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Sweden: 6.7% (primary Muslim) pop welfare burden so high local council cut meals in elderly care

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The end of bread, butter and milk for the elderly in Härjedalen

Härjedalen is reducing all accessory food deliveries in their home care. From now on there will be no more bread, butter or dessert to the elderly. But they must still pay the same fee for food, reports Swedish Radio.

The municipality has recently had a sharp priority to receive the ever increasing flow of immigrants.

In Sveg an existing accommodation for young immigrant, which since its inception has been characterized by fights and turmoil, has been supplemented with additional accommodation at a cost of 5.5 million Swedish Kroner. The accommodation served the men around the clock by a staff that is as large as the number of immigrants.

The municipality has also seen a large increase in the number of refugees, especially from Syria. In Hede it was recently decided to provide free houses to all Syrians granted residence permits.

According to the municipality, immigrants prove to be a predictive pension savior.

– We need to see this in the longer term where we already know we will have many retirements in different occupational groups. We should see this as a resource, says municipal manager Inger Lagerquist to our question on the free apartments to Syrians.

Swedish Radio


Local Council Statistics (below): The township of Härjedalen in Sweden has a mere 6.7% immigrant population, of which the overwhelming majority is Muslim, who now over represent government handouts to such extent they have passed the entire local native population. This massive cost in payouts to immigrants, who tend to be intentional permanent welfare recipients with no active employment, has forced the local council to cut expenses in other services such as food servings to the elderly in elderly care.

Graph: Light Green = Foreign born, 6.7%. Dark Green = Swedish born, 93.3%. Red = amounts in payments overrepresented. (Within Swedish born is included children of migrants). Immigrant cost in 2012 was 51.4% of the entire annual budget for the township of Härjedalen covering a mere 6.7% population.


19 thoughts on “Sweden: 6.7% (primary Muslim) pop welfare burden so high local council cut meals in elderly care

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  7. Sad thing is …. the money actually belongs to the elderly, not the local government.
    They are the people who have been investing it for 40 years, thinking they can now enjoy their retirement. So much for socialism – it never works.



  9. Give poor Abdul a break. You can’t serial-rape all of those blonde infidel women on an empty stomach. Ah Diversity – welcome it, embrace it, cherish it!!


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