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(Video interview) Failed Taliban suicide bomber call terrorists ‘moderate’ and admit the Koran encourage all their actions

How many times do we hear Muslims deny Islam’s contribution to the endless aggression and slaughter that make up the fundamental nature of Muslims wherever they are. The aggression of Islam is encouraged and perpetrated all the time and has turned into a ‘natural’ part of Middle Eastern culture. Here is a Talibani terrorist suicide bomber admitting their entire inspiration and guidance to violence and terror – is the religion and nothing else! Yalda Hakim’s full interview with failed suicide bomber Qari Ramazan in Afghanistan, as he explains why he’d be happy for the west to face more terrorist attacks.

For more on Dateline’s program from Afghanistan, 10 years after invasion, go to the website…


CAIR’s deceptive and misleading ad to dupe naive Americans a fantasy interpretation of Jihad to put their guards down. But 1.5 billion Muslims disagree with CAIR’s ad…

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