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Islamization Of Australia In Action as Plan for Muslim Housing Enclave in Sydney Suburbs

Kafir Crusaders

Australia is often thought of as a country with tough immigration rules that doesnt just let anyone in unlike Britain which has been swamped by people from uncivilized nations who bring with them a lot of new troubles, turning nice areas into ghettos and of course the constant stealth jihad from Muslims intent on bringing their barbaric and backwards cult into daily British life. With Oz’s tough immigration rules you would assume Australia would be 1 of the last places in the civilized world to fall and become Islamized. Apparently not the stealth jihad is well under way down under with the creation of Muslim only enclaves which before long will become no go zones for the police, lawless and a breeding ground for extremists

Plan for Muslim housing enclave in Sydney suburbs

Muslim housing

Qartaba Homes, computer image of a Muslim…

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2 thoughts on “Islamization Of Australia In Action as Plan for Muslim Housing Enclave in Sydney Suburbs

  1. Qartaba Homes are thieves.
    They robbed my family of our hard earned saving $2016,000 AUD which was a deposit on two properties in Tarneit North victoria.
    I have delt with Kashef, Wajeeha, Yasmeen & their accounts department who have been giving my family the run around for 10 months promising to refund our money as per their contract but they are now completely ignoring us.
    If you value your money then stay away from Qartaba. They make out to be a righteous Muslim company when they’re completely the opposite (thieves) Kashef, one of the owners was in contact with me 6 months ago promising to refund our money but since then he has ignored our phone calls & emails.
    These people are incompetent and play games that they taylor.
    Now that I am taking them to court for the $2016,000 they robbed, you can’t hide behind Wajeeha & Yasmeen, your lying incompetent employees Kashef.
    See you in court!
    But for now – your fake companies truth must be published on every social media medium for all to know what Qartaba Homes is all about.

    Others are coming forward now & we will join hands to expose Qartaba Homes for what they have stolen from hard working families Sydney & Melbourne.
    Feel free to email me directly for more info or if you think I am making this up


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