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The first fundamental truth about the “Arab Spring” is that there never was one. The salient fact of the Middle East, the only one, is Islam. The Islam that shapes the Middle East inculcates in Muslims the self-perception that they are members of a civilization implacably hostile to the West. The United States is a competitor to be overcome, not the herald of a culture to be embraced.

Learn the truth about The Arab Spring in Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, the explosive new E-Book from New York Times best-selling author and #1 best-selling author Andrew C. McCarthy.

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  1. I have ordered the book, but in the meantime, readers might be interested in another book that provides insightful background on what is happening in Egypt today. The evolution of the Arab Spring in Egypt is following a familiar path marked out by previous revolutions. Back in 1938 historian Crane Brinton wrote “The Anatomy of Revolution,” describing the British, American, French, and Russian Revolutions. The book was revised in 1952 and 1965, but did not address Nazism. These revolutions all seemed to have the following common elements: 1) The spark for the revolution was usually intellectuals and liberals opposed to the despotism of the former regime; 2) once the revolution had overthrown the rulers, the extremists took over the new regime; 3) Soon the intellectuals and liberals were seen as the enemies of the revolution and were arrested and killed or banished; 4) The extremists destroyed the constitutional and legal underpinnings of the new regime and actually became more despotic that the former regime; 5) People ended up worse off (economically and socially) that before the revolution but were too terrified or disillusioned to resist the extremists in power. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood seem to be using the historical playbook in Egypt today.


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