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“Under the Islamists, Blacks were Exploited Even More”: Ex-Slaves Speak Out About Muslim Rule

Muslims have sold a lot of African-Americans on the myth that Islam is an “African” religion and that Arabic words are African. In fact, Islam is the religion of Arab slavemasters. And recent events in Mali serve as a reminder of that.

Islam incorporates not only religious supremacism through theocracy, but also ethnic supremacism that privileges the descendants of Mohammed.

Her light-skinned master no longer beats her with a camel whip. He no longer makes her work from dawn to night without pay. He fled with his family four months ago, along with the Islamists who briefly ruled this historic city.

“I am free,” said Aminaya Traore, a 50-year-old woman who was born into slavery. “I can do whatever I want.”

Across this sand-swept city, hundreds of modern-day slaves are experiencing a sense of liberation, many for the first time. Nearly all the lighter-skinned Tuaregs and Arab Moors who for generations exploited them have fled the city, fearing reprisal attacks for supporting supporting the Islamists or the Tuareg separatists whose rebellion helped ignite the Islamist takeover of Mali’s north last year.

“Under the Islamists, blacks were exploited even more by the pink-skinned people,” said Roukiatou Cisse, a social worker with Temedt, a human rights group, referring to the Tuaregs and Arab Moors. “They told them, ‘We are with the Islamists. We are in power. We are the masters and you are our slaves. We will do what we want.’ ”

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“Under the Islamists, Blacks were Exploited Even More”: Ex-Slaves Speak Out About Muslim Rule | FrontPage Magazine.

4 thoughts on ““Under the Islamists, Blacks were Exploited Even More”: Ex-Slaves Speak Out About Muslim Rule

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  2. Blacks here in the U.S. are joining Islam and they don’t even know their own history completely.
    Basic slavery in Africa was due to the loser of a war being sold into slavery; or, criminals being sold for the same reason.
    NO ONE from the U.S. sailed over to Africa and kidnapped them bringing them back here.

    The Muslims DID deliberately plan attacks to “take them as slaves.” They neutered the men and kept their women as sex slaves. AND YET, today, we have African Americans in this country joining the very ones who were cruel to them.

    Don’t they research their own history?

    After the Civil War, Lincoln wanted to send them all back. Jewish Business men bought “5” ships to take them back. Only ONE ship was 1/2 full. The others “chose to remain.”

    The first slave owners WERE African Americans! Do they not know?

    AND NOW THEY ARE JOINING ISLAM. How stupid can they be!


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