purchased when the slave was a child. In Sudan Muslims sell child slaves for around US$10 to other Muslims (today’s market rate).
[note: the “white people” referred to in the video are Arabs, not caucasians. Muslims refer to blacks as “Abd/Abid” – slave – even to this day]

8 thoughts on “(Video) Racism against blacks in Iraq: ‘Blacks are still viewed as inferior slaves, unimportant, useless objects’

  1. I really appreciate this article and I believe it’s true. as an African black from Somalia I do believe Arabs committed unforgivable crimes against
    Black peoples. The thing that I’m frustrated with is black Muslims don’t want to realize what the Arabs did to us
    And ask for composition or apology at least. black Muslims instead of blaming white people need to open their eyes and see the reality of what Arabs did to us. I used to live Saudi arabia, Egypt and went college both countries. The author of this article is absolutely right.


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  4. In Arabic, Black mean Slave. This not new it is old and on going.

    Islamic Culture is a Slave Culture
    Many Muslims see us as Keffers and Dimmi’s and Blacks as slaves. Keffers sub human for Christians and Dimmi’s sub human for Jews, Black translates into Arabic as Slave. Talking to them as a civilized person is like a slave talking to a Master.

    In the book: “The Third Choice” by Mark Durie: One choice become Islamic, second choice a slave, third death. Add one choice if you act now, Freedom.

    20 Idiots Guide to Islam- Islam and Slavery – Part 20 (140 million African black Slaves die under enslavement to Islam.

    5 Idiots Guide to Islam- Women in Islam – Part 5

    Torture of Christian kids to become MUSLIMS

    Islam: 270 Million Bodies in 1400 Years – What Every Kafir Must Know!

    This vid consolidates the points in Frontpage’s interview with Bill Warner “Islam: 270 Million Bodies in 1400 Years”. May every kaffir wake up and smell the c…



    If you don’t believe me go your you nearest Arab town or city, go to the market of local coffee house and there you will be able to sell your wife or daughter and you might be able to pay off your mortgage.


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