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Libtards Remembered: Vittorio Arrigoni fought for ‘Palestinian rights’ – and was kidnapped, tortured and hanged for being a kafir

Vittorio Arrigoni was the epitome of libtard stupidity. And he got what was coming to him. Arrigoni was one of those people who have never bothered to actually research history about palestinian aggression and occupation of Israel. Instead he quickly adopted Arab propaganda and crybaby fairy tales. He went on his Gaza flotilla’s, cried with the mothers of martyrs without bothering to ask why any mother could ever dream of having her children blow themselves up. He never bothered to question why hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who had no history at all in the region, suddenly began to force themselves into Israel in the 1930’s. He never bothered to study the Koran and what exactly it states about Muslim duty concerning the Jews and the Christians. He never bothered to study European history and the bloodshed his own country experienced in the hands of Muslims. He condemned the pictures of dead Palestinian children, killed by Muslim guns and bombs and blamed on Israel, used as human shields and then paraded in photographs to be exploited in marketing, while the real murderers were the ones holding the pictures.
Arrigoni claimed to support human rights yet never supported the actual victims of extreme human rights violations, who lost their own countries and were forced to be on the run for hundreds of years, persecuted wherever lived because people like Arrigoni immediately accept propaganda to be fact without any background checks.
Say what you may, but we have little pity for ridiculous idiots like Vittorio Arrigoni. He got what he asked for. And he got exactly what kafirs will get when they permit terrorists like Palestinians to immigrate and work their way into the government, immigration services and security. His support has killed and victimized so many real and actual victims of the Palestine-Israel conflict: the jews, who have been the recipients of Muslim racism, invasion, slaughter, aggression and persecution for more than 1,500 years for no other reason than the ideology of the Koran. And these very same Palestinians want to spread their war to Spain and Italy, in effort to conquer Europe after they have managed to destroy Israel.
Arrigoni had been living in Gaza since 2008 working as a volunteer. He was kidnapped in 2011 and his body was found tortured and hanged. A video of his capture at the hands of Palestinians was posted on the internet by Muslims who declared that the kafir “…entered our land only to spread corruption”. He was killed for being the kafir the Koran claimed he was, – the enemy of Islam, the unbeliever who if killed, will bring Muslims reward in Allah’s heaven.


Stupid Italian Libtard Vittorio Arrigoni. Guess what’s on his shirt? The symbol found on flags for the Syrian arm of al-Qaeda.

And Libtard Vittorio Arrigoni after being tortured and prepared to be hanged for being a kafir. This would hardly have happened if this libtard had visited Israel…

Arrigoni was working with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Fellow ISM volunteer, Inge Neefs, told The First Post today that Arrigoni’s kidnapping and murder came out of the blue. “There were no signs, no warnings, not a single signal that something like this would come up. In general, Palestinians are extremely welcoming. I’ve never felt any hostility here before.”

Arrigoni’s murder came less than two weeks after the murder of Israeli activist and actor Juliano Mer-Khamis, who was shot dead outside his theatre for Palestinians in the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

The kidnappers, who identified themselves as belonging to an unheard of Salafist group, hanged Arrigoni after posting a video yesterday that said: “The Italian hostage entered our land only to spread corruption”.

The video shows Arrigoni, bloodied and blindfolded, being held up by the hair in front of a camera. An arm of one of the kidnappers is visible.

The extremists described Arrigoni as a “journalist who came to our country for nothing but to corrupt people – from Italy, the state of infidelity, whose armies are still in the Muslim countries”.

In Italy, however, 36-year-old ‘Vik’ as friends called him was known as a pacifist and documentary film-maker who was a passionate advocate of the Palestinian cause, especially the children of Gaza. His mother is the mayor of Bulciago, a small town near Lake Como.

News of his death has provoked repulsion among Italians, with President Giorgio Napolitano calling the assassins “barbaric”. A series of memorial rallies was swiftly organised across Italy.

The extremist group’s name has been reported variously as Tawheed and Jihad and The Brigade of the Gallant Companion of the Prophet Mohammed bin Muslima. In the video, they demanded the release of their leader, Sheikh Hisham al-Suedani, who was imprisoned last month by Hamas, along with two other members of their group.

Efforts were made to track down Arrigoni the moment the video was first aired, but the group killed him before the given deadline of 5pm local time, possibly because they were scared of being caught [no, because he was a KAFIR and Palestinians are the children of terrorists, created purely to commit jihad in the name of Allah]. His hanged body was found in an empty building in Gaza City. He had apparently been subjected to torture.



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