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Sweden: Imam want to drown Jews in spit

Can you feel the love?

An Imam in Muslim infested no-go zone Malmo in Sweden where people’s lives are made into sheer hell by the presence of Muslims who rape women, rob, attack, and assault people, burn down buildings, attack police, etc,, rambles up a whole list of atrocities taking place in Muslim countries – by Muslims against other Muslims (he still doesn’t get it) – and whine that Muslims are the most humiliated people in the world and no one cares what happens to them. He then goes on to claim Jews ‘humiliate’ Muslims and spew his hate for the Jews.

Well, he got it right that no one feels pity for Muslim “victims” (don’t forget they are always the victims, never the perpetrators). Who can feel any sympathy with demonic savages who attack others and violate the rights of others? All they have to do to have a better life is stop being savages and stock assaulting other people, and they won’t have such miserable lives and be subject to so many atrocities. But that would be a tall order.

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