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Fans of Chechnyan Muslim behind the Boston terror attack posts video of “heroes”

Johar and Tamerlane Tsarnaevy, 2007 (photo:

Russian newsreport polit,ru quotes Chechen President Kadyrov complaining that “everyone blames Chechnya for everything”: A spokesman for the Chechen President Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov said that Tamerlane and Tsarnaevy Johar, the suspects in the bombing at the Boston Marathon, “have no relation to Chechnya,” reports “Interfax”.


The video owner, александр абдулов (translates to Alexander Abdulov apparently from Romania), writes: …in memory Tsarnaeva Johar and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaeva, and claims “Tamerlan died a hero” in the commentary.

3 thoughts on “Fans of Chechnyan Muslim behind the Boston terror attack posts video of “heroes”

  1. DEATH TO ALLAH and MOHAMMED WAS A PEDOPHILE CHILD MOLESTER. Wish I was in Boston, I would have Killed this bastard my self.


  2. as you lay here dying in the country you tried to destroy please know i forgive you and would do anything i could to help you and take away your pain

    please know that the people who you hurt the most are working without fail to save you for many reasons but mostly because you are a child of god

    please know that we are all just people and no one deserves what you did to them – they all have mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and children and dogs that love them

    if my religion made me believe that i should do such a thing i would run from that religion as i would know in my heart that hurting anyone is so wrong and can never be what a just and loving god would smile upon

    whatever god compelled you i would rather be dead then follow that god

    my god loves everyone therefore i love you


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