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(Video series) The Rise of the Caliphate (in the West)

Glenn Beck has always been known as someone to make some fairly bold and strange predictions, but the protests in Egypt may have given birth to a Beck prophecy on a whole other level. Beck has said that the Egyptian uprising is not merely about an oppressed and impoverished people fighting for their rights, but instead, Beck sees the uprising as an effort by radical Muslims and socialists to establish a one world government called a caliphate. Under Beck’s theory, the caliphate will eventually lead the “end of the Western world as we know it.” Beck has warned his viewers that the revolution is not merely about Egypt, but about their own towns, homes, and way of life. The left has always taken issue with Beck, the question now is whether Beck may have finally gone too far in his dire warnings even for his traditional audience.

Read the ridiculing of Glenn Beck’s statements, which is getting closer and closer to reality in Egypt and prove him right:

Did Glenn Beck ‘jump the shark’ with caliphate conspiracy theory?


Part 1 of 9:

Part 2 of 9:
Part 3 of 9:
Part 4 of 9:
Part 5 of 9:
Part 6 of 9:
Part 7 of 9:
Part 8 of 9:
Part 9 of 9:


The U.S. media refusal to believe Muslim agenda, no matter how many times facts are presented:

“For the first time in 600 years you see the revival of Islam and Caliphate, all over the world”

2 thoughts on “(Video series) The Rise of the Caliphate (in the West)

  1. As an irish catholic I have to say im a very big admierer of mr beck may he continue with his great work,live long and prosper may God blees and protect him and those he loves in Jesus name I ask.


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