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Saudi Mujahid Sheikh: Jihad Against The Cursed Jews Everywhere Is A Supreme Duty

On November 16, 2012, the “Global Jihad” website ( posted a fatwa by the Saudi mujahid sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Fahd mandating jihad against the Jews. Al-Fahd has been incarcerated in Saudi Arabia since 2003 for praising the Riyadh bombings in May of that year. In 2004, the Saudi media reported that he had recanted … Continue reading

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UK: Muslim arrested for punching 16-yr old Muslim girl uncouncious in unprovoked attack

Ayoade is a Muslim name (Nigerian Yoruba Muslim). The victim is a modern Muslim woman who wears a veil but not a burka. And guess why the girl was attacked? She was dressed as a normal business professional. She was not covered up, ignored him and was simply ‘a slut’ and deserved it. Forget that … Continue reading


Indoctrination: “Even my baby Mohammed don’t recognize the so-called Israel”

Peace-lovers and victims or militant aggressors following and perpetrating a hate ideology? You decide. “Even babies don’t recognize the so-called “Israel”. Watch my baby Mohammed-few months old who does not recognize the Zionist Entity.” Ahmnaj Abu Ayesh. War on Gaza II, Nov. 2012 حتى الأطفال الرضع لا يعترفوا بما يسمى بـ”إسرائيل”. شاهد طفلي محمد -عمره … Continue reading

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Islamic Mujahideen Pictured Roaming The Streets of Central London

by Ushisha Razikashvili The Body of Truth: After reading an article on the protests outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, regarding Abu Hamza’s deportation, I was shocked when I saw a certain two pictures from the protest. A white, Muslim man was photographed wearing the armband of the Mujahideen over a military style … Continue reading

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(Video) Gaddafi last moments before he was killed: sodomized with rod

Sexual abuse and degradation is a common tactic used against non-Muslims, especially women, as the repeatedly raped Lara Logan found. A report in Arabic media that just appeared discusses how Christian women—identified by wearing crosses around their necks or simply not wearing a hijab—are subject to sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and even threats of rape on the streets … Continue reading

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UK: Muslim MPs double in number after UK elections – Muslim women and Muslim Tories elected for the first time

By Hamed Chapman and Ahmed J Versi Muslims played an active part in the unpredictable results of the General Elections that produced erratic swings and the eventual surprising formation of a Conservative-Liberal Democrats coalition that few believe will prove durable. The new political landscape saw a record breaking number of 26 African, Asian and Caribbean … Continue reading

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UK: TREVOR KAVANAGH: Muslim leaders must re-brand religion for 21st Century Britain

By TREVOR KAVANAGH, SUN Columnist Published: 18th November 2012 I’VE never met TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright, but she’s always struck me as being refreshingly forthright.   The last of the Two Fat Ladies is in the headlines after making disobliging remarks about Muslims. This is, of course, forbidden, and she is now at the … Continue reading