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(New Video) Muslim Sharia Patrol gets worse in London: “We are in East, West, North, South London – we are here to bring Sharia. Police can go to hell”

If a government wants to learn how to manage growing Islamic problems, take some advice from Ottoman army officer Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk abolished Islam by putting a complete ban on Islamic materials, demolishing mosques, and removing any traces of Islam in his country to get rid of the evil. Those who tried to revolt were put in their place, or basically killed.
Isn’t it always rather amusing when criminals become moral preachers for others? With the sickening Al-Qaeda jihad chanting used as background entertainment, the self-imposed Sharia vigilantes in London have returned with a new batch of unwanted members. Britain has allowed over 3 million Muslims to enter and populate in the country (the unofficial number is 5 million). UK’s Muslim problem is developing in the usual direction that is common whenever any country give Islam a free footing and voice in society. They take over by multiplying, immigration by asylum, marriage and illegal entry. When society bends to Islam and allow it to remain and flourish (Margret Tatcher never supported mosques in England) they eventually begin to  superimposing it onto others by spreading out, issue threats, force, rape, intimidation – and throwing acid on women, like the victim a few days ago – and eventually, even murder, until they take over, region by region, leading to the entire country being taken over by Muslim gangs, basically.
It is time for the UK to stop wasting their military abroad, but bring them to patrol their own streets and begin to remove Muslims. And it is vital time to plan and arrange deportation programs – and even arrange new deportation programs for practicing Muslims born in England to be deported to their parent’s country of origin. Over 30 planning permissions for mosques was submitted in the UK in 2012 alone. The country need to put a complete stop on any further mosques and begin to gradually close the many mosques and schools hey have allowed in the country. The building are used to spread out and intimidate locals to move away so Islam can rule the area. Islam is not compatible with the modern world.  The British government has to stop allowing them in senior positions of the police, government, immigration, security, etc.

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The Legacy of Tony Blair’s Labour Government: New Threat From Muslim Sharia Patrols [h/t CasualBritain]

Muslim criminal thug on tape: “We are here to command “good” (Shariah) and forbid evil. We are Muslim patrol. We are in North London, we are in South London, in East London and West London. We command good and we forbid evil. Islam is here in London, Mr David Cameron, Mr Police Officers, whether you like it or not. … while the police they try to get us through the media, we will command (Shariah) “good” and forbid evil. We are Muslim patrol and you will never get us. Kufar you can go to hell. This is not a Christian country. Christianity can go to hell. …”

You can listen to the whole video here:

11 thoughts on “(New Video) Muslim Sharia Patrol gets worse in London: “We are in East, West, North, South London – we are here to bring Sharia. Police can go to hell”

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  5. Thousands of Britain’s terrorized non-Muslim children have been gang-raped by cruel Muslims. The children were stolen-seized, held against their will and horribly violated. Their lives destroyed by Muslim monsters. Muslims destroyed the children’s childhood. Destroyed their youth; their hopes and their dreams. And filled their lives with pain. Every rape is a kidnapping. God gave the DEATH SENTENCE for kidnapping:

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.


    Stop the Muslim rape war on Britain’s children! Permanently end all Muslim immigration!

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up


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  8. UK – ready for an insurgency yet? I’m sure the IRA could teach you a thing or two about fighting the British government. How long will you sit an allow the UK government to put a strangle hold around your necks while they import voters to destroy your way of life?


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