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Norway: “No future welfare state if (Muslim) immigration continues. Norwegians a minority within 30 years.”

Since the M word is openly forbidden across Europe, we have added it in the title since all statistics and figures point specifically to Muslim immigration. No other singular group stand for higher criminal costs, housing costs, healthcare exploitation, welfare exploitation, police and court costs, than Muslims. Muslims are not a race. They come from all backgrounds and all races – which only prove further that the Islamic ideology creates a warped human psychology that creates terror out of society and burdens the economy like no other imaginable leak.

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Norway: “No future welfare if immigration continues”

Published February 15, 2013 at 11:52

OSLO. Either the Norwegian Government has to stop the massive influx of immigrants from the Third World – or the Norwegians will have to forget a future functioning welfare state. You just have to choose what you want, writes two Norwegian journalists in a notable debate article.

“To maintain the current level of immigration in the coming decades while maintaining a generous welfare state today is not a realistic goal,” writes Hege Storhaug and Rita Karlsen, on

The authors, who represent the Human Rights Service (HRS), suggest that the overseas migration has been a blank lottery  ticket for Norwegian taxpayers.

“Despite the fact that immigrant households have few people in retirement, they had still a deficit in the tax and benefit system, that is, they consume more welfare services than they pay in taxes. Households with Norwegian background, however, had a small surplus, “writes Storhaug and Karlsen and refers to new statistics from the HRS.

According to the latest projections of population growth from the Norwegian Central Statistical Office (SSB), the Norwegians will be a minority in their own country within 30 years. In Oslo, where the Norwegians will be a minority of only 15 years, the liver is already more than half of the non-European immigrants on welfare.

And as fewer and fewer Norwegians want to support more and more immigrants there will be no easy system to sustain any meaningful welfare system with basic social security, warns Storhaug and Karlsen, in spite of oil revenues.

“As citizens, we should be able to expect that all politicians are kept a check on the national welfare accounts and had future generations in mind when policy is made in the coming years,” concluded the writers.

15 thoughts on “Norway: “No future welfare state if (Muslim) immigration continues. Norwegians a minority within 30 years.”

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  4. I don’t blame the muslims, but the Norwegian Govt. I know the Norwegian Refugee Council in Nairobi ,Lavington, Kenya, A Norwegian man married to a Somali woman and I’m positive he is a convert to Islam, he is very lenient with Somali and Muslim refugees for Kenya to migrate to Norway, and is there any wonder Norway has problems with Muslims. Norway and most Scandinavian countries deserve what is coming to them. Fu$king Lefties.


  5. NO WELFARE if immigration continues? you just dont get it, cant get it, refuse to get it. if immigratiion is not reversed, and the conquering invaders sent to some islamic eden, there will be no NORWEGIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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