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Woman in Syria killed for being caught with a beer

Another victim of the new Egypt-run worldwide terrorist organization and father of al-Qaeda and Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood. The genocide of non-Muslims have dramatically increased under Morsi. Over 100,000 Christians have been slaughtered per year on Muslim Brotherhood initiatives. The rebel extremists encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood are forcing themselves into Syria. Syria in return is another vicious nation. They’re all the same.
Don’t allow your tax money to pay for this evil. Their funding of Egypt funds the Muslim Brotherhood. The provision of weapons and military support is only supporting terrorists (‘rebels’) and is pure EVIL. Demand that Europe, Canada. Australia, U.S. – the entire Western world ban and stop all trade with Middle Eastern countries. Stop the oil trade, stop them from investing in the West and making more money through us. Their savaged evil never ends. There is no foreign policy behind their savagery. They have behaved the same for 14 centuries. And it will continue for another 14 centuries. Our participation and association makes us equally responsible for their savagery and does nothing but import Muslims and asylum seekers into our own countries – and bring the problems to our shores.
[PHOTO] This innocent Syrian woman was killed in the town of Sheikh Massoud, Aleppo region, for being caught with a beer. She was then tied up with her ID card placed by her feet to identify her and her family, put next to a sign asking people to spit on her. Must make Barack Hussein and the evil conglomerate retards in Brussels proud. A beer is all her life was worth. She was an unknown mother, wife, sister.


It’s hard to tell which one of these salafi terrorists and enablers who meddle into the inhumane savage affairs of the Middle East and support the brutality in Syria, and to victims like this poor women, is more revolting? The ones to the left or the one to the right?:

25 thoughts on “Woman in Syria killed for being caught with a beer

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  3. Tthis girl is not a “Christian” woman and not even Arab and who you see in the video are not from the Qaeda ..
    This occurred in Aleppo in 2011 at the hands of forces (pyd) Kurdish loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad and the girl was from the city of Aleppo, in that time under the control of Bashar al-Assad …. the PYD did that to her saying that she’s a hooker and she sells drugs

    Look at the date of publication of video


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  5. I don’t know of this is true or not. After all we’re all used to the fact half the stuff on the Internet is fake.

    But the real thing is that Muslim Fundamentalist are dangerous for all mankind. Governments in democratic countries must oppose their violence and influence by ALL means necessary to stop and eradicate them once and for all.

    Our grandparents fought WWII to stop a great evil, time has come to unite and stop another one.


  6. The US must give money to Syrian rebels, I’m confident it’ll produce good results. Get it get even worse over there?


  7. The Muslim brotherhood is all over the world. Africa, Middle east, Asia, Europe, South America, US. The mass murder of whole Christian Villages of Men, Women, and Children, Usually Raped then murdered especially the women and children. You really should do your own research he is right. And I don’t doubt this at all, I’ve seen Women murdered for less Especially non muslim women.


  8. Listen – I’m a total opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, but what on earth is this nonsense “Over 100,000 Christians have been slaughtered per year on Muslim Brotherhood initiatives. ” – Where? In Egypt? In Syria? How do you back up these completely fabricated numbers? In Egypt, not more than a handful of Christians were killed in sectarian disputes. In Syria, since the start of the conflict two years ago, the UN estimates that 93,000 citizens have been killed IN TOTAL, that’s mainly Muslims amongs themselves. The Christians are not being targeted per se!


    • Fox article specifically mentioned that none of the human rights groups could comment on the Vatican’s number. In fact, nobody in the article could confirm it. At any rate, the Coptic pristhood would’t have socialized with Morsi like in one of your photos if every year thousands of Copts were killed on Morsi orders in Egypt. It’s an absurd claim


  9. *** If you find faulty information in the articles, photos we post or forwarded to us, let us know. We try and make sure information is fully accurate but sometimes (not often) we get it wrong. We will then remove or correct the faulty info. ***

    I have just googled for “Syrian woman beer” and could find nothing except your site. Have you witnessed that episode? Have you taken this photo yourself? What is the source of the photo of the woman and this “news” in general.


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    Stop all trade? Make public the etheric energy the NWO is already using on a large scale. Also, don’t hesitate to paralyse Muslims with threats of eternal damnation.


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