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Muslim criminal youth get beaten by mob in Russia’s Kremlin

This got forwarded to us of a cellphone clip of Russian protestors beating to a pulp a group of Muslim youth. Russia has been suffering from — guess? — growing Muslim gang violence in Moscow, where Muslims killed several people in the span of a year in unprovoked attacks with knives and guns.

When civilians became upset at the poor responsible from authorities to control growing Muslim problems, 7,000 Russians gathered to riot in protest against Muslim-gang violence. The crowd was gathered at the Kremlin when a small group of Muslims passed by heckling them. They stood only five meters away from the Grave of Russian Soldiers killed in WW2, which incidentally, had been run over by a car by Muslims a few weeks earlier causing public anger and insult. The clip doesn’t show how the fight started but you can see what follows.

It’s Mohammed’s follower who has to be carried away by police, who is barely able to protect them.

A few days later of Muslims announced that they were ready to ‘respond’ to the Russian rioters, and they gathered 3,000 fighters near Kievskaya Metro Station. The special police forces managed to neutralize the entire crowd.

Russians are putting up with the same Muslim nonsense as everywhere else:

5 thoughts on “Muslim criminal youth get beaten by mob in Russia’s Kremlin

  1. If the muslim scum take over Russia – the world will change. Don`t let this become reality.
    Ask for New Law – Deportation of all muslims from Russia and bann them from returning.


  2. I love Mother Russia (even though I am from the US). At least somebody knows how to respond to this thuggish religion’s adherents.


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