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Muslims grow by 120,000 in 10-years in the State of Arizona

Muslim population grows by more than 100K in 10-year period

Originally published: Sep 7, 2011 – 2:34 pm

The Phoenix area has seen a big change in the Muslim population over the past decade.

Marwan Ahmed, the publisher of the Arizona based Muslim Voice Community Newspaper, thinks the Muslim population has grown tremendously in the past 10 years, upwards of 120,000 people.

The growth is due to a few reasons.

“We have migrations from other states who came here for work or business and we have of course the immigrant community,” Ahmed said.

With all these new people and the opportunity at business Ahmed believes they are around 1,200 Muslim owned businesses in the Valley.

Just 10 years ago there were only five or six mosques and there are now 19.

Ahmed says that in the face of controversy post 9-11, the Muslim community has grown with the population and plays a larger role in society.



Muslim population on the rise in the Valley

By: Taylor Summers/KTAR
Originally published: Mar 1, 2012 – 5:00 am

PHOENIX – The number of Islamic mosques has nearly doubled nationwide in the last decade.

Here in the Valley, a similar trend is being experienced.

“A lot of that has to do with immigration from countries that are dictatorships and the ability to practice our faith more freely in America than anywhere else in the world,” said Dr. Zudhi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. “We’re losing a lot of foreign exchange students because of [education cuts], but that’s being offset by refugees coming from Afghanistan and Iraq, or even from the war in the 90s in Bosnia.”

Jasser expects to see the number of refugees to go up because of the recent events in Egypt, Libya, and his family’s native country, Syria.

According to Jasser, Muslims living in the area have had great support from members of other faiths. The Arizona Interfaith Movement has been a big part of that support. Jasser does hope he’ll see more positive stories about his faith in order to help dispel stereotype perpetuated by the September 11th Attacks.

“We have one side that says that every Muslim could be a potential terrorist and another that says that no Muslim could be a terrorist, and the reality is somewhere in the middle,” said Jasser.

Jasser expects the Muslim population will grow as the state grows. His hope is that more and more people will see him and fellow Muslims as Americans first.

7 thoughts on “Muslims grow by 120,000 in 10-years in the State of Arizona

  1. There are 2 kinds of muslims. The ones that believe the medina and follow Islam and the rapitst Muhamed and then you have the more peaceful muslims that dont but maybe you can say they are not true musl7ms if they do not follow the above. There are no radicals ,if you believe what your violent religon tells you ,you are just a believer. Iver 120 milluon people have died at thier hands all over the globe . Children kidnapped and rape is on the rise child brides at the age of 6 are LEGAL under sharia law,children are commiting suicides in other countries to avoid this ,they are against all gays, anyone not believing in thier religon and even thier own that do not follow islam. The koran states 9:29 fight all that do not believe irn allah. There is your peaceful religon. It is not compatable with USA law or any moral law against pedophiles. How about we bring in more imagrants& ppl supressed and endangered by this hostile muslim take over and let them stay in mecca where thier book tells them to go.


  2. Dr. Jasser says: “We have one side that says that every Muslim could be a potential terrorist and another that says that no Muslim could be a terrorist, and the reality is somewhere in the middle,” said Jasser.
    I am not a mathematician, but “somewhere in the middle” means that about 50% of Muslims are terrorists or could be terrorists. That sounds about right.


  3. The immigration and border crossing are all not Mexicans, they are muslims and most Americans are unaware of this.. That is why Obama wants it so badly cause he backs muslims brotherhood here and overseas. This is making me so sick.


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  5. Jasser is the Pied Piper and if anyone is naive enough to believe his “Islam is safe” speech, they deserve what his true, more bolder Muslim brothers will bring to us when they have truly gained power over us “low information citizens”. He is the doing the role of Neville Chamberlain and many are falling for his lies. Don’t. There is no safe Muslim, there is no safe Islam. It will be wiped off the map eventually but it will take a higher power…….


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