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Coming near you soon: the Thai jihad problem

Pay attention to this video. This is what’s coming where you are in the next 30-40 years.The Muslim population is around 4-5% in the entire country, while it is 90% in the South. The Thai government allowed a Muslim population to exist in the region when Malaysia and Thailand was separated. Ever since the Muslim population began to grow in the region, they have never had peace and the Muslim jihad makes sure no Thai’s are safe from random murders and aggression.

“Thai Muslims are treated differently to Thai Buddhists,” complains one man. Every night, insurgents attack security posts and steal weapons. “They want to kill the Buddhists so that these provinces can be Muslim,” explains village chief Boonserm Petchuan. The minority Buddhist population in the South feels abandoned. Everyone lives in fear of the insurgents. But no-one knows who’s behind the uprising. Prime Minister Thaksin has ordered the army to be more aggressive in rooting out rebels. But a backlash could drive thousands more into insurgency.

The Thai government blames Islamic separatists for rising tensions in the South. The Muslims blame the government for ‘marginalizing’ and ‘discriminating’ against Muslims. But in the history of the region there has hardly been any marginalization of Muslims. The origin from the entire war is Islamic terrorism and Muhammad’s jihad. Muslims created the situation by jihad and insurgency against the government, rejecting Thai culture, Thai laws, and Thai government and demanding the country to be separated (sounds similar? Think Palestinians).

Muslims can’t use birth control so they populate into large numbers. Having big families it becomes more demanding for them to feed many family members. They freely encourage the young to join jihad movements, which they are often paid for, organized from the al Qaeda arm of Indonesia.

After spreading their violence and extreme brutality executing Thai Buddhists on a daily basis the Thai people began avoiding the Muslims to stay safe (just like anyone would when facing no-go gang areas). Muslims use these common tactics as a reason to blame the situation on them being subject to marginalization. As usual the Muslims refuse to stop their violence. They refuse until they can separate South Thailand and make it into a Muslim state. This is a common tactic used amongst Muslim terrorists and is being used in Burma, in Russia, in Palestine, etc. What usually happens is that if they get their Muslim state, they begin to crowd further into Thailand and demand more land and spread the violence even further. They will never stop murdering non-Muslims if the government caves in and gives them the land. The Muslims would continue with this tactic and crowd closer and closer into central Thailand until the whole country is swallowed up by Islam.

The situation became so severe over the past decades that the region has sunk into a complete civil war. Thailand will never have peace until the nation deals with their Muslim problem in the same manner as Churchill dealt with the German threat in 1940. However, would the Thai government resort to Churchill’s measures the country would soon be accused of “human rights violations”. It’s become absurd.

British TV tend to be deeply dhimmi. They rarely give the full picture. See the second video below to learn the real history of the violence and how it originates from the usual Islamic jihad, when the Islamic demographics become a majority.

The history of the Thai Muslim Jihad

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