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(Video) Syrian terrorist supporters post torture of civilians with cut genitals on YouTube

Muslims are huge users of social media which they use for propaganda campaigns, recruitment of extremists, and the spreading of terrorist materials. They love to distort anything they can. Look at search terms, apps, social media tools and download popularity and you will find Arab language content amongst the top 10.
Recently the situation in Myanmar has caused a stir amongst the followers of the religion of peace and happiness. They have posted many fake videos quite recently about ‘Buddhist’s in Burma killing Muslims’ for propaganda purposes. They are actually not pictures or footages from Burma. Nor were they of Buddhists killing Muslims, but were of Muslims slaughtering Buddhists. Not that most viewers would know the difference… The emir of Qatar has generously sent over 3000 terrorists from Tunisia (!) to Burma to begin slaughter of Buddhists. In other words, the Qatari’s and Saudi’s have a big presence everywhere where terrorism is present.
We are sure you have read about the #FreeJahar movement spread amongst students? It does not originate from an American. It’s all bogus. It’s all propaganda created by Muslims. We discovered an entire army of Muslim trolls, flooding boards and forums under American sounding names who admitted thousands upon thousands of Muslims are hired to create conspiracy theories under aliases and western sounding names, about the ‘innocence’ of the Boston bombers, fake poor-me Muslim stories, and a large volume of anti-American and anti-U.S. government sentiments that is especially spread by Muslim professors in College and University campuses across the U.S. and with online propaganda.
If you’re sensitive don’t watch the video below. This is gory with dead bodies (of course it is; it contains Muslims!).
This is a video from Syria of tortured civilians (?) posted on the YouTube account of a user with a militant terrorist flag (or as Obama and the EU likes to refer them to: Freedom fighters!). The video owner keeps mentioning the ’52 Brigade’ and Brigadier General Mohammed al-Khatib and that the people were tortured civilians.
The video appears to come from a representative of what translates to ‘Muta Knights’  available via Email: You can also find more terrorist (‘freedom fighter’) content here:

6 thoughts on “(Video) Syrian terrorist supporters post torture of civilians with cut genitals on YouTube

  1. You pathetic moron; you need to ‘educate’ yourself and possibly look at what the rest of the media is reporting on The torture in Syria and the condition of the Rohingyas instead of citing amateur YouTube videos.
    If anyone reads this hateful article, I hope that they also read my comment and look at credible sources citing the real situation in Syria and Burma.


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