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Rigid Muslim socieites have the highest rape scales in the world – Study

Living an entire lifetime as a walking, talking 100-gallon black garbage bag is suppose to represent some kind of ‘honor’ and piety. But none of these enormous sacrifices has helped Muslim women.

Islam, Muhammad, mosques, five prayers per day, rigid control of their religious duties hasn’t done one thing to transform the Muslim male to a normal human being or a normal man. On the contrary, the Muslim male according to statistics is the most violent, oppressive, forceful and deranged human beast on earth. They also rule the world’s highest rape incidents – which seem to coordinate with rape statistics in the West that are dominated by Muslims.

All these facts and statistics according to collected studies on crimes against women around the world in collaboration with various non-profit organizations that deal with these issues on a daily basis. Other studies have shown that Muslim majority nations are afflicted with amongst the highest drug rate, homosexuality rate, murder rate, and sodomy rate.

Prophet Mohammed must be proud..


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(Statistics) Muslim countries obsessed with women’s honor have the highest rape scales in the world

from WomanStats Project  |  by TS

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world, especially in regard to the status of women. Saudi Arabia is an extreme Islamic country where its legal code is based on Shari’a Law. They therefore believe that there is no separation between church and state and the state’s laws are heavily based on Islamic teachings. Because of this strict Islamic culture, women in Saudi Arabia are treated and acknowledged very differently than the women who live in the west. For example, in Saudi Arabia, there are laws that require women to wear a hijab, a head scarf, as well as dress in loose, long garments that do not show the shape of the woman’s body. To do so would be shameful and secular. There are other laws such as this one that are meant to protect the virtue of women in Saudi Arabia.




Knowing this about Saudi Arabia, I had assumed that women there would be relatively safe since there are such strict laws regarding the protection of a woman’s virtue. I assumed incorrectly when I was studying a WomanStats map that displayed the rape scale of each country in the world. On a scale from one to five, Saudi Arabia had a ranking of a four. I was confused by this since, as briefly described above, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world where women are highly secluded. I would have thought these practices and laws would have decreased the rape rate substantially.

The question I pose then is this, why does Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative countries in the world have one of the highest rape scales in the world?

While there are many interconnecting reasons why rape occurs so often in Saudi Arabia, I have chosen four possible causes to narrow down the research for this project. The four causes I have chosen are one, a secular society, two, insufficient laws, three, taboos against reporting rape and four, an ineffective judicial system.


Secular Society

The first cause, a secular society, was quickly dismissed because as was mentioned in the introduction, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world. The society of Saudi Arabia is especially conservative when it comes to women. For example, it is illegal for women to drive or intermingle in public with males that are not related to them. It is also illegal for a woman to go out in public without a male-escort who is related to her as well as go out in public without wearing her hijab (WomanStats). Violence or legal prosecution usually ensues if any of these are broken. To further illustrate this point, the following maps show how strict Saudi Arabia is in regard to dress code and intermingling in public laws compared to the rest of the Middle East, a very conservative region itself.



It is clear from these maps that Saudi Arabia has one of the strictest dress codes and intermingling laws in the Middle East which is the most conservative region in the world. Based on these findings, one would sense that these women are highly secluded from society and thereby would be more protected from instances of rape and other forms of violence. On the other hand, one may argue that because women are treated so differently, they could be seen as inferior and thus suffer more abuse because of the lack of secularism.


Insufficient Laws Against Rape

The next probable cause studied was the possibility of insufficient laws against rape in Saudi Arabia. Since there were reported convictions of rapists, it can be assumed that there are laws against rape. Also, Saudi Arabia’s legal code is based on the Shari’a law, which criminalizes rape as punishable by death. However, spousal rape is not included in this criminalization according to Shari’a law. Although these laws exist against rapists, the actual conviction process is complicated and nearly impossible. In order for a perpetrator to be convicted he or she must confess or there must be four witnesses of the act (FreedomHouse). Usually in these certain circumstances, there are only two witnesses present, the perpetrator and the victim. Since it would be hard for a victim to find four witnesses, it is very unlikely that a perpetrator would admit to such a heinous act that he or she could very well get away with. Another example of the insufficient laws against rape is that foreign female domestic workers, which consists of 1.5 million of foreign nationals, receive no protection from the labor laws and are more prone to be victims of abuse. Based on this research, it can be concluded that while there are laws against rape, the actual conviction of rapists is very rare. This could be a plausible cause of the high rape scale since the punishment of such an act hardly occurs.


Taboos Against Reporting Rape

The third possible cause of a high rape scale in Saudi Arabia is the taboos against reporting rape. There are many social stigmas that scare women away from reporting a rape to the police. One social stigma is that in many instances, the law enforcer will accuse the woman of having illicit sex instead of accusing the man of the crime (FreedomHouse). As a consequence of this accusation, societal reprisals take place such as a woman being seen as unfit for marriage or even violently punished for bringing shame to the family. In some extreme cases, honor killings have been committed against women who have been raped (Zoepf). One may wonder why these crimes take place if the laws in Saudi Arabia are supposedly meant to protect women. There is another cultural stigma that plays a role here. In Islamic society, a family’s honor, particularly the male family member’s honor is based on the purity and virtue of the women in their family. If a woman in the family becomes “violated” either by choice or by force, the family’s honor is seemingly stripped from them. It is not so much about the concern over the woman but over the honor of the men. Because of this engrained belief, already victimized women are sometimes further victimized by their own family members. This causes great fear among the women in these types of societies and if one is raped, it is very unlikely that she will report it based on the potential ensuing consequences.


Ineffective Judicial System

The last possible cause studied was an ineffective judicial system. As was mentioned before, Saudi Arabia’s legal code is based on the Shari’s law, an extreme version of the Islamic code. Because of this, women are not given the same rights as men, especially when it comes to the courts. For example, in most cases, women are unable to speak for themselves in court. They must be represented by a male-relative or lawyer. It is considered shameful for a woman to speak to the sheik or judge and is only sometime allowed to do so if her face is covered (WomanStats). Because of this, if a woman is raped, and a man’s honor is based on her virtue, what male relative would want to shed further light on the subject by representing her? Also a man’s testimony is worth two women’s testimonies. So if a woman had four witnesses to testify against the perpetrator, if some of them were women, the number of females would have to be doubled for the accusation to be considered.

Another clause of the judicial system is that most clerics were taught in Wahhabi schools where extreme Islam is taught extensively. Because of this, most clerics demand the seclusion of women and often hold an unforgiving attitude toward accusations of violence against men (WomanStats). A Saudi Arabian attorney even said, “Unfortunately, judges consider women to be lacking in reason and faith, so generally do not agree with her arguments” (HumanRights).

The following stories illustrate the point explained above. The first is about a young girl who was being molested by her father. She went to the courts to file a complaint. The law enforcers did not believe her and told her, her father needed to come in to file the complaint (Economist). The obvious ignorance need not be explained in this situation. The next story tells of a nineteen year-old woman who met a man not related to her in a car. They were both kidnapped by a gang and she was then gang-raped fourteen times. Seven men of the gang were convicted and were sentenced to prison ranging from one to five years. This was a light conviction given they could have received the death penalty according to the law. The woman was also convicted to six months of prison as well as ninety lashes for being associating with a male who was not related to her in public (Harrison). The woman was later pardoned by the King of Saudi Arabia, not because he disagreed with the punishment but because he was being merciful and thought it was best for the whole of the country, not to mention international relations with countries that were in an absolute uproar over the ordeal (Zoepf).

Based on my research I propose that the main perpetrator of the high rape-scale in Saudi Arabia is the lack of conviction of rapists due to the taboos against reporting rape and the ineffective judicial system. If perpetrators are not being punished then there is little incentive to not rape woman if that is the desire. To illustrate how low the conviction rate actually is, in 2002, there were 59 reported rapes out of a population of 26,534,504 (WomanStats) The perpetrators are getting away with a heinous crime and the Saudi Arabian government must pass more effective legislation that enables law enforcers to convict those criminals. The social stigmas will be very difficult to overcome regarding seeing a woman unfit for marriage or taking away the family’s honor because of being raped. However, if women continue to speak up about the issues they face, solutions will come, just as they have in other parts of the world. Also international pressure must always be present to give those women courage to stand up.

—By TS



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34 thoughts on “Rigid Muslim socieites have the highest rape scales in the world – Study

  1. i just wanna comment one thing about the writer that is the fool is hedging into the matters which angels afraided snd the writer is really s fool.lack of knowledge wronv statistics and one more advise before commentimg any of the principles of a community or a religion never make any comments u may be sn athiest or watever but when u lack in knowledge about anything dont comment because little knowledge is a very dangerous thing we can also commemt about any communal principle but we dont know the reason of a principle so u just need to know about the facts than comment till than keep your info to u


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  3. I am an Indian. I was born in Saudi Arabia in its capital city – Riyadh. I’ve lived my childhood and my teen life in Riyadh as a ‘walking, talking 100-
    gallon black garbage bag’. Now in India for further studies I still live as a ‘walking, talking 100-
    gallon black garbage bag’. Its only been a year in India but I still worry in the morning about what I might face while going to college. Those stares, those disrespectful sexual comments. It was different in Saudi Arabia. In a place with strict dress codes, strict laws for women, I could walk with freedom, I could walk without thoughts of rape. I could walk without those deadly stares that molest from a distance. I could walk with respect. I was safe. Never heard of rape cases in the 18 years I’ve lived there. Never heard of sexual harassment either. Me and my friends who’ve come to India for further studies miss that extremely secluded place. Because that 100-gallon garbage bag felt so so light-weight there. It is a place that views women as diamonds – its crucial to protect women in Saudi Arabia.
    I don’t know how much of your statistical research is true, I speak from personal experience, that’s it.


    • That’s a funny observation you’ve made based on denial. Sexual harassment is a major problem in Saudi Arabia and often been discussed in media. Young men are not even allowed to enter malls due to that exact problem… Foreigners who have donned the black sack that is suppose to give “respect” report of masturbating men, men who try and force their number onto them.
      Maybe you need your male guardians with you in India….


  4. you know, if you know you are a liar, dont be egois, accept the truth then came back to the right path. why are you spreading this lies ? why ? you got an intention ?
    you dont have to answer my question, just think about it. may Allah give us hidayah.


  5. Where did you get your information from
    Muslims countries have the lowest cases of rape
    India has the highest
    So you shouldn’t post without knowing the FULL details


  6. Don’t try and hide your ignorance amongst shiny prose mothersofdragons. The hideous truth is that any feminist that turns a blind eye to the horrors of Islam – Islamic misogyny, FGM, honor killings, systematic industrial scale rape, is an abhorrent insult to feminism and is itself, an act of misogyny. I suggest you listen to an athiest called Pat Condell on the issue


  7. You are totally speaking against a community without referring properly.other statistics and websites are indicating Thailand usa Canada India Belgium Sweden has higher rape than middle east.for your kind information, As far as I Know there’s no country practicing islam in the way muhammad said.


  8. Because I am not religious (I do not believe in a higher power), I feel the need to comment on this.

    I am a feminist, and you clearly are not because feminists respect a woman’s right to choose, whether it be religion or anything else. You, my sad sad friend, are committing multiple fallacies. Let me explain it in a way you will actually understand, as your writing style is clearly that of an individual who has not had the opportunity to pursue higher education.

    Argumentum ad hominem. This occurs when the author chooses to attack the opponent rather than tackle the actual matter at hand. Your childish means of responding to the individuals posting on this site is quite indicative of this fallacy. You avoid their inquiries and when they request to see the sources of these statistics you attempt to attack their integrity, which is completely absurd and quite pathetic.

    Correlation proves causation. Your connecting dots between two completely separate systems. As someone who has completed their education, I am well aware of people like you who use culture or religion as the reason for some outcome. Educate yourself through academic journals rather than your clear bias. The reason a system may become corrupted is a result of the institutional structures within that system. Political institutions play a big role in such outcomes.

    False attribution. Your sources appear to be unusually biased, and until further examination, I must deem it to be inefficient in supporting your argument.

    Hasty generalization. This entire article is basing a very serious claim on a small evidence pool.

    I understand where you are coming from, you are worried about women and your goal is to educate individuals on these issues to help them. What you are claiming, however, is not helping them. When the person with the username S L comments saying that rapes have increased upon the arrival of Muslims to an area, it forces the audience to believe them. Even if the rapes are not committed by Muslims, people will now have a tainted image of Muslims. This is the same for black men, women, and other genders. We tell them that they are dangerous and will do bad things, and as a result they do. When you label a person and treat them that way, they will act the way they are being pressured into.

    Women will never be liberated when you make uneducated comments like:

    “Living an entire lifetime as a walking, talking 100-gallon black garbage bag is suppose to represent some kind of ‘honor’ and piety.”

    This is an attack, not help. I watched a documentary on Muslim women who were pro-choice and empowered by the decision to wear the hijab. Do not try to tell a woman how to dress or what to think. Do not generalize all Muslim men as one way. I know many Muslim’s who are great, kind people. I don’t want you to feel like you need to comment back to me by attacking my integrity or beliefs, and I hope this inspires you to read books, talk to people, and change your uneducated ways.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Where do you find the statistics? I know there exist weaknesses in statistical methods, as for an example, these statistics should show the confidence interval. However this weakness lies on other statistics as well. I hope you can share the statistics studies with me pertaining this matter. :)


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  11. this site is spreading islamophobia intentionally by fabricating the facts..
    i suggest that if u want to know about muslim countries ask soneone from ur region who works or have been there ..
    another thing is.. i don’t know how u collected the data of my country which as a matter of fact my country records like nothing at all except car accidents maybe hahaha
    because they are not a priority in our country and there is no one who does it i am sure of that ..
    so wherever u got ur info from i am sure the part of our country IS SO NOT true 0.0
    Please HONESTY is something that all religions agree on even if u hate someone u must be honest :)


    • The only funny thing here is your fake statistics .. Like who are you? From where did you get these informations?
      And by the way, don’t try to convince me that those “former drastic pakistany muslims” knew something about what islam is really about..
      This is the last comment i am going to post on this “hilariuos” website .. No one with all his mental powers will believe any accusations without a proof (which is totally missing here)


    • Johanna, only a blind person would deny these statistics. In Scandinavia the rape epidemic clearly correlates with the arrival of Muslim immigrants. Moreover, the psychological factors behind these phenomenon are easily unveiled. For example, Islam teaches that non-Muslim women are the lowest and basest creatures on earth. Hence, it is natural for Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women. What I didn’t know is that they also raped their own women.


      • Please investigate the recent events in Rochdale and other areas in the UK. Where the grooming and rape of underage girls ( all non muslim) has been carried out on an industrial scale by the Pakistani community. This fully supports the argument whether you like it or not.


  12. No info on how these maps are made, how the data is collected, how is rape defined, cultural aspects, population sample etc. etc
    You made a whole theory based on drawings? If rape is not reported, how do they know about it for the statistics? What you say might be true, but the research is shallow, mostly emotional, and the conclusions are biased.

    “rigid control of your religious duties doesn’t help the men at all.”

    Nothing in this world would help if you don’t sincerely want it.




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