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New York: Pakistani Muslims protest Shia ‘genocide’

As we’ve said again and again; when they don’t hate us and the rest of the world, they hate each other.

And here whining and protesting about the NYPD in February 2012. They never think about looking at their own conduct and their extreme poor crime record and history:

2 thoughts on “New York: Pakistani Muslims protest Shia ‘genocide’

  1. What about the systematic abuse by Muslims against Copts in Egypt, Sikhs in Pakistan, Cristians in Iraq, Syria, etc?

    Or, if they only care when the victims are Muslims, wow about the Muslim Arab Sudanese genocide of black Sudanese Muslims? How about the centuries of Sunni and Shia slaughtering each other without any involvement by “infidels” like us?


  2. yeah if nobody is for them to victimized they would find one from themselves since both shia and sunnis are pigs this is a pig fight


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