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Islam – List Of Persecution of ex-Muslims

The Religion of Peace promotes no peace to anyone. If they cannot treat their own people well, how do you think they will treat you? Here is a comparatively tiny list  few of the persecution of apostates that reached the news. Hundreds of thousands of additional real-life cases of stalking, assault, threats and murders of apostates that never reached news outlets is the reality happening across the world wherever Islam has gained a stronghold.

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Islam’s Persecution of Ex-Muslims

From WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam

Islam is the only major world religion that does not allow its followers the freedom to change faith. According to Shari’ah laws (extracted from the Qur’an and Sunnah), apostates of Islam must be sentenced to death. This has led to ex-Muslims often being persecuted, abused and killed. This treatment of apostates is not simply down to the issue of state-enforced religion as some may suggest. As you will find out on this page, the violence or threats of violence against apostates in the Muslim world usually derives not from government authorities but from family members and individuals from the Islamic communities themselves, who operate very often with impunity from the government. This point is further emphasised by the persecution and murder of ex-Muslims which has now become evident in many Western non-Muslim societies.

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Videos showing Persecution of Ex-Muslims

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    • Can this be another opportunity to peddle religion?

      Don’t you think we’re fed up with fruitcakes?


    • Islam is a club for phychopaths,rapists,child abusers and every other nasty shit in the world,i always think when people convert to Islam like sicko ginger jamal(Jorden Horner) just join so they can enjoy all the perverse shit Islam offers as according to their sharia law its legal.Sick bastards.


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