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Albanian caught on camera having sex with homeowner’s dog jailed for six years

[A recent Pew Research Center demographic study put the percentage of Muslims in Albania at 79.9%. The person who forwarded this article to us stated that the man’s name comes from a village region in the North known for being Muslim region. We have not been able to confirm this yet]


  • Footage revealed Kujtim Nicaj, 44, having sex with labrador
  • Caught when suspicious homeowner set up cameras in his house
  • One-year-old Gunner the dog shows no permanent physical damage

PUBLISHED: 14:51, 16 January 2013 | 

Kujtim NicajKujtim Nicaj has been jailed after he was caught on CCTV having sex with a dog in Rye, New York State

A janitor has been jailed after he was caught on a resident’s CCTV system letting himself in to their apartment and having sex with their pet dog.

Kujtim Nicaj, 44, admitted burglary as a sexually motivated felony and felony misconduct, and was sentenced to six years in prison and seven years of probation at Westchester County Court.

Once his prison term is completed he must sign the sex offender’s register.

The court heard in February last year Nicaj, from Rye, New York State, was employed as superintendent of the Rye Colony Cooperative Apartments.

During this time he entered a resident’s apartment without permission and while inside, engaged in several sex acts with the owner’s 15-month-old Labrador retriever dog, USA Today reports.

The conduct was recorded on three cameras the homeowner, Alan Kachalsky, had set up after he became suspicious about goings-on in his apartment while he was out.

Mr Kachalsky said that he would return home and blinds would be drawn that had not been, a window would be left open that he had left shut.

The footage confirmed Mr Kachalsky’s suspicions that something was amiss in his apartment and provided indisputable evidence for the police.

‘A naked man, in your apartment, having sex with your dog,’ Mr Kachalsky, an attorney, said.

A subsequent examination of the dog, Gunner, a one-year-old labrador, by a vet revealed no permanent physical damage.

Now, Kachalsky said, Gunner is mostly back to his old self. He turns two at the end of the month.

‘Anytime anyone comes in, he’s all over ’em. He’s a terrific dog,’ he said.

Nicaj Nicaj was employed as a boss of the Rye Colony Cooperative Apartments and let himself into a tenant’s apartment to have sex with his pet dog.
Albanians destroying a church in Albania:

Christian church set in flames by Albanian Muslim Fanatics 2004. Killing of non-muslims is legitimate. The crosses are still fallen – not in Iraq, in Europe. It was just one of nearly 200 destroyed or desecrated churches and monasteries. There is growing concern that Kosovo, a disputed region in the southern province of Serbia, is emerging as a bastion of radical Islam. 90 percent of Kosovo’s population is ethnic Albanian Muslims. Serb Christians, for who Kosovo is an ancestral homeland and the site of many important Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries, make up roughly 10 percent of the population. Kosovo is part of Serbia but majority of Albanian Muslims want independence.Kosovo-Metohija is the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox church and of Serbian culture. The towns, cities, and villages all have Serbian names from the medieval period when it was part of Serbia. The oldest Serbian Orthodox churches are located in Kosovo. Albanian settlement and colonization during the Ottoman Turkish period could not erase its Serbian heritage. Moreover, Kosovo-Metohija was never a part of Albania. In fact, there had never been an Albanian state until 1912.

In Kosovo, the small Jewish population was ethnically cleansed out of Kosovo in 1999 along with Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians after NATO troops occupied the Serbian province. The Kosovo Jews fled to Belgrade. There are no more Jews living in Kosovo today, which is under NATO military occupation. So the islam is getting closer to europe step by step – but in this case the eyes of the UN are watching it.

29 thoughts on “Albanian caught on camera having sex with homeowner’s dog jailed for six years

    • Oh really?

      “an American Boeing engineer residing in Gig Harbor,[2] died from injuries received during anal sex with a stallion at a farm in an unincorporated area in King County, Washington, near the city of Enumclaw.”

      But you don’t hear me bash all Americans for it! I can’t believe I am being insulted as an Albanian because of the actions of one sick individual! Which i believe is the first known case involving an Albanian. That is simply very primitive behavior of you to insult an entire nation because of it.


    • I used only one example *sigh* Here is another if you wish so you hypocritical scum.

      Man ‘raped multiple miniature horses and killed the barn dog trained to protect them’

      And another

      “An Ocala man faces five years of probation for having sex with his pregnant fiancee’s dog.”

      And the list goes on…

      My point is I don’t give a fuck what you christian/muslim/jew fairytale worshipers do. You freaks can slaughter each other, for all i care. Just don’t involve other people into this.

      Also those Serb churches had to be destroyed simply because they were Serb churches. 10 000 Albanians civilian dead at the hands of Serbs. The relatives of those were mad as hell and wanted to get rid of everything Serb. It’s not like we went after our own catholic Albanian churches.

      And the last video you posted is simply a joke and if you seriously believe that made by a butt hurt Serb, then your intelligence is questionable indeed.


    • Hahaha xD OK I think you’re not the one who is getting “it”

      This is from my previous post “My point is I don’t give a fuck what you christian/muslim/jew fairytale worshipers do. You freaks can slaughter each other, for all i care. Just don’t involve other people into this.”

      I don’t care what goes on in those middle eastern countries. What does this have to do with Albanians?

      By the way Kujtim Nicaj is actually a catholic in case you didn’t know. -_-‘ A sick individual. And you are using him to slap a tag on all Albanians.


    • What the hell are you talking about now? Are you trying to change the subject? “spending endless time” “argue against facts and news”? All i wanted to tell is how stupid and primitive your blog is! Taking only minutes to waste which is more than you deserve, amateur… You dare call me poorly educated? Yet you post an amateur video made by a Serb explaining our origin xD? Youtube is not the place for history lessons.

      I can’t believe you’re calling me a human savage… What have i done to you? Are you insane or something? I threaten people? How can I improve my image when oafs such as you only hurt it by posting incredibly stupid blogs insulting whole nations, because of the actions of one man… If you stop to think for a moment, maybe you’ll realize just what it is you’re doing.


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  3. Who write this bullshit story I guess nationalist srbian writer who never been to Kosovo ,12 years ago was in Kosovo for documentary .Serbian politic is to be blamed for things happening now


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  6. kaz is right. US should permit the import of camels or at least goats for sexual pleasure of mozzies. Read the koran, sex with goats is


  7. poor guy couldnt find a camel. it is racist for new york to refuse to provide camels for the pleasure of our valued muslim guests, without which our country would be so, well, less multicultural. the poor victim should sue new york for not providing him with approved animals for sex. the government already pays him to live here, supports his multiple wives and numerous children, all being raised as good muslims to enslave, then genocide us all. surely we would not want to refuse him a proper camel, goat, or sheep.


  8. The muz are the most damaging species on the planet. Mental problems from HIV infections and women with brain circulation down from tight headgear. Trained to kill other non muz. Why are more coming to America?


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  10. I don’t know if this is run by white gentiles, but this is clearly ridiculous jew propaganda – keeping Europe free of non-whites (not just Muslims) is one thing, but recognizing that the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the whole western, white world is under Jewish domination is another thing, and the only people fighting/resisting this are muslims, after we invade their lands on behalf of the Jew!


    • Muslims are so Hell-bent on their hate filled obsession with the Jews that if they have a wet fart they’ll attribute it to an evil Zionist plot. The Joos, WHO KNOW that Muhammad is the seal of the prophets, somehow(Evil spell, food tampering, you know the drill – conspiracy theory need not have its foundation based on reason. Just let your imagination go wild) have found a way for the Slaves of Allah to soil their dainties so they cannot present themselves in a state of grace for the Call to Prayer. The plotting Joos have succeeded in separating the Faithful from worshipping and receiving the succor of Allah. Some batsh** crazy arselifter will seriously consider for a moment this fiction and weigh its merit against what has had pounded into his puddy-filled noggin.


    • Here’s a small note: In the whole world, it is estimated that there are about 13.5 million Jews. On the other hand, there are over 2 billion muslims and over 2 billion Christians. Where do you get the notion that Jews are dominating the world? Especially when over six million live in Israel and only a little over five million live in the US, a country with a population of over 315,000,000.


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  13. didn’t you know they worship satin that is their god. and they try to say they don’t have any thing to do with dogs they are unclean and they are just for work, cant be inside of the house, welllll we see what the work part the dog serves don’t we


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