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India: Muslim Man Beheading His Sister Caught on Video

No matter how much Muslim men brings dishonor to their entire country, religion, or gender there seem to be no concern of any loss of that honor, or any punishment for it.

A man from Kolkata, India, in an apparent honor killing dragged his sister out into the open and beheaded her in one bloody blow, according to reports.

Mehtab Alam Man Beheading His Sister Caught on Video picture

Sources say this gruesome happening occurred on December 7, just last year. The related turn of events had it that around 11 a.m., the duty officer at Nadial police station was understandably alarmed when he saw a 29-year-old man, Mehtab Alam, walk in with the macabre exhibit. Before he could find the words to alert his colleagues, the killer put the sword and the head on the table, pulled up a chair, and told him that he was ready to be arrested for murdering his sister, 22-year-old Nilofar Bibi. He was recorded to have exhorted the duty officer to “seize the head as evidence.”

The Times of India reported it was the first honor killing known to happen in Kolkata in decades. An investigating officer told The Times: “Somehow he has started believing that he sacrificed his sister for the bigger purpose of saving his family from dishonor. So he is the last man to believe that he has committed a medieval, barbaric act.”

Mehtab himself said he decapitated his sister, Nilofar, for “eloping with a lover and dishonoring the family,” stated sources. Nilofar, who had been married for eight years, had run away from her in-laws and was reportedly relishing a spicy relationship with a former lover. The siblings’ family expressed support for Alam, saying they were proud he upheld their honor.

The BBC states that there are no cut-and-dried statistics on the number of so-called “honor killings” across India, but according to a recent study, “hundreds of people are killed each year for falling in love or marrying against their families’ wishes.”

Al Jazeera juxtaposed its own thoughts on the matter, citing a UN study in 2000 that shows an estimated 5,000 such honor killings occur globally each year. The National Commission for Women in India reports that it investigates between 70 and 80 possible cases a month. [* in the UK alone over 3,000 Muslim honor murders are recorded each year while the actual figure is estimated to be 5x greater].

Last year, India’s Supreme Court ruled that those guilty of honor killings should face capital punishment, the BBC added.

The aftermath of this event that leaves behind an acrid aftertaste was actually captured on video. Viewer discretion is advised.



12 thoughts on “India: Muslim Man Beheading His Sister Caught on Video

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  5. These honor killings are the most barbaric, flawed logic I think I have ever encountered…and I myself am a muslim. For the family to feel that their family member who was a victim of a rape, somehow dishonored the family makes no damn sense. It wasn’t her fault she was raped…why is she being punished? They should be consoling her, helping her to put her life back together and move on from something so traumatizing and ghoulish. To turn around and kill her instead is absolutely devilish. No where in the Quran is this ever mentoned, for a rape victim to be penalized by death. The person who IS actually punished is the rapist. Not the victim.


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