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American/Egyptian citizen arrested in New York after calling Brotherhood leader a ‘liar and a murderer’

Under Obama the U.S. is no longer the same country it used to be and is becoming a police state. You are now arrested for protesting while extremist dictators are free to come and go as they please, and bring their hate ideology on American shores.

This report passed us in December. This is Dr. Salma Abu Elmagd an American/Egyptian citizen who was arrested in New York city for exercising her constitutional right in a peaceful demonstration against Mr. Essam Eleryan visit to the USA.

Mr. Eleryan who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group, now ruling Egypt with the USA support, is directly responsible in the killings of peaceful demonstrators in Egypt, beating up women & terrorizing citizens allover the streets for the past two weeks.

Billions of our American hard earned tax dollars are being sent to the Egyptian government supporting this terrorist Group.

The poster is trying to bring awareness of the very serious situation currently in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood ruling threatening democracy, freedom & the existence of the Egypt we all once knew.

Please share in protest of our US government support to the Muslim Brotherhood & to stop the killings of Egyptians.

“El-Erian, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood and vice-chairman of its Freedom and Justice Party, had been invited to talk about Egypt’s draft constitution at the El-Nour Islamic School.

In a YouTube video of the incident, El-Magd said she lost her temper when El-Erian started praising the constitution.

“He said the US constitution had been changed many times and we could do that in Egypt,” El-Magd said. “Then he started talking about his beautiful constitution and how it would be a role model for the Middle East and Arab World.”

El-Magd said she interrupted the lecture at this point and called El-Erian a “liar and a murderer.”

Brotherhood supporters then attacked her and her husband, she said, and a man wearing an orange pullover hit her on the head.

A video shot by an audience member shows a hysterical El-Magd being thrown out of the hall.

“Get your ****** hands off me,” El-Magd screamed. “Get your people under control and tell them not to touch me.”

Once outside, El-Magd and other Egyptian activists began chanting against El-Erian and the Brotherhood. She was then approached by a police officer who informed her that she was under arrest.

“What [will you arrest me] for,” asked El-Magd. “I have every right to protest. This is my constitutional right. I am an American citizen.”

18 thoughts on “American/Egyptian citizen arrested in New York after calling Brotherhood leader a ‘liar and a murderer’

  1. The same sort of Police intimidation also occurs here in Canada. Muslims are excused and protected despite their violence, but peaceful Pro West demonstrators are harassed by the police and threatened with arrest. Keep your eye out for any ‘devout’ Muslim. Muslim Extremism is clearly a tautology! “There is no moderate Islam” These are the words of Obama’s best friend, the PM of Turkey, Ergodan. By it’s nature Islam is violent and despises Judaeo-Christian values. A Civil War in Sweden has already started. All Europe may be engulfed! Maybe Islam and it’s horrors may be the road back to Christianity for Europe. By the Blood of Martyrs…


  2. The police in the US have often been brutal and overstepped the bounds of the law, but this didn’t start under Obama, this started loooong before he even had a thought about going into politics.
    Obama’s support for the brotherhood would be, I imagine, more about political correctness and wanting to keep some stability in the area, rather than something he genuinely believes in. Here’s hoping they realise what exactly that means for the people, particularly the women, of Egypt.


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    • I understand that. i can see the video. i just think there is more to the story. Police may have arrested her for disruption, but not for what she said. Don’t get me wrong….we’re on the same side. I just like to know we have all the information, before I pass along the report.


  4. From now on, during any future presidential election, based on what I know about both candidates, I might not vote at all. I don’t want “blood” on my hands.


  5. This is worrying indeed. Freedom of speech is a right that should be protected at all costs, yet speaking out against an ideology that actively seeks to destroy our civilised way of life should NOT land you in jail!

    The same is happening here in the UK and across Europe as a whole. Various islamic groups can shout, scream and demand sharia law in our countries and they are allowed to continue. Whenever anti-islamic groups try to protest they are filmed, arrested and charged with race hate crimes (even though religion is NOT a race), and more recently with ‘islamophobia’ – a made up word that doesn’t officially exist in the English language but is now used against anyone who dares to speak out against their evil all-encompassing ideology.

    The western world must wake up soon or its going to be too late. Europe is already under threat from islam, I just hope our American friends prevent it reaching their shores.


  6. America has never been in such danger as she is now. American government enthusiastically embraces the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal is JIHAD; the DESTRUCTION of AMERICA and the DESTRUCTION of Western Civilization.


  7. its amazing..a raghead mulla can spew his or her hate towards america, praise 9.11, burn our flag………but if one confronts islam on american soil they are arrested………..bullshit……….i hope this women sues the shit out of the new york cops, the anti american muslimshitheads, and this makes real news……….


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