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Noni Darwish explains the implication of Islamic ‘right to religious freedom’ and blasphemy laws on the West

Pay close attention to this talk by Noni Darwish because many people in the West fail to grasp the long-term consequences or the after-effect of granting ‘religious freedom’ to a Middle Eastern political system to co-exist in our society. They fail to understand what their support to blasphemy laws and on restricting criticism of Islam would create and what exactly it would entail. The politicians of the West also fail to grasp what the real underlying reality is in granting of Sharia courts under the excuse that it is a ‘religious right’. A court system has nothing to do with religion. Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian political system and should therefore not fall under any policy of ‘freedom to religion’.

Today Britain has granted over 80 Sharia courts in the country. Others have been granted in other parts of Europe. These courts do not abide by British law. Once the permission has been granted, the Muslim community do not care at all what British laws stipulate and require. Over 20,000 Muslim girls in the UK are being sent abroad to be honor killed, although organizations claim the numbers could be more than double the amount. These decisions come from the parallel system of the Sharia courts. In other words, the British government is a collaborator in these human rights violation by granting mosques, sharia courts and ‘religious rights’ to a political system that do not abide by basic human rights policies. Therefore it is utmost important to never grant any of these demands or establishments to gain permission from the start.

Author, Nonie Darwish, reveals repressive secrets of Islamist culture at event by ECI: Ex-Muslims & Critics of Islam at UCI. “Freedom of Speech vs. Blasphemy in Islam : Should American Values Submit to Islamic Censorship?” Nov 26, 2012.

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