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Foul religion: Saudi Imam Farts during mosque prayer

The foul religion offers farts for Allah. This incident was filmed in Saudi Arabia in a mosque during prayer time. The fatso mullah in the front of the golden mic lets go of a nasty one, that gets caught in resounding echo by his microphone, which in Islam deems his prayer unclean. It sounds like a part of the prayer, don’t you think? He then has to stop and go and make his ablutions again (Wudu, ritual washing) before he can continue.
The Madeenah ‘Isha fart is led by Sheikh Abdul bari ath Thubaity (pictured) who used to regularly recite from Mecca, who apparently is not leading the official prayers anymore due to ‘throat problems’. Has anyone told these people their throat is not up their arse?
This is one of the few punishments for Muslim men in Islam! All else is free game. [From anti-Islam and haraminrecordings]

One thought on “Foul religion: Saudi Imam Farts during mosque prayer

  1. When i go to a mosque to pray i get there early so i can be in the first row. This works great ,i can fart on evedybody behind me and i dont have to look at all the assholes that that come to smell my perfumed expulsions that are perfect just like mohamed!!!!


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