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They get the idea: UK Muslims debate – ‘Are they gonna kick us out?’

The Big Debate: Are They Gonna Kick Us Out?

Beast FROM 26 April, 2010

By:  Naheem Zaffar & Irfan Jalil

Anti-Muslim prejudice is rising across Europe. There are calls for bans on Muslim immigration, bans on the construction of mosques and a ban on women wearing the veil. France has already barred Muslim girls from wearing the hijab in school and Switzerland has banned the construction of minarets.

In Britain, the British National Party is gaining greater prominence. It calls Islam a “wicked and vicious faith” and its leader, Nick Griffin, is set to become an MP in the next general election.

What does all this mean for the millions of Muslims in Britain and Europe. Should we be scared for our future in Britain and Europe? Naheem Zaffar says YES. He argues that Europe is on the brink of repeating the mistakes of history by allowing far-right parties to gain power. Irfan Jalil says NO. He argues that the far-right can only gain power if we fail to engage politically.


Yes, They’ll Kick Us Out!

When I was younger there was a fear within the immigrant community – one day we will be kicked out, told to go back home. This fear may still be the case for some people in many places.

I used to laugh at the thought that people worried about such things. In my mind pigs would fly before people would get any such notion.

The idea that people will get kicked out stemmed from decades ago, from when people came over to earn money working as cheap labour with a view of eventually returning “back home”. They saved up money and sent it back, maybe even built mansions there to eventually return to. However the lifestyle they lived in the UK was generally more humble and affordable – if they were going to leave, or get kicked out eventually, there was no point building a future.

Over time however, such a view lost its strength, it became a diluted shadow of its former self and many people even forgot about its existence – they had kids, brought them up in the UK, integrated. Besides, we are in a civilised and liberal democracy, not some oppressive state. Britain is home.

The Bosnian war however did make some people sit up and think again – the Muslims there were native, so what chance did immigrant Muslims have? But again that was Eastern Europe. A world away from here. Surely nothing could go wrong here? A liberal society meant that we would be free to practice out faith, free to earn an honest living and free to live.

However, other actions in and around Europe may once again give such fears credibility. First there were the European elections where far right parties across the board got more favourable support.

Then there were almost constant attacks on women’s rights where people want to liberate them by taking away their existing rights. The liberalism in France seems to have turned militant – forced liberalism where anything seeming out of the ordinary or less liberal is to be forced out or broken down.

Let’s not forget the phenomenon of the English Defence League non-violent protests that always turn violent, who say they are protesting against “extremist Muslims”, but at the same time do not think Muslims can be moderate. So in their view all Muslims are extremist Muslims.

Once you have a target that you can vilify and dehumanise, anything can happen. Things may not seem too bad in the UK right now, but just look at how far Muslim/Non-Muslim relationships have gone in the past year – who would have thought Switzerland would ban minarets. Switzerland, a country so neutral it did not even stand up to Hitler! It will freely and willingly deal with drug dealers and despotic dictators, but when it came to Muslims it drew a line.

The prejudiced extremists in Switzerland first tried to campaign to ban halaal meat but backed down when they realised that the Jewish community also slaughters its meat. The echoes of prejudice and intolerance were too close to events that happened just a few decades earlier. Instead of dropping their open prejudice however, these extremists moved onto another issue to campaign on – minarets, which eventually saw them succeed.

There is a commitment from extremists to stir up trouble, to act on prejudice and spread malice. We cannot simply wish it away, just like we unfortunately cannot simply wish away extremism from within the Muslim community.

Those who do not learn from history are born to repeat it and there is an historic lesson to be learnt from Europe’s history – from the Spanish inquisition to the European imperialism, through fascism and Nazism all the way to the Bosnian war. A few short years earlier who would have thought any of them would happen? Yet it is a process that has repeated itself time and again.

Can we still laugh at the idea that people will be kicked out of places like the UK for simply being Muslims?


No, They Won’t Kick Us Out.

(…but we have to do our bit)

A few weeks ago the prospect of Nick Griffin becoming an MP had me feeling really down. I was re-evaluating my future in this country. I had hoped to raise a family in England, live my whole life here, grow old here and be buried here. But these modest and mundane aspirations would be seriously under threat if Nick Griffin were to sit as an elected member in the Houses of Parliament.

Yet, we’ve been here before. I live in Smethwick, which is a town just outside Birmingham. Peter Grifiths became MP for Smethwick in 1964. His campaign slogan had been “If you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour”. A few years later another Conservative MP, Enoch Powell, gave a speech in which he said that rivers will run with “much blood” if black and Asian immigration to the UK continued. In 1972 Ugandan dictator Idi Amin expelled Asians from his country. Leicester City Council responded by taking out adverts in the Ugandan press telling Asians not to come to Leicester.

If either of these three things happened now, would we be talking about packing our bags and going “back where we came from”? The truth is that this country has seen the likes of Nick Griffin before. Our parents and grandparents who came to Britain in the 60s and 70s had to put up with far worse than the BNP. But our elders persevered. They made sacrifices, worked hard and tried to build a better future for their children.

Because of their efforts no-one now remembers Peter Grifiths, Enoch Powell became an irrelevance and Leicester City Council has now apologised for what it did. In fact, Leicester is set to become the first non-white majority city in Britain. Smethwick has countless mosques, the largest Sikh gudhwara in the country and the largest Hindu temple in Europe is only down the road.

Current anti-Muslim feeling in the UK is not pervasive. There are people who don’t like Muslims, but there are many more people who aren’t prejudiced and don’t have an axe to grind against minorities. Yes the BNP and the English Defence League are crazy racists but we have our crazies too. Anjem Choudry is the Muslim community’s own extremist clown. But just as he isn’t about to lord over us as Grand Mufti of Britain, so Nick Griffin isn’t going to become Supreme Archdragon of Britannia.

Besides, anti-Muslim feeling is just the current bigotry fad. It used to be Jews, then Catholics, then the Irish, then blacks and Asians and now it’s our turn again, but this time as Muslims. Each time these hate-fads have reduced in intensity. Jews were kicked out, Catholics were forced underground, the Irish were abused, blacks were feared, Asians were used and, let’s face it, most people have had enough of hearing about Muslims and just want to move on.

Most people in Britain want to get along with each other as human beings. Divisions based on race, religion and nationality are old school – just desperate people holding on to the last vestiges of past certainties. In bad economic times when people lose their jobs and don’t have any money, they look to blame other people for their misery. People of a different race or religion become the scapegoat of choice.

So, the likelihood of Nick Griffin becoming an MP should not send us into yet another paranoid frenzy. It is an opportunity for us to take stock and renew our efforts to make a permanent commitment to this country. No more longing for the homeland. No more sending uncontrollable sons and daughters to Pakistan to get married. No more spending hours discussing the latest twists and turns in Pakistan’s or Bangladesh’s topsy turvy politics. It’s time to get serious about our future in this country.

All this should tell us that Nick Griffin and his BNP are merely a bump in the road. Most people in Britain are not racists and would not vote BNP. The BNP have only won seats in places where less than half of eligible voters voted. In other words, if more people were bothered to go and vote, the BNP would not win elections.

The problem isn’t that the general population is becoming racist. The problem is that we’re all too damn lazy. Nick Griffin is currently an MEP representing the UK in the European Parliament. He was elected from the region that includes Manchester and Oldham. Just think how many Muslims live there. I can’t even keep count of the relatives I have there. But if they had voted in the European elections then Griffin would not have this electoral legitimacy.

There are people who will say that Nick Griffin becoming an MP in Westminster could be a harbinger of a new fascistic British politics. If he gets elected there will be a ban on the veil, a ban on Muslim immigration, a ban on the building of mosques. But any such anti-Muslim policies will be accompanied by limits on other minorities too. If Muslims are forced to pack their bags, Jews and blacks will be next. In our fight against an oppressive far-right government we will not be alone.

But a nationalist dictatorship is way off. Griffin, and others like him, need to get into Parliament first. And that can only happen if we carry on doing nothing. We can carry on thinking politics is boring and that all politicians are the same and that nothing ever changes. Maybe it will take a ban on the veil for us to realise that politics isn’t so boring. Maybe when Prime Minister Nick Griffin or President Adolf Cromwell walk through 10 Downing Street we will realise that politicians are not all the same. Maybe when we realise that we can’t teach our children the Quran we will realise that elections do change things.

The BNP can only gain real power if we carry on doing nothing. The first thing we can do is go out and vote.


What do you think?

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We thinketh you should start planning and packing already, because muslims WILL be kicked out and there will be nothing politicians can do to stop it. In fact, they themselves will be kicked to the curb along with the muslims. Countries are being pushed into a civil war by leftist libtards who superimpose a nasty and dangerous medieval fascism onto society which people do not want.

87 thoughts on “They get the idea: UK Muslims debate – ‘Are they gonna kick us out?’

  1. Just to add can we all stop arguing about religion, Christianity, is basically dead (the religion not the base values that have developed along side the natural development of society) its a good thing because ethe Christianity of old (100s of years ago) was horrendous, thing is Islam of now is like that Christianity only worse, it hasn’t been allowed to develop and follow progression and allowed to die out (natural progression of religion) Islam makes a culture that is backwards, supresive, and basically everything that a normal human being would call wrong! It’s the culture that is despised, as much as people of that culture try to to point out about single mums and anything else that’s bad, its about choice, its about freedom to express your self, they have that choice, I don’t agree with it either but if you enforce your will on to others in the respect of taking away there freedom that’s wrong and a silpery slope to the biggest depravity the world has seen in the past, such as slavery (which Muslim women are under at the moment).


  2. Jimbo where did you get your 99.9999% from? All of them want to see us converted or be subservient, violence doesn’t have to consist of physically attacking somone! It is a sick culture that belongs back in the day of when Christianity was trying to rule the world burning witches and suppressing science! People of the Muslim culture and or the Islamic faith are indoctrinated from birth, brainwashed, then evn if they are “non violent” are waiting for the day they are in majority they will change everything (as they already have in the UK, mosques, prayer rooms in the work place, no go areas in our once beautiful country sides, towns and city’s, increased violence, social upheaval, brainwashing in schools, job prefrencing for their own) these are things that you can witness out on our streets and around our towns, you don’t have to listen to the biased media. I am only 36 and have witnessed a great change since I was a child, I am a people watcher and take everything in. And have watch the UK and the world become alot more perilous place to live. Entire communities have fallen apart due to mass invasion and the change in demographics. All very clever though bread until you have the upper hand, its slow, insidious, and with that type of evil people tend to ignore it, don’t realise its happening or just out right refuse that a person or people can be that bad, to blinded by there own moral compass! It will be a good day when all religion and faith is gone from this world, the myth of god, Allah and all that complete and utter made up rubish is finally put to bed, then and only then can men and women live side by side as equals no more dictating to the person next tonyou just because of there gender or where you see them in the pecking order.


  3. This is our country our chirstains land the EU as fucket up our country come on Cameron get a crime you know the Islamic populashon will out number the White chirstains there is no such thing as a modern Muslim I know this for a facet yet you let 5000 more in even when they put to death chirstains Muslims are the fucher natzeys they will wipe us all out we must act know join Britain first look at the Facebook page join March and put the scumbags out no more we must fight know while we can


  4. Everybody needs to calm down. Like it or hate it you cannot wipe off 2 billion muslims from this planet. We have to accept that 99.9999% of these muslims are non violent. For even 0.0001% of muslims makes 200,000 terrorists which is still way too high a figure. But lets just say it is 0.0001% of muslims that are a menace to the world then really we have to accept and the figures prove, that more than 99.999% of muslims pose no threat to anybody. We either get along or we just live separate lives side by side. Both are fine by me. We all know the average muslim on the street is like any one of us. The muslim viewpoint is NOT anjem chaudhry.


    • I have a fair deal for you, my fellow racist. You kick out the Hindus and Muslims from Europe. But then accept all the Christians from India. And don’t argue if India were to send the Muslims to Arabia. Actually, it might be fun. Indians can put them all on super tankers laced with dynamite in the hull. When they approach the coastline of Europe, the dynamite will be set off. Then all the brown people can see just how charitable Christian charity really is. It might be a nice eye opener for everyone. Deal


      • He is not racist… Islam is NOT a race. Your faith is the problem here, The verse of the sword is the problem….The arabian conquest is the problem….You took christians countries by force and than complained when the crusade came to make you pay for it. Europe is not yours. Europe will never be yours….The german tryed… already….Guess what happenned. And it WILL happen again.


  5. Forgot to mention hittlers 6m jews that he killed, if you read his book he says he did it to get revenge from Christ killers.

    These crazy christians wonder why everyone hates them, the Chinese Indians Pakistanis Arabs South Americans Africans centeral Asians the real AMERICANS and AUSTRALIANS.

    All the above hate christians then then they wonder why they Are hated. It’s actually a fact christians are two faced and liars.

    Also I’m in uk I’m fed up single christian girls with babies living in council flats and not sure who their children’s real fathers are, bastards.

    Christians love their dogs more then their parents and children, they would happily lock their ages parents into homes for care as they don’t have time to care for them but they have all the time in the world for their dogs. They will kick their children out of their homes at 16 but keep the dogs. I can go on


      • Yeah the German High Command really cared about some asshat mullah. Hitler was busy fighting a war. The coming of the Holocaust was the result of ever growing numbers of jews in the concentration camps. Remember Hitler didn’t start gassing jews till well past 1940. The Germans were racist as hell. They hated Poles and Russians and called them rats. Are you really implying they paid much attention to some brown foreign mullah.


    • To O.K. Let me be very clear with you. You have no concept or understanding of what or who is a Christian. Further, you have no understanding of the concept of Secularism and a civil society. If you do not like the U.K., then skittles your ass where you came from. Enjoy the women of your faith, who are denigrated, beaten, and oppressed. I am sick and tired of your religion and the duplicity of your followers who use and abuse the charity of Western freedoms, while shitting on the very countries that you have benefited from. How many Muslims clerics have been on the dole in Britain, while spouting nonsense and inspiring murder and vile hate. No one asked you nor invited you to the West. Out of charity we tolerated your ass because we thought we were doing the right, moral thing. Go back to where you came from.

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  6. Read carefully

    Christians have killed more people then any other religion,

    15million natives in the America’s forced to convert to Christianity (residential schools, slavery etc) or die!

    6m natives of New Zealand and
    Australia. Churches being built etc.

    Natives of South Africa
    Natives of palestine
    Slavery in Africa

    French christians killing millions in Algeria tunia morrocco etc and forcing them to learn french and building churches there!

    The also sold drugs to the Chinese in the OPIUM WARS!

    The recent iraq war bush described it as a CRUSADE. USA marines had bible inscriptions on their guns and bibles were handed out to local, google it lots of articles from christian BBC telegraph etc.

    So it’s time the real terrorist christians had a taste of their own medicine.


    • There has never been forced conversion in Christianity. Your numbers are completel fabricated. Christianity does not force anyoe into the religion nor does it kill anyone for chosing to leave it. And it’s the same with Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. Only Islam forces conversion on people and kill them if they refuse.


      • This is the Orkney Islands from Wikipedia:
        “Initially a pagan culture, detailed information about the return of the Christian religion to the islands of Scotland during the Norse-era is elusive.[52] The Orkneyinga Saga suggests the islands were Christianised by Olav Tryggvasson in 995 when he stopped at South Walls on his way from Ireland to Norway. The King summoned the jarl Sigurd the Stout[Notes 7] and said, “I order you and all your subjects to be baptised. If you refuse, I’ll have you killed on the spot and I swear I will ravage every island with fire and steel.” Unsurprisingly, Sigurd agreed and the islands became Christian at a stroke,[51] receiving their own bishop in the early 11th century.[Notes 8][Notes 9]”


      • You obviously don’t understand what you read:
        1. There exist no instruction of forced conversions or murders of non-Christians by Jesus. The Quran and the prophet instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims as a religious duty. If Muslims committed atrocities on their own volition, we could argue that its not related to religion but to fanaticism. But thats not true. They act according to religious duty.
        2. Orkney Island?? – that’s forced conversions and invasions in Arabia?? How many millions of Muslims, Hindus. Buddhists have been killed in forced conversions by Christians? 590 millions like the Muslims? We are in 2015 but the Muslims have not changed. At all. They live according to the dictates created 1400 years ago.


    • The native American were killed (90 %) mainly by illness their system could not defend against. Don’t mix up things. The arabian Conquest killed all the visigoth of north africa. fuckedup all spain took all the christian cities of the middle east and are responsible for the fall of the Bizantine empire.

      Don’t complain about the any of the crusade….It is the return of the pendulum. Spit up in the air and it will fall back in your face….The crusade is just justice.

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      • And those diseases came from the Arab slave trade! The Arab slave trade spread diseases everywhere and created the black plague that wiped out half of Europe.


  7. There are plenty of High standing muslims in society here the UK what we dont want is the average mohammad (joe) and his family of eleventy two coming and living in a One bedroom flat. See the difference nowdays than ur forefathers who came here briton used to be respected and great now muslims and polish jump on the bandwagon oh UK is a pushover its just best for muslims who want to preach like there in the heart of syria to stay in syria. My girlfriend is filipina im not rasict in the slightist bit but as a Muslim yourself why should brition take the Chance of another 9/11 London bombing Lee Rigby Rotherham Rapes we dont have to now its impossible for my girlfriend to come here from the philippines even thought she christain because of isis Maybe if she was Muslim it would be easier because every one just claims eyslyuim your an intellagant man but thats credit to our school system yes people here are lazy and multiculdred societites need to be in place but not with Muslime youve got to big for youre boots and unfortunitly the spoilers of ur faith will evidently get u kicked out of the UK and no hard feelings but go riddance.

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  8. They wont be kicked out but marginalised. And tot be honest I really do understand why many people think badly about muslims. Just read a paper or look at the news.

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  9. I never thought id say this but all muslims need eradicated and the the islam religion forgotton and buried wen you take away a tumor you take it out 100% for even if you leave 1% it will grow back!

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  11. Save yourselfs the aggravation and just leave. Go to a country that happily wants what you want. This one does not. It’s government might it’s people though do not and never ever did. Henderson the rise of the edl and Britain first. Your not wanted and never was by the largest majority or society. No point wrapping the issue in cotton wool it’s a fact most people DO feel that way they generally just don’t speak out because political correctness imposed upon them by government. people can only suppress there anger so long and the fuse has already been lit. Don’t get me wrong I would like to see things turn bad but I can now see it happening which is something I never thought I’d say to be fair

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  12. The masses dont want Muslims anymore the masses have had enough. they largely want an end to immigration the system of mass Immigration imposed on the population by government without being asked has created much anger. Originally when people was asked about allowing people to come here it was perceived as a few thousand over just a few years to help rebuild after the war and that these few could settle. The people said yes they was happy because that was all it was ment to be but what they got was immigration of thousands annually from that point up to present that was not what they was asked. they was lied to just like they was in the 70s over the E.U now the people feel alienated they have seen large change in there life times places they grow up no longer have any English living there and people don’t like it. so when you place world events on top of that I.e 9/11 7/7 Lee Rigby isis and you have idiots preaching hatred on the streets then that makes matters worse. If the issues behind people’s anger are not tackled sensibly and honestly then It’s only a matter of time before English nationalisation raises its ugly head. There will be trouble somewhere. If not here then elsewhere in Europe. Multiculturalism does not work people generally do not want it or do not wish to intermingled on a large scale very well at all that tends to be the case across all multinational countries. There will be a repeat or Europe’s past somewhere in Europe I have no doubt of that but where and how bad it is depends on if governments start listening to it’s people and stops alienating its original population. Because at the rate it’s going sooner or later the masses will rise up

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  13. I finished school for good last month and I can not explain how much the Muslim issue has affected me throughout my education. I’m young and from my first day at school I have been indoctrinated to believe that all faiths and equal and good. Many of the Muslims at my school are very pleasant young people. It is their mothers and fathers who preach such awful ideologies. They make their children work long hours after school and there is no time for fun. They make their children dress in ridiculous headscarves when they feel ashamed. They have to read their holy text time and time again. These are children. I feel sorry for them, for all they want is to be westernized and to let their religion fade.


  14. They must go… They are killing Britan, they are in China of all things and there pushing there ways and laws in America and most importantly my country Canada. And before someone calls me a racist because I’m white and Canadain, let’s just be clear “this is my county you are trying to kill” also most of my education are from my friends from Iraq,Egyept and much of the middle east who are christions and have seen first had the stupidity of the Muslim fath. And in my mined anyone who is so glued to any religion is not ready to be in the modern or western parts of the world.
    The real truth is there is a plan for these “rats” to take over the world and last I checked at least in Canada all these peaple do is use the system and get away with all sorts of frad and scams, undercut and destroy and control any area of business they get there hands on. ( and that’s the so called nice and normal ones ) there is of course the shitheads who tech hate and push there laws in my county. There almost all scum and I am sick and tired of my tact dollers going to this shit. Note: Canada is a vary mixed country and all but Muslims have added to Canada not destroyed. It’s time all Muslims give up there bullshit and be part of where they are in a positive way or go the fuck back to places in the middle east where your old and fucked up ways are ok. Long story short ” GET THE FUCK OUT” !

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    • Your right.They have to know it is not a racial thing. We have no problem with any other people who want to be part of our culture. We only have problems with a violent ethical religion that wishes to subvert all other countries and peoples. Not to mention the rapes and murders. Give up your religion and you can move here.

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  15. They only way to stop the rapes and extremists would be to change the beliefs and the very Quran itself. the nice Muslims don’t follow these. Its like christian bible thumpers. Except the bible doesn’t say its the woman’s fault if she is raped or to kill non believers.It also doesn’t tell us to lie, and conquer all non believing people. The Muslim books do. Until they deny these and the theocratic type religion they must go.


    • How dare you compare bible thumping Christians to machete wielding Muslims who are marching across the globe intent on killing all other people! What the hell is wrong with you. These evil scum people that have been allowed to overtake Iraq have chopped Christian childrens heads off – put these childrens heads on sticks and lined the roads with them. Most Muslims do nothing therefore they are all guilty of these heinous crimes. They are low life demonic scum. I am not racist – not one drop. But I am no politically correct moronic idiot

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  16. Kick them out, they don’t want to assimilate then it’s their own fault, it’s not the Western world’s problem that they live in the stone age, and it’s not the Western world’s fault we are the only ones that can appreciate differences, so I say lets do it El Cid style.

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  17. Simply put as a true English person,in a country my anglo saxon ancestors called home we do not see you as English.I guarantee you or your family may watch bollywood, walk around British streets talking a different language, wear a sari at a wedding and if you dont well then it’s rare. I am sick of Muslims living however they desire when if the roles where reversed we would be severely punished in a Muslim country . Merely by you being here Britain is less white which is sickening to think soon the indigenous with the true claim to England could become a minority. Integration is unsuccessful , look around Muslims largely associate socially amoungst themselves, where I live there is a whole Indian pakistani community full of sari shops curry houses etc and quite honestly every white person is disgusted by it. It doesn’t feel like our country anymore. So yes we’d love you out

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    • Honestly I don’t care what they do by themselves. The rapes, pedephelia and honor killings are what we just can’t take. Going to someone elses country then thinking your better then they people in that country. Thats the problem. I guarantee if someone raped my daughter I would kill a muslim every day for life.

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      • If a piece of shit Muslim desert rat raped my daughter I would kill as many as I possibly could !
        Fuck off too the thick Muslim !


    • Why is it that these scum of the Earth immigrate to countries that roll out the red carpet – feed and educate their evil spawn – and then said spawn have thoughts of grandeur in overtaking the host culture and country. They are parasites that will feed off the host until the host dies.


  18. Its funny how punny humans think they own a piece of land they’ve been on for a few years time. The entire existence of England, or the human civilization for that matter, is nothing but a second on the clock of earth’s time. And yet these people full of bigotry, ignorance and stupidity, hate on everyone. Muslims hating on British, and British hating on foreigners. All you do is poison your sould, by being consumed by hate, which leads to violence, and violence that leads to more violence. All this, instead of enjoying what little life you have left.
    Maybe for all the crimes the British did in the past, well, karma is a bitch, and now you have to pay. Feed the poor immigrants and be thankful they don’t blow you up to pieces for daring to be different, like you intend to do at the first chance. Fools…


    • Unfortunately you seem like an idiot. Please refrain from commenting about something you know nothing off.

      “The problem with stupid people is they don’t realize they are stupid”.

      Maybe you should just end your own life. Sounds like you have given up.

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    • Let me get this straight.. So you think that innocent girls as young as 6 that are being raped and mutilated by these so called ‘poor immigrants’ is karma? Tell me.. What on earth must these children be doing so wrong in order for ‘karma’ to be so against them?

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  19. Britain desperately needs a race war to ethnically cleanse the country of muslim filth.

    Do you know that Britain’s Marxist police force do everything possible to avoid prosecuting muslim pedophiles, yet will arrest white Christians for openly displaying a crucifix on a chain around their necks?

    Do you know that In Bradford and Birmingham mosques imamas are ordering muslim terror gangs to rape young girls, as part of their jihad against white Christian Britain?

    Start crippling muslims, and they might get the message: GET OUT OF BRITAIN.

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    • This is what I do not get. An an 82 year old British women was beheaded today by you guessed it – a friggin muslim. Have Brits been beaten down so much they have nothing left but to lay down and be rolled over,

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  20. I would say that if more radical Islamic people claim to commit atrocities in the name of islam/allah then I would say yes. I think the general consensus on the subject is this: You are one of us, a British Citizen or you are an outsider. If your beliefs are more important than your contribution as a British Citizen, if your duty is only to what Islam first, then you have no business being here. I’m inclined to agree with that for two reasons. I have a duty to my fellow citizens to help them and keep them safe. The second is that because somebody does not think like I do, I will not JUDGE them. So in the case of a Muslim judging another as an infidel, less than human, or white women as trash sex objects. I find this attitude abhorrent to my moral fibre. Growing up I lived in between two ethnic families either side of me. I integrated with them and they become my god parents. They loved me as their own. They were Jamaican. The fact that they were different was never a problem to me. Would I call myself a racist? No. Its the moral code of Muslims that is a threat to me and my family and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who thinks so. I would prefer that Islamic peoples not preach hate in my country. The fact is your religion teaches you to live and love god in a certain way. Well guess what so do many religions and they have peacefully coexisted in this country for hundreds of years. Do onto others as you would do onto yourself.

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  21. Well, the sooner you paki pigfuckers are kicked out of Europe the better. People here simply do not like people that fuck pigs and fuck nine year old girls. These are precisely the things that your paki prophet did thousands of times in his miserable pigfucking life.

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    • raymond sole .hw dare u 2 call mY PROPHET.don’t evn tk my PROPHET NAME 4rm ur dirty mouth stop saying nasty stf 2 our ur original bibal first and then comment here.GOD gna make decision when da world gna b end and then I’m gna ask u who ws right.u kafaar kafir u all gona be in hell IN SHA ALLAH.ALLAH KNOWS BEST.I’m proud to be a religion is islam datz y mostly people bcm muslims nowadays. read books first then cm here.don’t ever swr or use bad word 2 our PROPHET.u even don’t noo who ur father is go find ur father name first.and findout dat r u a really british first..u evn don’t no hw 2 clean ur ass.u cm here 2 talk abyt pakistan and muslim hahhahahah go and learn than cm here.I’m laughing @ u jst imagine wen u gna b in hell wa ur colour gna b.all da kafir gna b in hell IN SHA ALLAH…..PROUD 2 BE A MUSLIM AND IN SHA ALLAH I’MGNA DIE AS MUSLIM….we not even afraid of dead.dead meaning 2 me is to meETING WD MY GOD AND MY PROPHET AGR ALLAH NE CHA TU.TUM KO JO AKR I HAI NA BOHT JALD jab ye zindgai tumhari khtam ho jaye gai tu pir sb dekhy gay k kahan jati hai galiyan daye ho.mein tu tum ko galiya b nai dena chahti kyu k mein apne gunaa mei kyu ezafa karon tum jesy kfir ko galiya dy kr is ka fasla ALLAH G kare gay.SB KAFFIR jahanam mei jao gay na tab pata chaly ga tum sb ko . I love my Prophet and I love my ALLAH AND MY RELIGION.AND I’M PROUD 2 BE A MUSLIM.


    • All just stop. Why hate on us? We were called terrorists for woman wearing a hijab or scarf and men were labeled terrorists. That was the past and do not call us pig and paki because its not nice and I don’t like any of you who are wanting to kick us out of UK. We have a right to live in Britain we can’t all of a sudden just be taken out of England,London so stop hating on Muslims its not nice like if you agree if you disagree that’s your choice but one question I want to ask is: why are you hating on such a religious culture/religion? What if we did the same how would you feel?


      • I for one have nothing against people. I do however have something against a people that are bent on destroying my people and my way of life. You can judge a religion by its fruits. Islam is like an apple tree and the fruits are the radical jihadists. The tree itself harms no one by itself, but the fruits of the teachings of Islam produce these radicals. Without the tree we would have no radicals. For the safety of my family, my culture, and my nation I would cut these apple trees down so it no longer bears fruit.


  22. I’ve lived in England for 20 years until 2012. Sold me house there,picked up the cash I’d saved over the years from my bank account and I returned back to my native country Türkia, and now am happy. I’ll be perfectly honest, athough a muslim, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, for this reason never experienced racism first hand. But the treatment of the fellow muslim brothers and sisters who are dark skinned ( pakistanies, bangladeshies,africans e.t.c.) are terrible there in England. The English media which are run by the zionist, does everything in their power to create hate towards muslims in England (and all over the world for that matter). I would strongly suggest muslims of Europe to pack thier baggages up and return back to the country of their origin and leave the peoples of them countries to their life of misery. For the wrath of the Creator will soon reach to them infidels, who practice dispeakable acts.


  23. What did Mr Spock so eloquently say all those years ago – ‘Live long and prosper!’ I say lets change it to Live Well and Prosper, or you will be asked to leave by the backdoor.
    No radicals, no hard liners, no fundamentalists, no zealots, no hate preachers that hide behind the decent hard working Muslims in Gt Britain, they don’t want you and nor do the British public. So if you are not happy living in this country filled with unworthy disbelieving people, best you all sod off back to the crap country you came from and take you benefit scrounging hangers on with you.


  24. Christians worldwide are treated abhorrently by Muslims yet muslims then come to the UK and expect us to not only treat them equally but actually bow to their beliefs in terms of what meat they should eat, giving them their own areas of the nation, letting them dress as they like despite it being against our culture and westerners not being able to do the same in their nations.This is without mentioning the muslim leaders who when they feel a mulsim/s has been done over, are standing outside their mosque whinging yet almost every day hate preachers stand in our nation threatening us and they say nothing. Something runs in muslims to spread their religion and even though most are not fanatics, theu do want to push islam on us. My mate at Uni is a nice guy but he actually started a facebook argument saying Christains shouldnt be able to call God – God as ‘God is allah’, whcih lots of other muslims picked up on. This was a final straw for me and if they shipped you all out tomorrow i’d come to make sure the boat had sailed. Our ancesters didn’t defend this nation in wars down the ages for it to suddenly over a short period of time become infested with foreigners who don’t even share similar views.

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  25. Well stop going round gang raping little white school girls and stop your ‘no one can insult Islam’ crap and trying to blow non muslims up then we might think about it. Islam is a warped religion and needs to be eradicated.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. The situation is very simple. Assimilate.
    America has a monoculture. They promote American values. The society maybe very diverse but their cultural identity is clear.
    Europe has followed a Multicultural ideal which sounded good but it has turned out to be extremely bad. It divides communities along cultural or racial lines depending on the funding and has created a fractured society. Multiculturalism might have worked with any other ideology than Islam but Islam is not compatible with western values.

    Muslims do not have the same morals that any non-Muslim would recognize as human values because Islam has no Golden rule.

    The choice for Muslims is extremely simple. Give up your violent pedophile religion and live your life like a normal human being or get out and go and live in a Muslim country where you can all be monsters together.

    There most certainly is a clash as the moment as Western values are starting to come to the fore. Before people were quiet as they didn’t want to cause offence to a religion they didn’t understand and because they knew Muslims were all violent lunatics. This is changing fast.

    Westerners now have complete access to all of Islam and a lot are far more informed of the teachings of Islam than most Muslims. They can speak online without fear and can quickly destroy the faith of even the most ardent believer with a few well placed verses.

    The reality is: Islam is a religion and so it built on a falsehood, the existence of an invisible man in the sky. This isn’t true and using the Quran as a guide, it is provably not true. Faith will be destroyed by science and the sooner you give it up, the less painful it will be.

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  27. How many churches are there in Saudi Arabia?

    How many Christians killed in the ME and Pakistan in the last six months?

    How many churches torched in Egypt, Pakistan or Syria in the last six months?

    How many apostates jailed or killed in Pakistan in the last six months?

    How if we treated Muslims in Britain as they treat Christians, Buddhists, Hindus or Sikhs worldwide?

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  28. Good! Lets hope Muslims are all kicked out the UK. I don’t care if your good, bad, holy or not! End of the day this is our country! It’s called England! Think yourselves lucky you can even step foot here, if I was in charge I’d turn you all away at the gate! So stop bitching with all this “English hate us Muslims” it’s true no one likes you but your on for foreign land. So shut up be grateful and do as your told!!

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  29. all you have to know is that their main goal it to take at least your freedom and well being, while the host country pays for their EVERYTHING…………very simple, an invasion of immigration which is really a crusade to control, kill, manipulate,and kill ALL INFIDELS in the name of THEIR brainwashed religion……..I’m still trying t find a freeworld invaded by muzzie rats that the countries society is better off, and two, what have muzzie rats done t improve mankind in the last 200 years??

    Liked by 2 people

  30. wE ALREADY HAVE A 1000 SIGNATURE PETITION to start the ball rolling for treason charges of government members for selling us out to the EU. Once the government know the MAJORITY of Brits are on to them things will change for the good of the ppl. I have nothing against Muslims as ppl but Islam seems to be more of a politically movement than a religion ( I have read Koran & all sorts of Islamic literature) . I look at other multi faith countrys and see that the ppl of other faiths are being slaughtered on mass. What i dont see is so called Moderate Muslims condemning such barbarism. I see countrys like afganistan taking steps backwards ( compared to 60’s & 70’s when woman were free to wear what they wanted and had real jobs etc.. Then came along the extremist muslim & taliban who rule with sharia law gone mad.. we dont want this in the UK and im sure alot of muslims do not either so why is it that they say they want sharia for uk??. It is not just Anjem choudary. ..muslim ppl have been polled and 1/2 of them want sharia.. I don’t think they know what sharia laws would mean for them and they too need educating. We see dispatches programs ‘undercover’ inside mosques/madrassa’s etc and it is not painting a good picture of muslims in the UK.. We see muslim using tiqquia ( lies) to gain political seats in places like tower hamlets in london.. and you wonder why we are not trusting of general muslim population .. paranoid of their real intentions.. Be-headings on our streets that go unreported in main stream media ( there have been atleast 3 soldiers killed and other citizens ) Mass Muslim grooming sex gangs & A large amount of Muslim prisoners despite being the minority.. Immigration has got to be stopped until we can sort the current problems out. Or we will have no country left to fight for.

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    • All we can do is hope. My family comes from the UK and I support this. I am not against a people( a religion is not a people) I am against The way Islam is today. They are not tolerant or acceptance of any other religion. And hate western woman, treat them as sluts and rape them. This is not extremist behavior this is the Muslim (Islamic norm) Western nations will rise up against this.

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  31. Pingback: They get the idea: UK Muslims debate: ‘Are they gonna kick us out?’ | Last Days News4Christians

  32. I have noticed a big sea change here in Germany.

    Only last year, you said anything against muslims, you got the “Oy, that’s not nice, most of them are O.K.”


    They just say nothing.

    WHICH, as far as I am concerned, shows at least the HOPE of an improvement in the general population.


    • The voise of the people is getting stronger here in sweden to. However the swedish people is cowerds and dont want to take a stand against islam. … not before its to late!

      To late…. is comming fast for everyone! in just a couple of months – it is – TO LATE


  33. America’s future: Europe will fall to Islam and large parts of East and North Africa. America is losing right now but we don’t know how that will go. If America should fall the possibility of a new Dark Ages is real! It will depend on the America people if they wake up and see the danger that will make all the difference.

    What is the chance of Paul Weston, British Freedom Party wining a controlling role in the next government? If he does win his plan in nice but it will cause the Muslim population to respond with terrorism. Right now police work with the Muslims. So whichever way you look at it they are headed toward a Civil War, if they are lucky, but a Civil War they just might lose.

    The next war will not be like WW 11; it will be more like an enlarged Terrorist War.

    In the coming possible Dark Ages of Muslim domination only Israel will be the only “Light Unto The Nations”.


    • Dont be so ridiculous. Europe is bigger than the USA yet you think we would just let muslims take over while the USA wouldnt necessarily. Uneducated and stupid comment, you clearly know nothing of europe, its cultures than outlast the USA by thousands of years and its people if you think they would crumble.


      • 🙂 No Europe is not bigger than USA. I just look at the map, the size of Europe and the US. Europe is about 1/3 of the USA. Don’t forget Alaska and Hawaii.


    • ROBIN…
      man up you shit scared yellow bellied moron!
      a war you say….bring it on!…. LETS HAVE A CIVIL WAR!
      there would not be a british muslim allah praying islamist left……GUARANTEED!
      we are not talking about America here…the point is do we kick muslims out
      the only answer is yes before they fuck up the entire UK….if you disagree, then your fucked……act now…..say stop …no more violations on british soil


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