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(Video) NRK TV investigates violent behavior: Native Norweigan at 13 convicts per 1,000 while Muslim immigrant convicts at 40 per 1,000

Brainwashed: Violence.

Norwegian TV investigates whether violence is more prominent in some people than others. Psychologists, researchers and authors  investigate whether violence and revenge is an inborn quality, or an ideal that we learn from childhood, religion, habit. About 90% of all acts of violence in Norway, the show concludes, are committed by men. And while native Norweigan’s have convictions at a rate of 13 of 1,000 violent crimes Muslim immigrants in Norway are convicted at 40 per 1,000 violent crimes – almost 400% higher than the natives.


9 thoughts on “(Video) NRK TV investigates violent behavior: Native Norweigan at 13 convicts per 1,000 while Muslim immigrant convicts at 40 per 1,000

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  3. I think this is an important exploration. I happen to agree with the American professors, and I can’t help but think that the Norwegian professor is a prisoner of political correctness. I do think that the Judeo-Christian religions generally pushed people toward a less violent inclination, but in the case of European Christendom, it was a longtime coming. In Islam, even in times of relative peace, because all of the people were of the same sect, the violent compulsion was simply shifted toward women and children.


  4. These secular morons who dismiss religion (especially Christianity) as a compelling force in society are clueless. Promote the values of Christianity and suppress the values of Islam and the world will be a better place. Secular humanism would be a second choice but you CAN NOT deny the fact that spiritual beliefs are a part of the human condition.


    • Christianity was promoted in a time called the dark ages ijn Europe when we have crusades, pogroms, burnong at the stake, wars between catholics and protestants, witchburnings etc. do you really wnat to turn back the clock. spirituality an spiritual beliefs which are synonyms wth religion are indocrinated. people are born without spiritual and religious beliefs.

      nueroscientist today show that spirituality is linked to conditions of the brain

      In the most recent study, Johnstone studied 20 people with traumatic brain injuries affecting the right parietal lobe, the area of the brain situated a few inches above the right ear.
      He surveyed participants on characteristics of spirituality, such as how close they felt to a higher power and if they felt their lives were part of a divine plan.
      He found that the participants with more significant injury to their right parietal lobe showed an increased feeling of closeness to a higher power.

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      • The dark ages are a misnomer, in truth, soceity and progress Flourished!
        Universities, hospitals, caring of the sick and poor, literacy, literature, the Renaissance sound dark to you? Its named as such due to the Jews being kept in locked caged ghettos for the safety of mankind as they were financing Muslim war parties and were also responisble for the black plague, killing off half of Europe by poisoning wells of Christian with dead rats. Confessions are on record.
        Same with the so called witch burnings-often Jews and their vile Talmud.

        The Crusades were simply a defensive response to, and a response from Islam advancing by the sword as far North as Spain, France and Portugal, not to mention all of the Middle East!
        The wars between Protestants and Catholics were pushed by Jews, who backed Luther in his sola fide and sola scriptura-all non biblical.


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