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Muslims turn mosque floor red during mass flagellation to mourn Shiite martyr

Bloody rites and agonising ceremony: Devotees turn mosque floor red during mass flagellation to mourn Shiite martyr WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: They pay respects to the Prophet Mohammad and his martyred grandson with the flowing of their blood By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 17:19, 25 November 2012 |   Blood is seen on the floor of … Continue reading

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UK: “British” (Muslim) secondary school teacher is unmasked as convicted murderer

Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Chowdhury, an Islamic Studies teacher in Bethnal Green, had undergone CRB checks He is now being investigated by the Home Office He was sentenced to life in prison in absentia for the 1997 murder of Hazi Akbor Ali By Amanda Williams PUBLISHED: 15:57, 25 November 2012 | Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Chowdhury, an … Continue reading

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Palestine: Secret Video Of Hamas Executing Fatah And Civilian Palestinian Youth

Hamas, Hizbollah and Fatah are all competing with each other for greater powers, for total votes and support. So when they are not busy slaughtering Jews, creating child suicide bombers and women, they kill each other. A couple of civilians get killed to… not that it matters for terrorist organizations who idolize death and murders … Continue reading

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Anti-Muslim crimes dropped in 2008, anti-Jew/Christian crimes increased

  Posted on November 24, 2009 by creeping Updates: picked up the story in January 2010, Myth Of The Anti-Muslim Backlash, and included this graphic: …and there is this revealing story out of DC:  Discrimination is not an issue, Muslim students say (original post below) The FBI’s 2008 ‘Hate’ Crimes stats are out and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Palestine-Israel Conflict:
The first fundamental truth about the “Arab Spring” is that there never was one. The salient fact of the Middle East, the only one, is Islam. The Islam that shapes the Middle East inculcates in Muslims the self-perception that they are members of a civilization implacably hostile to the West.…

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Originally posted on Palestine-Israel Conflict:
We all know by now how ‘innocent’ Palestinains are; a people who do not even originate from Palestine but who crowded into the region through illegal mass immigration. They are ‘victims’ of unprovoked brutality even if they initiate it. They are victims of Israeli murders, when they attack and receive…

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Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army, to the West: We Will Restore the Caliphate and You Will Pay the Jizya “or Else We Will Bring the Sword to Your Necks”

  Following are excerpts from an address by Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestine Liberation Army, which was posted on the Internet on December 15, 2011:   Nader Tamimi: In the Levant, we are involved in a fierce battle, and we will bring about a change in Syria and in the Levant in … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Palestine-Israel Conflict:
The real threat to the United States is not terrorism. The real threat is the sophisticated forces of Islamism, which have collaborated with the American Left not only to undermine U.S. national security but to shred the fabric of American constitutional democracy. In The Grand Jihad, bestselling author Andrew C.…

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UK: Names finally released in the latest Muslim rape/grooming gang arrest, Can you guess them? well they are not “Simon” « Christian Defence League (CDL)

Originally posted on @NewDayStarts:
Muslim 1. Iblal Fiaz, Muslim 2. 21, Khasim Fiaz, Muslim 3. 22, Kasam Dadd, Muslim 4. 23, Mohammed Adnan, Muslim 5. 21, Janaid Sharif, Muslim 6. 26, Mudasser Hussain, Muslim 7. 28,  Mohammed Jubroin Khan,   High Wycombe sex abuse inquiry leads to charges Police moved in to make a series…

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Homophobic Muslim hate preacher due to speak at Brunel University

Originally posted on Kafir Crusaders:
A radical Muslim hate preacher  Abu Usamah At-Thahab is due to speak with students at Brunel Uni.  The Islanist is well documented as being a bigoted homophobic suggesting they should be thrown off a cliff  The islamo-fascist also has a strong dislike to anything non islamic.  Strangely there is a deadly silence about this racist Islamo-fascist…