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UK: Mosque burnt down in what looks like suspected staged hate crime

If the British police automatically believe EDL was behind this mosque burning, they truly embarrass themselves and need to grow up. Muslims are notorious for setting up staged ‘hate crime’ scenarios. Often in forgeries to collect insurance money or to manipulate pity or pressure for more laws to favor Islam. They live and breath on propaganda, conspiracies and lies. Muslims  tend to not understand Western society well since they fail to integrate, so they make odd and predictable mistakes, similar to what we have seen in so called hate crimes in France, Germany, Sweden, U.S. and so on.

Muslim initiated and staged hate crimes nearly always involve painstaking letters and tidy writings – often with cultural errors. For example, in one staged hate crime Muslims themselves spray painted their own mosque, in green paint, with the words ”idol worshipers go home’ and then reported it as a hate crime against them. There exist no reported crimes or animosity against ‘idol worshipers’ in western society. It is only in Islam idol worshiping is seen as forbidden, reprehensible and an absolute no-no. There is, however, a growing and worrying trend of extreme hate crimes committed by Muslims against non-Muslims all across Europe, and even in Canada, U.S. and Australia. Muslims are responsible for threats, stalking, harassment and violence committed against jews where jews have even been killed. In Germany police have reported over 7,500 murders by Muslim immigrants against non-Muslims in the past decade. In Britain Muslim racist hate crimes are targeting young girls in forced child sex grooming gangs all across Britain, and many violent attacks and assault on non-Muslims including acid attacks. In Scandinavia Muslim hate crimes target non-Muslims with rape and arson committed only against non-Muslims.

In genuine spontaneous hate crimes there are no pre-warnings (like the random Muslim acid attacks on several non-Muslims in London; like the beheading of soldier Lee Rigby which many Muslims now praise; like the murders of innocent jewish school children in Lyon). Hate crimes are emotional and often originate from long resentment, as far back as childhood which correlates to Muslim upbringing of their children. Muslim staged hate crimes often include signs that are artificial and too obvious. This burning of the mosque in Muswell Hill in north London seem to be one of them and likely staged to collect insurance money.  A mosque is burned down, with no people inside, and conveniently scribbled with the name EDL on the building… Too good to be true?

Remember the ‘hate crime’ reported in California which turned out to be an Islamic honor murder? In the fake hate crime report to the police, the so called perpetrator had even taken time out of his crime to write ‘notes’ that demanded the family to ‘go back home’. There was no other sensible motive why the murder would take place. Except in the Muslim family itself. How many notes do we find in murder crimes? Anyways, after considerable investigation it turned out it was simply another Muslim honor murder committed by the family members themselves and then covered up as a hate crime.

UPDATE: EDL has responded to the media claims asking whether they were responsible for burning this mosque. The EDL has denied any part in it and state it has no benefit for them to burn properties. Tommy Robinson’s EDL say that 26 fire bombings were recently committed by Muslims in Luton – which the perpetrators were arrested for. Where is the media’s report on this? Nowhere.

An English Defence League march

According to Muslim reasoning this EDL flag is a hate crime and represents hate speech. The flag itself is ‘offensive’ to them since it reminds them of the crusaders who fought back against Islamic invasion into Europe in the middle ages.

According to the same Muslims this is not a hate speech, but is in accordance to Mohammed’s teachings and validated by Islam. Therefore it is fully acceptable to teach your own children to hate the kafir.



Islamic centre fire: Police investigate graffiti link to EDL

Right-wing English Defence League denies responsibility as neighbours report explosion in early hours

The Guardian, Thursday 6 June 2013

Fire-damaged community centre near Muswell Hill in north London

The fire-damaged community centre near Muswell Hill in north London. There were no injuries, though a woman was treated for shock. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Counter-terrorism police are investigating a fire that destroyed an Islamic community centre in north London after confirming that graffiti linked to a far-right group had been daubed on the outside of the building.

Amid fears of reprisals following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London, specialist officers from the Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism command took charge of the investigation into the suspected arson attack at the centre in Muswell Hill.

Police said graffiti reading “EDL” – believed to stand for the English Defence League – was found on the outside of the building, while neighbours reported hearing an explosion in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A large area covering several streets and a neighbouring primary school was cordoned off as officers conducted a fingertip search in surrounding streets. The building was so badly damaged that it was still too dangerous for officers to carry out a full search inside.

Scotland Yard said: “The cause of the fire is currently under investigation and is being treated as suspicious at this stage. Graffiti reading EDL has been found on the building. Police are investigating any potential connection between the graffiti and the fire.” There have been no arrests.

Speaking at the scene Mohamed Elmi, chairman of Somali Diaspora UK, said the fire had caused “fear and shock” among London’s Somali community, adding that his organisation had received over 100 calls in the space of a couple of hours.

“50% of the people who have been in touch today … say they are scared – scared to leave their homes or women scared to wear their hijabs in the street … People are really shaken up by this.” He said that if the aim of those behind the fire was to divide people they would fail, adding: “We have to be calm and strong and not let these people win.”

Police said the decision was made to hand the investigation over to Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command because of a possible link to domestic extremism. The counter-terrorism command has the “capability and expertise” to establish if the graffiti is a true indicator of the motivation behind the arson attack, or a false lead. Until now the EDL has been seen as primarily a public order issue for police. The investigation into the Muswell Hill arson attack will examine if there is a link between the EDL and an act of domestic extremism.

“If the EDL are involved, the counter-terrorism command will establish if it is linked to them and what that means,” said a source.

Kevin Carroll of the EDL said: “The EDL do not approve of any religious buildings being attacked.”

The fire in a residential area of north London started shortly after 3am. Local residents raised the alarm and three fire engines and 35 firefighters took an hour to control the blaze. Two neighbouring properties were evacuated.

The fire brigade said the entire building was damaged, and there had been a partial structural collapse. A woman from a neighbouring property was treated for shock by ambulance crews but police said there were no other injuries.

Firefighters became suspicious about the cause of the blaze and told police of their concerns.

The building houses the al-Rahma Islamic centre and the Bravanese centre used by members of north London’s Somali community.

Ahmed Sheiba, 22, has been a regular for the past decade and had arrived for a meeting on Wednesday morning to find it all but destroyed. He said the centre was used by hundreds of children every week. “They taught all sorts of things here from Islamic studies to English and Maths. We are just sad, to be honest – what can we do?” he asked.

Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher said a major police operation was underway, adding officers were following several leads: “I have spoken to community leaders and assured them that a thorough investigation is being conducted.

“The safety of our communities is always our priority and we are consulting widely, offering our support and reassurance. All communities can be confident that they have our support and I can be contacted personally to answer their concerns.”

Police said they would be stepping up patrols at all “centres of faith” in the area over the coming days and weeks although they were not aware of any specific threats. Sharon Sturgess, who lives nearby, said she had woken to the sound of fire engines: “It was a youth club when I was a girl and we all used to go there … You just don’t think this sort of thing is going happen in your own area, do you?”

Mohamed Ali, of the Somali charity BritSom, said he believed the incident was linked to the Woolwich attack. “The place has been absolutely destroyed. The community is shocked and very distressed because they have been here in peace for the past 20 years.

“We are a peaceful community so I do not know what has brought this on. The building is a centre for the community, it is used as a mosque, a gathering place for Somalis to meet up and as a school for young children to learn Arabic.”This is shocking but it will not break the community as a whole. I would appeal to the people who did this to come and sit down with us and have a dialogue. That is the only way forward.”

According to Faith Matters, a group that monitors anti-Muslim hatred, there had been 12 attacks on mosques since Drummer Lee Rigby was killed two weeks ago. The most serious so far has been the attempted fire bombing of the Grimsby Islamic Cultural centre while people were inside.

The mosque attacks are among 222 anti-Muslim incidents reported to Faith Matters’ Tell Mama project in the past fortnight, well above the normal average of four to eight a day. [*TMI Note: these 222 ‘anti-Muslim incidents’ involved nothing but a  facebook and twitter comments, and a few broken windows. No reports of Muslims being beheaded in broad daylights, of Muslims having acid thrown in their faces, of Muslim homes being subject to arson, of Muslim women being targeted in rapejihad, of Muslim children being groomed, drugged and threatened into sex slavery, of Muslim pets being poisoned]

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said he was shocked to learn of the fire. “There is no place in an open, tolerant and diverse city like London for hate, for prejudice, for violence.

“I would urge people to give the police the time and space to investigate this incident fully. I have no doubt the Met will bring those responsible to justice. London is a city built on the strength of its communities. Londoners will see this for what it is – cowardly, pathetic and utterly pointless.”

The leader of the Barnet Labour Group, Cllr Alison Moore said: “This is a long standing and well established community centre used by the Somali Bravanese community but also part of the wider local community. ….Everyone is shocked by this incident.

“We condemn any acts of violence or hate crime that seek to destroy our harmonious local community relations.

“We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the local Somali community and all residents affected by this incident, and will be working together with them and the council to find a temporary new home for the community centre so that they can continue the excellent work they do.”

10 thoughts on “UK: Mosque burnt down in what looks like suspected staged hate crime

  1. Lol they do it over and over if planning permission to expand the mosque is denied oops some naughty right wingsters set fire to it and are gracious enough to leave a calling card these inbreds are as thick as shit and twice as smelly,they have done it time and time again it is laughable,set fire to their own barracks,oh dear,oh dear,and of course the police have to be seen to be taking it seriously,surely the police must be getting pissed of with them by now,the muzzies love playing the victim,well i am glad they are getting the practice in as we have had enough! Start logging all the attacks on us by muzzies please! Seriously has everyone converted but us?


  2. If everyone starting putting the packets of bacon in supermarkets with the halal meat (just moving it a bit along the fridge) do you think that the supermarkets would be so eager to stock the cruelly slaughtered halal meat ? ? ? ? ?

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  3. All mosques should be taken drown brick by brick and turned into pig sanctuaries.
    muslims never really look after their pigs; always raping them. The pigs deserve some sanctuary from the torment of muslims before they are turned into bacon sandwiches.

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