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Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Qaradhawi on US Strike in Syria: If only we could be the ones to retaliate against those people [the Syrian regime]

The Sunni’s are behind the “intelligence” and propaganda against Assad. This is the brain child of the Saudi’s along with the endless trouble maker Qatar, the closet dictator of Turkey Erdogan, and Jordan. They want the Shia presence removed from the region and have been plotting and planning for it for more than three years, trying to get the U.S. and EU to do their work for them. Therefore they have offered to pick up the entire bill and pay for military strike against Syria.

‘Leading Sunni Scholar Qaradhawi in Favor of U.S. Strike on Syria: Muslims Cannot Do It, So Let the Oppressors Fight One Another,’ from MEMRI, September 6:

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by leading Sunni scholar Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, which aired on Qatar TV on September 6, 2013:Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: If only we could be the ones to retaliate against those people [the Syrian regime]. I wish there were an Islamic power capable of punishing these people. If only there was an Islamic power capable of drawing the line for the oppressors, and imposing upon them the punishment they deserve.

We do not have such power, however, so if they are punished by others, it is better than nothing. Allah pits the oppressors one against the other. The ancients used to say: “Oh Allah, keep the oppressors busy with one another, and let us emerge from among them intact.” We do not pity those people when they are attacked by whoever strikes them, because they deserve to be attacked, just like they attacked the Muslims.


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