Muslims WorldWide

More Muslim Vigilante Filmed in London

One man interviewed say the Sharia developments have been taking shape over a 1-1.5 year period in his area. The residents don’t feel the council (Tower Hamlet) is providing any support or taking proper measures to control the situation. Typical England! They want to wait until the country caves in to a civil war.

The typical Taqqiyya: Shaykh Shams Ad Duha Response to ‘Muslim Street Patrols’ (and he looks happy while debating it) while he agree that East London is indeed “our (Muslim) area”

The Muslim community in the UK have their own Sharia courts. They also send thousands of women home each year to be honor killed. Muslim sharia developments have been spreading for a few years already, and the Muslim community has never taken any action. Why? Because they support it! They have no interest to take action. It is the core principle of Islam to ‘take over’ non-Islamic countries and they never stop repeating it. 

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