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Loonwatch has been claiming that 94% of all terrorists aren’t Muslim. What’s up with that?

Loonwatch and the Non-Muslim Terrorist

by Glen Roberts, Editor of

The notorious site has been claiming for years that 94% of
all terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam.  What they aren’t saying is
that according to their own source, Muslims are 35 times more
likely to commit acts of terror – and that’s just in the United States.

Since January, 2010 the Islamic propaganda outlet has prominently posted an article with the title “All Terrorists are Muslim… except the 94% that aren’t.”  Although not saying exactly who it is that believes “all terrorists are Muslim”, the gist of the piece is that an FBI report from seven years ago concluded that the vast majority of attacks have nothing to do with Islam. 

As Loonwatch puts it:

  • Only 6% of terror attacks are by Muslims
  •  7% of terrorism is by Jewish extremists
  • 66% of terror attacks are by leftists and Latinos

This would appear to defy common sense.  Reports of bombings, shootings, stabbings and even beheadings by terrorists cross the newswire each day.  Some are indeed the work of communist groups or nationalists, but the vast majority are clearly the product of Islamic extremists who kill in the name of religion. 

Loonwatch is playing a couple of tricks here – the biggest being that they are drawing on domestic data only.  In other words, when they say that 94% of terrorists aren’t Muslim, they actually mean in the United States, where terror attacks are relatively rare and Muslims make up only 1% of the population. 

So, if we ignore the overwhelming bulk of attacks across the globe, Muslims are “only” six times more likely to commit acts of terror than the general population.  The numbers for Loonwatch get even worse on closer examination.

As it turns out, much of the FBI list includes “violence” against property rather than people. In fact, the formula used by the agency to define terrorism is somewhat fuzzy.  While it includes tree-spiking and bank robbery, for example, it somehow omits the Arizona assassination of a Sunni cleric by Iranian terrorists in 1980, the 1990 murder of Rabbi Kahane by an Islamic radical at a New York hotel, and even the killing of two CIA agents by a Muslim extremist at Langley in 1993.

When Americans hear the word ‘terrorism’, however, what comes to mind isn’t vandalism, but rather those acts of genuine violence that are intended to cause loss of life.  So, how do we focus on these incidents and filter out the rest?

Well, perhaps the best way of knowing whether terrorists are serious about killing people is if they actually do.  Since Muslims and non-Muslim terrorists have equal opportunity to kill, Loonwatch shouldn’t object to an analysis of only those attacks which cause deaths.  What does the data have to say when we exclude non-lethal attacks?

Even by the FBI’s curious standard, the sort of truly violent terrorism that most concerns Americans is extremely rare in the United States.  Only 29 attacks on their list of incidents between 1980 and 2005 resulted in actual death.  Of these, Islamic extremists were responsible for 24%, accounting for 2,981 kills, while non-Muslim attackers racked up 196. 

Thus, what the FBI report is really saying is that a demographic which makes up only 1% of the American population accounts for one-fourth of all deadly terror attacks in the U.S. and 94% of related casualties!  (The 94% statistic is somewhat ironic because it is the same figure than Loonwatch is touting to dispel concerns).  The Jewish population in the U.S. is more than twice that of Muslims, but there were only three so-called Jewish attacks during the entire 25 years (all by the “Jewish Defense League”) with a total of three killed. 

Since 2005, there have been at least six additional deadly attacks that would probably qualify as terrorism in the U.S. even to the FBI.  One was the 2012 shooting by a skinhead that resulted in six deaths at a Sikh temple and the other five were by Muslims, which left 19 dead.  This means that since 1980, Muslims in the U.S. have been 35 times more likely to commit terror than all other demographics combined. 

Now, the point of all this isn’t to “prove” that any particular person is dangerous.  The numbers are quite low and it is unlikely that the Muslim you know personally is all that different from you, much less plotting mass murder. A person’s nominal religion is not grounds for thinking a certain way about them or for reaching conclusions that are based on anything other than their own words or deeds.

What we are demonstrating is how Muslim propaganda groups like Loonwatch and CAIR knowingly manipulate the public into false conclusions about Islam using disingenuous methods.  They are also dishonest when they try to confuse people into thinking that criticism of Islamic bigotry means hatred for Muslims.

Taqiyya may be a part of Islamic law, but a noble cause never requires a lie. 

Then again… how noble can a religion really be when it’s most vocal members are far more concerned about image than the dead and dismembered victims of the devout?

Editor’s Note: The well-funded Loonwatch previously analyzed our own list of Islamic terror attacks looking for reasons to discount the extent of the violence and the moral obligation of Muslims to act.  Not surprisingly, the terror continues – and will until vocal Muslims like these direct their efforts toward ending Islamic terror rather than trying to make the rest of us think it doesn’t exist.



16 thoughts on “Loonwatch has been claiming that 94% of all terrorists aren’t Muslim. What’s up with that?

  1. Lets look at facts.
    1. The Koran has hundreds of verses outlining the intolerance, supremacy, racism and totalitarianism of Islam , making it closer to Nazism than any religion.
    2. Scores of verses in the Koran call for torture, murder, looting, enslavement, hostage-taking and genocide against non-believers. The koran ia a criminals handbook.
    3, The terrorism enacted around the world on a daily basis is exactly called for in the koran, making the terrorists the true Islamic followers. ” Moderate Islam” is a complete lie.
    4. Islam initially expanded by land-grabbing, looting, slaughter and slave trading – which is precisely what ISIS is doing.
    5. Since 9/11 there have been 26,320 confirmed Islamic terrorist attacks, accounting for some 200,000 deaths.

    Still believe that Islam is peaceful? Search trop thereligionofpeace


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  3. Now, let’s get to what’s truthful, “…the beheading of 800 men in one day, who ordered slave-taking…”, how many “800’s” of people have been slaughtered, because of the following: the Xenophobic, Euro-Centric, takeover of the Western-Hemisphere (robbing, raping, enslaving, murdering, its native-peoples), the Trans-Atlantic Slave-Trade, the Colonization of Africa, Asia, the great-lie, known as 9/11, WMD’s, the unwarranted invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the unending support for Israel, in spite of the carnage that they have & still inflict upon the Palestinian-People…need I go on?!!! No, I do not!!! Now, in spite of all this, the Western-World is still looked to, in the Secular-World, within the Modern-World, generally, as the ideal-model of governance & citizenry. What do you have to say about this?!!! I’ll wait…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I noticed you can’t refute my comment re the ideal guy of the club of islam… you react like they all do… you go on a tangent and divert the subject.

      According to estimates, islam is responsible for the deaths of some 270 million people since its ideal guy gained popularity. As to slavery, it’s another islamic thing. African-Americans’ lineage comes from Africa under British dominion. Guess who sold the slaves to the British?

      As to Israel and the carnage, where were you schooled? Strange that you don’t talk about the some 850,000 Jews that were either killed or dispossesed or chased out of islamic countries within a 20-year period. The same for the Hindus when it gave away part of its land to muslims (Pakistan). Strange also you don’t talk about the same thing happening now to Christians, Buddhists, Hindus… in islamic lands.

      I was pro-palestinian all my life until I discovered how I had been duped three years ago. Thanks to the Internet, we now have access to the truth via videos and photos aka Pallywood. You seem to have stagnated in the 1970’s…

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  4. Ok, let’s begin with what’s false, “…’mass-murderer’…thieving, the destruction of villages, the stealing of its friends’ wives, the killing of anyone who leaves its club and the killing of anyone that doesn’t join its club…”, if any of what you had mentioned were true, there wouldn’t have been any Non-Muslims living in either al-Makkah, al-Madinah, or within the confines of the Arabian-Peninsula, during the lifetime of Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Not only were there actually Non-Muslims living within the Arabian-Peninsula, during the lifetime of Muhammad, they were actually his allies…I suggest that you research the Pact/Treaty of al-Madinah.


    • I suggest that you research the Pact/Treaty of al-Madinah – Is that where you get your information ???

      Everything I wrote about the ideal guy is true. The Medina period. Of course, those who didn’t join the club were slaughtered… or fled… and those who stayed converted.

      All those areas had a high Christian population before the ideal guy and his club members arrived. What is left of it today? Almost ZERO. Even the poor Copts, whose lineage is traced directly to the Pharaohs, the founders of Egypt, are in flight and fighting for their lives.


      • The “Ideal-Guy” fallacy which you’re attributing to Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is totally inaccurate. This is due to the fact that Muhammad is not the only Recipient of Revelation/Prophet/Messenger that the Muslims honor. Any/all persons whom were given Revelation from Allah (like Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Ezra, Mary, Jesus, etc. [Peace be upon them]) were, in fact Muslims, by virtue of them receiving Revelation, from Allah.(Qasas-ul-Anbiya’/Stories of the Prophets, ibn-Kathir)


  5. 1. You don’t know anything about me, to claim that I don’t live up to the meanings of both my fist & last names.

    2. Islam/Muslims did not bring Slavery to Africa…go read something historically-accurate: Slavery has existed within the confines of the African-Continent, even before the Roman conquest of what is now North Africa, after the ending of the Punic-Wars. Africa, for centuries, prior & afterwards, had always been seen as a source of acquiring slaves, for Slave-Labor, all over the Ancient-World. And, African nation-states, civilizations, like Kemet (Ancient-Egypt), Nubia, etc., had long enslaved their own peoples, in the name of establishing Slave-Labor forces for their countries.

    3. The United Staes, as well as countries like them, have long allied themselves with organizations, which were back at the times of their alliances, or later on, after their common-enemy was dealt with, classified as “terrorists-organizations”. So, how does it make a nation like America, the so-called “Leader of the ‘Free-World'”, to be allied with groups past & present, known to be classified as “terrorist-organizations”.(

    And, speaking of terrorism, let’s look back at the track-record of the United States, and all other European-Powers, prior to the formation of the United States of America, just with the ill-treatment of the Native-Americans, alone, making them the Palestinians of the Western-Hemisphere, and the United States being like the Israel of the Western-Hemisphere. In, fact, as an actual-fact, the entire Western-Hemisphere has been a Euro-Centric occupied-territory, for the past 5-centuries.(


  6. Also, you can’t tolerate criticism, the, stop blogging. Criticism comes with the territory of what we, as Writers/Bloggers do. So, stop complaining about criticism, grow a pair.


    • My name is English: that goes to show how ignorant you truly are. Gareth means Gentle, Bryant means Courageous. Not only are you idiotically Islamophobic/Xenophobic, for no justified reason, at all. But, you obviously have very little knowledge of the English-Language, itself. Go read an English name-book, and the names Gareth & Bryant will be there, that is if you can figure out the order of the Alphabet, first.


      • I don’t care what your name is. You could have changed your name, big deal! The fact that you associate ‘islamophobic’ with ‘xenophobic’ tells me a lot about your intellect.

        As to ‘islamophobia’, any individual who reveres as its ideal guy a mass-murderer who participated in the beheading of 800 men in one day, who ordered slave-taking, thieving, the destruction of villages, the stealing of its friends’ wives, the killing of anyone who leaves its club and the killing of anyone that doesn’t join its club and much more… notwithstanding the raping of little girls is a danger to me.


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