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Sweden’s welfare disaster: A 15.1% immigrant population burden 60.5% of the entire nations welfare costs

Plain facts, pure and simple. No distortions, no tweaking, no exaggerations. This comes from government statistics. For reference to these facts, see links below. Muslims make up the largest immigrant group to Sweden, especially in the past ten years. Out of all immigrant groups that have been provided residency in Sweden, Muslims make up the highest welfare burden of all – like in the rest of Europe.
The statistics below show that out of a 9.5 million population 1.4 million people contribute to the majority of the entire country’s welfare costs. What would happen if Sweden ended with an unemployment rate of 24% like Spain? The  entire economy would go into a tailspin.
Sweden is bringing in 53,000 more Muslim asylum seekers in 2013. [h/t Danne and Affesstatistik]

The chart below shows statistics collected from actual government records published by The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) the stark numbers become very clear on Sweden’s self destructive path to a financial meltdown.

The Muslim fertility rate according to PEW is 2.5% in Sweden. Sweden’s Muslim population increase to 5.6 percent in only 8 years. Although the total official Muslim population in Sweden is 5.6% – or 1/3 of the entire immigration population. Sweden is also said to have double the number of illegal Muslim immigrants, meaning the actual Muslim population is around 10%.

The dark green in the chart below represents people born in Sweden (includes both native Swedes and children of immigrants) and the light green is represented by immigrants born abroad.

According to these statistics Swedes make up 84.9% of the entire population. The foreign born population consist of 15.1% of the entire population from figures compiled in 2010 (published in 2011). 5.6% of those immigrants are Muslim. However, this number is of residents in Sweden who are full immigrants. If those who have one parent of immigrants background are counted, the total immigration number is 19.1% of the total population.

According to the 2011 publication, 60.5% of the entire welfare budget was spent on immigrants. Since Muslims tend to be hugely overrepresented in welfare handouts all across Europe and the majority Muslim immigrants tend to be uneducated, we can only conclude that Muslims represent a majority of recipients out of the 60.5%. At a fertility rate of 2.5% for Muslims it is not difficult to see that Sweden is quickly plunging into a economical disaster, for no other reason than irresponsible and insane immigration policies.


More than 111,000 individuals were granted residence permits in 2012

At year’s end, more than 111,000 individuals had been granted work and residence permits in Sweden*. This is the highest annual figure to date and represents an increase of 19 per cent compared to 2011.

When looking at the number of individuals who were granted residence permits, the group persons in need of protection** showed the most marked increase during 2012 when compared with 2011. More than 17,400 individuals received protection, which is an increase of 37 per cent. The number of asylum seekers also increased significantly from 29,648 to almost 44,000, representing an increase of 48 per cent.

During the second half of 2012, the number of asylum seekers reached an average figure of approximately 4,600 individuals per month. The highest percentage of asylum seekers for the year came from Syria (18 per cent), followed by Somalia (13 per cent) and Afghanistan (11 per cent).  Asylum seekers from these three countries combined represented more than half of all individuals receiving protection in Sweden during 2012.

As a result of the deteriorating security situation in Syria, an increased proportion of stateless asylum seekers was also recorded. In addition, the number of asylum seekers from Iran and Eritrea increased.

More unaccompanied minors

The trend of increasing numbers of unaccompanied asylum seeking minors persisted throughout 2012. Close to 3,600 unaccompanied minors sought asylum in Sweden, which represents an increase of approximately 35 per cent when compared with 2011. Afghanistan remained by far the largest country of origin, followed by Somalia.

Sweden — a primary recipient country in Europe

In total, 7,814 Syrians sought asylum in Sweden and, throughout the year, more than 5,000 Syrians were granted temporary or permanent residence permits. Sweden therefore established its role as a primary destination and recipient country for asylum seeking Syrians in Europe. Sweden also continued to be the European country that received the most unaccompanied asylum seeking minors in terms of absolute numbers. Based on the total number of asylum seekers, Sweden was the country that received the most applicants, exceeded only by Germany and France which received approximately 64,000 and 60,000 asylum seekers respectively during 2012 (preliminary figures).

Close family ties — the most common reason for immigration

More than 41,000 individuals received work and residence permits on the grounds of close family ties compared with 32,469 the previous year, which represents an increase of 27 per cent. This category therefore constitutes, in terms of figures, the largest group who were granted residence permits in 2012.

Increased labour immigration

More than 17,000 new employees from countries outside the EU/EEA, including seasonal workers and excluding workers’ family members, were issued permits in 2012. This corresponds to an increase of 12 per cent compared with 2011. Data specialists, primarily from India and China, were the largest group of employees after berry pickers from Thailand. The development of the number of employees varied depending on the industry, particularly in light of stricter application of regulations and the emergent demand for control measures.


More than 7,000 first-time permits for studies were issued in 2012. In 2010, the corresponding figure was in excess of 14,000. As a result of the tuition fees that were introduced for students in 2011, the figure dropped to less than 7,000 and remained at the same level during 2012.  It is primarily from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran, that the number of students has significantly reduced. Most students came from China, followed by Turkey, the USA, Australia and India. The amount of students from the EU/EEA countries has increased by 68 per cent; from 3,500 in 2011 to nearly 5,900 last year. The main countries of origin were Germany, France and Spain.

*These figures include individuals who were granted permits to work, study, reunite with family members or who have needed protection. EU/EEA citizens are also included.

**This group also includes individuals (1,328) who were granted residence permits on the grounds of particularly distressing circumstances.


According to Eurostat, in 2010, there were 1.33 million foreign-born residents in Sweden, corresponding to 14.3% of the total population. Of these, 859,000 (9.2%) were born outside the EU and 477,000 (5.1%) were born in another EU Member State.[10][11] The largest groups were:

  1. Finland Finland (166,723)
  2. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Former Yugoslavia (155,166)
  3. Iraq Iraq (125,499)
  4. Iran Iran (63,828)
  5. Poland Poland (49,518)
  6. Germany Germany (48,442)
  7. Denmark Denmark (44,951)
  8. Turkey Turkey (43,909)
  9. Norway Norway (43,058)
  10. Somalia Somalia (40,165)

[12] The number of Assyrians in Sweden is about 100,000 – 120,000.[13][14] Christian Assyrians are in fact the majority of people from Iraq in Sweden.

The fastest growing groups of foreign-born residents in Sweden between 2010 and 2011 were the following nationalities:

  1. Iraq Iraq (+3,738)
  2. Afghanistan Afghanistan (+3,069)
  3. Somalia Somalia (+2,319)
  4. Thailand Thailand (+2,235)
  5. Iran Iran (+1,708)
  6. Poland Poland (+1,692)
  7. Eritrea Eritrea (+1,663)
  8. China China (+1,659)
  9. Syria Syria (+1,599)
  10. Turkey Turkey (+1,382)


According to PEW statistics the fertility rate for Muslims in Sweden is 2.5%.



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21 thoughts on “Sweden’s welfare disaster: A 15.1% immigrant population burden 60.5% of the entire nations welfare costs

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      • Sorry. my explanation was not clear. This article says, “The foreign born population consist of 15.1% of the entire population from figures compiled in 2010”, and “60.5% of the entire welfare budget was spent on immigrants”. I’d like to know where the evidence is.


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  11. The problem is Europe has a guilt complex because of what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany and now we are leaving the door open for these people who want to do to us what the Nazis did to the Jews the irony of it , we are sleep walking into another conflict in Europe that our weak left wing politicians are happy to let happen , they have no balls , we need to get real stamp out all extremist Muslims we should dictate to them what type of Islam is acceptable in our countries not this creeping islamification that is going on now , look at Iraq and ISIS this is a glimpse of what these people can do they are radicalizing on a daily basis what will happen when Islam has 50\50 population ratio?
    We know that in the mean time they will infiltrate every facet of government with Saudi Backing , the war has started but are left wing idiots in power don’t want to believe or are just going to roll over and let it happen .


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    • What race is the one of concern? Oh, you can’t answer because the original post was a year ago and since you’ve joined ISIL and gotten your head blown off, towel and all. Well, since you’re in the afterlife drop that hot virgin and beg your Allah to hook you to the internet for your erudite response.

      Allah-u Akbar, moron.


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  14. I live in sweden and i can say that this is something that all swedes want. But the politicians with Fredrik Reinfeldt as the boss, they just ignore and say these facts are lies and myths. He is f*cking idiot. Last election the Swedish Democrats made their way into the corridors of power, the swedish rikstad. But no one wants to invite them in to diskussions etc.

    SWEDEN is falling apart and crime, refrugees and islam is just destroying My country.

    Arne Heldin. Sweden


  15. The left importing voters at the expense of society in order to gain political power. There should be revolution in the streets if the Swedes knew, of cared, about how their society was being destroyed from Brussels.


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