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(Video) Sharia law: hanging foreign workers in Riyadh

* Clarification: The original Arab source that declared the video to be from Riyadh are questioned as other sources claim the clip to be from Iran.
In the video they are hanging two of their many foreign workers, who appear to be of Indian origin from Bengal. Whether they ever got a just hearing is probably not likely, or any evidence of the crime they were suppose to have committed. Such things are irrevelant in the land of Sharia law.
Only recently Saudi Arabia executed, by beheading, 45 Sri Lankan maid servants. Many of these workers are subject to human slavery, extreme abuse, rape and are beaten and assaulted by their employers, and not paid any salary promised to them while their passports are confiscated on arrival into the country, which without, they cannot travel anywhere or return back home.  If they defend themselves or hit back from abuse by their Saudi employer, they get arrested, or like these mentioned, executed. Saudi laws only favor Saudi nationals.

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Since YouTube quickly removed the original video, we’ve posted another link. If you find the video not working, let us know and we’ll upload it.

10 thoughts on “(Video) Sharia law: hanging foreign workers in Riyadh

  1. these 5 men are BANGLADESH ,who raped a 17 yrs girl saudian in Riyadh, its happened when i was there ******************** Those hungry for sex guys! They should know they were risking a death sentence if caught.. as you see a man without sex for months and months, maybe years working hard for nothing, can become mad.


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  3. छिः! दुनिया के हर देश में हर मुसलमान के साथ ऐसा दुर्व्यवहार किया जाना चाहिए जैसा वे दूसरे देशों के मजदूरों के साथ करते हैं!


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