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Palestine Déjà vu: Muslims mass immigration to Spain (to prepare to reclaim Andalusia)

One of the intifada strategies of Muslims is mass immigration. That is how the barren and unoccupied British Mandate became the false argument and excuse of “lost land” for a fake people, Palestinians, who in reality were illegal immigrants flowing in from surrounding Arab nations. The volume of mass immigration was so large, that it became uncontrollable, and turned into the never ending war. Mass immigration is also the strategy used in Southern Thailand to move into the country and lay claim on Thai land. The same is happening in Burma. And in India.

Muslim immigration has increased 10x in Spain in the past few years. This mass immigration is funded and encouraged through the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic idea to conquer other countries – with priority to previously conquered areas under Muslim occupation and the United States.

These conflicts reflect the growing influence of Islam in Spain after mass immigration from Muslim countries. They are a harbinger of things to come, especially as the Muslim population in Spain is predicted to double within the next fifteen years.

Demography, not surprisingly, is a major topic of debate in Spain. Spanish newspapers, for example, reported that the first child born in Spain in 2012 was Fatima, whose parents are Muslim. According to one estimate, a whopping 75% of all the babies born in Spain on January 1, 2012 were born to immigrant parents, primarily from Morocco.

The desire to reclaim Andalusia and Spain to become a new Islamic state is nothing new and has been a frequent Caliphate discussions in the Middle East.

Palestinian Islamic Scholar Al-Yaziji We Hope to Conquer Andalusia and the Vatican

3 thoughts on “Palestine Déjà vu: Muslims mass immigration to Spain (to prepare to reclaim Andalusia)

  1. Shoot the f**kers as soon as they step foot over the border into Spain. It’s an invasion. To hell with Political Correctness and the UN.



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