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India: After Eid 20,000 Muslims attack and murder Hindus in Kashmir, and loot and burn their shops

J&K Kishtwad Hindus Must Get Justice. 1990 Will Not Be Allowed To Repeat Says VHP

from Sanghmarg

New Delhi, August 9, 2013

After today’s Eid Namaz an armed mob of 20,000 Muslims marched toward Hindus and attacked them. Many Hindus were severely injured and some are critically injured. While this was happening, a bog mob attacked and burnt shops and houses owned by Hindus. Serious arson, looting and murders went on for long since the morning Namaz. Until afternoon there was no help from the Government. Then came police but of no use.

Many Hindu youth are in hospitals with bullet injuries in arms and abdomen. In the afternoon Government sent Army there but with no orders to shoot at sight on the killers. The mob went on rampage. Army kept on doing flag march and the info from there is that the 20,000 strong mob even looted army weapons.

Hindu India

Policemen clash with protestors during protest in Srinagar on Thursday 18, July 2013. Four people were killed on Thursday when the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel fired at protestors outside their camp in Jammu and Kashmir Ramban District. Photo: Nissar Ahmad

VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “VHP demands immediate action on all 20,000 in the mob that attacked minority Hindus there. It also should be found out that who really led such a big mob when there should have been security in the valley after Pakistan’s attacks on the LOC. Such big violence against Hindus continued all day long & how nobody intervened to really protect the Hindus?”

VHP also demands resignation of the J&K Home Minister for his role in the Kishtwad attacks on Hindus. Those who are injured should immediately get adequate compensation. Those whose houses were burnt should be given compensation a the market rate of the house & all materials to rebuild their houses. Hindus whose shops were burnt should be given compensated with the losses of their goods & shop establishment as well as for the loss of probable business.

In 1990 similar violent tactics were followed by the Kashmiri Separatists to kill & chase away Hindus from Kashmir. Now they have come ahead & on the border of Jammu in Kishtwad, Rajauri, such attacks have been taking place. It is the sole responsibility of the state & the Union Govt to protect each Hindu in J&K failing which the Hon. Supreme Court should take suo motto note & order the army to shoot at sight on those who attack Hindus there.

VHP & Hindu Human Rights Commission Team assisted by a retired police officer, an eminent lawyer, other Hindu organizations & a social worker will visit Kishtwad soon as soon as the curfew is lifted. The team should be given all cooperation as Minority Commission is supposed to get. The report will be made public.

VHP, Bajrang Dal in Jammu have protested today & demanded immediate action to protect Hindus & punish the attackers.


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Learn more about India’s history with Islam, “the bloodiest conquest in human history”: Muslim invasion of India.


32 thoughts on “India: After Eid 20,000 Muslims attack and murder Hindus in Kashmir, and loot and burn their shops

  1. read Kashmir’s history first. all this time oppressed for more than 500 years. India and Pakistan got their independence and fled away towards so called “PROGRESS” Fucking traitors -both of them. Hum kya chahte Azadi.


  2. For sefety of Hindu religion India must become aHindu nation .BJP is mejority in Loksabha . Gujrath and Maharashtra ruled under saffron rulers .


  3. I m a resident of w.b
    this type of incident r being happend here by the help of rulling govt.very soon we will become minority here.where shall we go then.


      • Hindus are civilised we dont see you as different we dont rape someone wife’s,sister or kill anyone on bassis of religion ,we are well educated,in india if you are talented you can get name and fame no matter you are from which religion. if you dont have any talent, how you consider yourself to be benefitted this theory apply on every religion. if you think without talent you will get everything, best example is pakistan bunch of people who dont have any talent running that country and thats why whenever you search on google top 10 failed countries then you will find pakistan is one of them. if you see everything hindu vs muslim then you never come out from that phobia .if you think you are muslim representative then try to motivate muslims so that they can also become engineer, doctor, pilot, cricketer .if you always think about hindu vs muslim then you will end on low node.


      • The only option is cast your vote to BJP….Trinamool and Communists both support terrorists for their vote bank politics.


  4. Ham aaj bhi apne jigar me dam rkhte he hos uad jate he pakistaniyo ke jab hamare foji sima par kadam rakhte
    Jay hind jay bharat


  5. Islam is dung heap of religions. The filthy excrement allowed in the Koran is shit for everyone else. Burn the bastard koran, and other unholy islam books of excretia.


      • sale vo to tumhara baap hai modi jaise gujrat mai tumhara kand kiya tha vaise her jgh kerne lge na to tumhare purkhe bhi tumhe yaha dhunne mai bhi nhi miloge harammm…. zadooooo. sale kashmir ager hm hindu agye na ek br sidhe pakistan bhagoge


    • fir to tumhari maa behnon ka rape hona chahiye . Youporn pe chadhaye ge . Pakistaniyun ko baeche ge . waise b waha porn zyada chalta hai. tumhaari maa behn waha aaram se bik jaaye gi. Madarchod Bhosddi, randi ki aulaad naapunsak fuddi randi ke poot tu hai ek choot GAY BHARAT GAY INDIA . gay hind


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      • Time for the Indian people to tear them down. Muslims tried to destroy their culture and religion, and overlap it with their own ugly Islam. Well, it didn’t work. And time for India to destroy all traces of Islam from their country.


      • lol. best of luck with that. I guess that’s what Hinduism teaches you guys to do. divide and conquer . destroy and rule. Why not think about peace. Living peacefully with each other. Why are we fighting with each other instead of being with each other and being united. We as united souls can conquer all the negativity and hate in the world. I mean the only reason we are divided is because of the british. Ever think about that? WE got our so called independence in ’47 , but i think those guys still rule us.


  7. poor policies and help from pakistan and other islamic countries in kashmir and many other parts of north India and Eastern Indian parts had strategically allowed Islamic terrorist to show their presence and create havoc and threat and fear in local HIndu minorities,which compels them to move out from their own land.This had been done to kashmiri pandits and no political parties and Human rights commission had came out in open and done anything.
    If this is going to continue and no harsh and immediate action is taken against this Islamic enemy of India,then we will Lose our dignity and in long run our country will be muslim dominating country . IN several parts of our country Muslims are given every privileges and honor and respect,but they feel and firmly believe to make this country under rule of Islam and eradicate Hindus from map.
    Dirty politics and peudo = secularism had ruined our country. No more this country will be called Hindustan. In india secularism means to support Muslims and to do favour to them. If you do anything for hindus than you are non-secular.
    bloody shit.


    • the British government sold Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh and the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, the second-largest princely state in British India, was created. without proper consent from the people . how is that fair . let the people decide. and Im sure most of them would choose India because as a kashmiri i feel Pakistan is not even an option.


  8. How could Muslims free to go and live anywhere in India and do what ever they want to do but they want allow other community to live in those area where they have majority like no one can buy the land to live in kashmir u can’t say anything against their relligion but they are free to speak bad thing about all relligion . This thing make me crazy and i feel like we are slave in our Owen country .


    • baby j&k was never a part of India. check Dogra hispty on wikipedia . youll have an idea. the British government sold Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh and the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, the second-largest princely state in British India, was created.


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