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Syrian to BBC Reporter: “You Are Not Telling the Truth About Syria”

Try to reason with this mindset. “You are lying” says Syrian civilians to a BBC journalist about her reporting, but who is visiting the country for the first time.

Syria, who has been providing weapons to Palestinian terrorists of the Hamas, are now being inundated by terrorists themselves who have pushed into the country from neighbouring Arab regions. The Syrian military is struggling to keep them out. Obama and the EU, who really consist of the most ignorant, vile and worthless leadership with zero understanding of the Middle East, of Islam and Middle Eastern mentality, run around claiming president Assad is ‘killing his own people’. Truth is Assad is killing anyone who may, even by remote association, be affiliated with the very terrorists flooding his country that he himself used to provide weapons to, whether they are native insurgents who jumped side to the foreign terrorists, or the foreigners themselves. Like in Palestine the media is all over the place with distorted weepy stories portraying these terrorists as “freedom fighters”.

In fact, it may be Assad’s own weapons being used against Syrian people in effort to try and overthrow the government and replace it with the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Wonder how Assad feel being on the other end of the stick, after encouraging the same events to be pushed on Israel?

Pay attention to the method being used in Syria to overthrow the government because it is a common tactic that Muslims have used for hundreds of years to invade other countries: flood the area with illegal mass immigration, create confusion by propaganda and claim to be “innocent victims” fighting for “freedom”. Fact is democracy and freedom is contrary to Islamic law. Therefore, it is impossible for any groups to fight for “freedom” while supporting Islamic law. The freedom fighters are cloaked under a garb of terrorists fed and bred by the Muslim Brotherhood, who are the original founders of both Hamas and al-Qaeda and seek to create a Caliphate through the entire region. This is the method that was used against Israel with illegal Arab occupation of barren Palestinian territory – which today continues as a 60-year old war for land they want, which was never theirs to begin with.


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