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Shocking Predictive (Muslim) Rape Numbers: Over One in Four Swedes will be raped in their life

Guess what? In spite of these shocking government figures (see the article below), what does the Swedish government plan to do? They plan to bring in 54,000 MORE Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers into the country 2013. The massive majority of immigrants and asylum seekers entering Sweden are from Islamic countries:

Sweden: Number of immigrants in 2012 – 94 717
Sweden: Asylum seekers in 2012 – 44,000 (of which roughly 90% are Muslims)

France is no better off where Muslim immigrants rape 24,000 French women on average and gang rape 7,000 females in France on a yearly basis.  And although the entire European region, and North America (Canada, U.S.) and even Australia and New Zealand can access these crime records and view the horrid reality of it – guess what they all plan to do in 2013? Bring in MORE Muslims into their countries!

United States refuge admission in 2012 – 80,000 (of which 52,000 were Muslims)
United States immigration admission in 2011 – 1,062,040 (of which approx 125,000 were of Muslim origin)
United States Diversity Visa admissions in 2012 – 50,000 (of which approx 35,000 were of Muslim origin)

Who are the true nutters here?

Sweden has the second highest rape percentage in the world

Serious crime is increasing to an extent that should keep the government and parliament sleepless at night. Crime is increasing beyond all control. Sweden is a raped and violence-torn country located at the top of international comparisons. According to a report by the UN agency UNDC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) recently, Sweden is at number 2 in the UN statistics with 53.2 reported rapes per 100 000 inhabitants. Only Lesotho, a small country in south Africa, has more reported rapes than Sweden. The league table looks like this:

1. Lesotho: 91.6
2. Sweden: 53.2
3. USA: 28.6
4. Zimbabwe: 25.6
5. Norway: 19.8
6. Israel: 17.6

Despite the high Swedish number, there are far more cases that go unreported.

Shocking Numbers: Over One in Four Swedish women will be raped

THE NEW SWEDEN. The National Crime Prevention Council released on Tuesday a new report on self-reported victimization. Among other things, it appears that a Swedish woman who grow up today runs around 23 per cent risk of being raped at least once in her life, between 16-79 years of age, with today’s rape statistics.

Sweden’s Muslim rape wave, in black and white, with real government statistics.
BRÅ Statistics show that (Muslim) assaulted rape among other sex crime has exploded since the early 90’s.

The National Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) latest report, “Exposure to crime in 2011,” has more than 13 000 people answered questions about whether they were victims of crime in the past year.

The report show holes in several media myths regarding rape. Most sex offenses are committed by acquaintances not at home, but by strangers outside the home. “In 58 percent of cases, the perpetrator was unknown to the victim,” writes BRÅ and continues: “It is common that the incident occurred in a public place (41%) than in a dwelling (30%).”

– Maybe contrasts with a conception of what it is, says Thomas Hvitfeldt, analyst at National Council said.

The report shows that “the estimated number of rapes in the population amounts to more than 29,000 events in 2011”, which most victims are women. This means that for any given year, the risk of a woman aged 16 to 79 years old being raped 4 of 1000.

But if you look at the risk of being raped at least once in a life, as much as 1 in 4 women are raped at least once by the time she turned 16 that she is 79 years old. That does not include a calculation of the risk of being raped before age 16 or after 79.

Crime has exploded in Sweden since the early nineties and the main reasons for this is mass immigration and the free movement within the EU, reports BRÅ. Among other things, they state that the overrepresentation of immigrants for crimes are large and the worse crimes, the more over-representation. [This article does not mention the forbidden ‘M’ word, but previous reports have shown that Muslims are the hugely overrepresented majority, leading with overwhelming 85%+ of all rapes. And numbers just keep increasing]

However, not all immigrant groups that exhibit high crime. The extremely high level of crime is primarily concentrated in [Muslim] Africans and people from the Middle East, writes Council. According to statistics from BRÅ report 1996:2 page 107, it appears that, for example, Iraqi and Moroccan men commit rape over twenty times more often than Swedish men*. According to statistics, as occurred in the late 90th century more than half of all rapes in Sweden by non-Swedes. [*this report does not take into account Swedish nationals with foreign background, but lumps any Swedish national as “Swedish” meaning many of the Swedish rapists most likely include immigrants with Swedish citizenship]

The article is updated. The calculations assume that the probability of being raped is the same for all women.


—  More than One in Four Swedes will be raped

—  Government statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council

Fact: How Probability and Statistics Work

Probability is a tricky subject, and often not intuitive.

Although a probability per year to something happening may seem small, it becomes large if you add up the years. By comparison, the probability that you get the hiccups during this hour is very small, but the probability that you get hiccups at some point during the year is very high.

If the probability that something will happen in a year is, say 20%, then the probability of it happening is 80%. The probability that something will happen two years in a row is 80% * 80%, and three years in a row 80% * 80% * 80% and so on. The longer the period, the greater the likelihood of it happening in any year.

This can develop into a formula. The probability that something will not happen for a number of years is (1-p) ^ n, where n is the number of years, and p is the probability of it happening in a year.

For example: according to data in a report they indicate that 1.1 percent of break ins into homes in 2010, happened at least once. One can say that the probability that there is no intrusion in 98.9%. The probability of not encounter burglary ten years in a row would be: 90%, ie 10% chance that someone will break-in at least once in your home in ten years.

Source: Wikipedia

Read latest: (Use Google translate for English)

28 thoughts on “Shocking Predictive (Muslim) Rape Numbers: Over One in Four Swedes will be raped in their life

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  5. The rapist may be a Muslim, a Priest, a Pastor or a Rabbi. They have this in common: they put Faith above Reason. And faithful people resort to force, because they have little or no intellectual ammunition.

    The pigs who flew the planes into the Twin Towers were MEN of FAITH.


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  20. I used to travel to Sweden regularly on business, particularly Stockholm and Malmo. Over the years I’ve seen this once lovely country turn into something out of Pakistan in certain areas!

    Malmo is no longer a Swedish area, it is filled with and controlled by muslims. They are everywhere! I’m not exaggerating when I say I was shocked one evening to walk through the streets and it was a case of spot the white Swedish guy. I never thought Sweden would allow this to happen.

    Their government is following the EU agenda of mass multiculturalism that fas failed miserably in all European countries, whether it’s France, the UK, Germany etc. Why do governments insists on importing an ideology that is totally alien to our way of life, culture and heritage? Countries are being destroyed from within.

    Islam must be stopped in it’s tracks before its too late. The report above is disturbing to say the least, but that’s only half the story. Think about the lies your children will be taught at school about the ‘religion of peace’ and be sure to home-school them on the truth about this backward, medieval theocratic dictatorship that only exists to destroy lives.


    • I’m with you! What the hell is going on! That is what Hitler tried to accomplish in WWII, but the Muslims I doing this peacefully and people just don’t know it!


  21. Re Islamic Immigration, the Swedish Goverment’s position must be, “What could go wrong?” Here in Canada, we have no such Muslim crime wave. What is Sweden doing wrong?


    • Er, so you’re saying that Swedish females must be doing something “wrong” then? Ah, blame the victim. Of course. All that Sweden is doing wrong is importing Muslims and Islam. As Frontpagemag com has shown in their ‘Muslim Percentages’ stats article, the result is always entirely ordained and mathematical. No, really. Colonel Neville.


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