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(Video) Saudi cleric: “Only Muslims and no one else has sanctity in Islam. Bin Laden has more sanctity than any infidel.”

This Saudi cleric is just telling it like it is. But don’t forget: we in the West have to respect and treat Islam and Muslims as equals. Irrespective if they treat you – ever – worse than a wild dog. We have to respect them whether they respect our laws or not; whether they violate our people or not; whether they insult us or not.
In their mind, they have the right to assault, rape, insult, desecrate, and even attack and kill any of us. None of that behavior is a crime in Islam because we are infidels, non-Muslims. The infidel has no rights and laws in Islam.

You (we) are an infidel, a rejected dirty kafir that Allah detests, and not a human being. You are a reject and have no value to their vaginal pagan moon god. In their interpretation, you, the subhuman kafir, can be slained, detained, rejected, exploited, invaded as they please and your children can be degraded and groomed as sex slaves, your pets and animals tortured and beheaded, your homes, cars and businesses burned down, your benevolence and humanness exploited and laughed at, your economy intentionally abused to destroy you. Ka-fi-r are the letters identified to al-Dajjal, the Islamic anti-Christ according to the interpretation of the clerics. And that is why you carry that name.

And this is the kind of people our government should allow to immigrate in millions into our countries? Why do they ask  why Muslims don’t integrate? Do you ask and question why they never have and never will integrate once you understand what Islam truly stand for?

2 thoughts on “(Video) Saudi cleric: “Only Muslims and no one else has sanctity in Islam. Bin Laden has more sanctity than any infidel.”

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