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Maajid Nawaz: “Violent and Nonviolent Islamism Are Based on the Same Ideology”

Brave and truthful man.

Palestine-Israel Conflict

Maajid Nawaz – Chairman of Quilliam, a counter extremism organisation – is a British born Muslim who became a radical Islamist. He was arrested and imprisoned in Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, but when he emerged from prison he renounced his former views and launched a campaign to counter Islamist ideology. To some he is a truth teller, to others a traitor.

BBC HardTalk’s Presenter Stephen Sackur has always represented a very low level of comprehension on pretty much any topic. The man simply lacks any depth of reasoning. How he manages to have a show on BBC is really quote astonishing. Here, while discussing Egypt and the Arab Spring, he ridicules Maajid Nawaz’s experiences that he shares on Islam and calls it ‘fears of Islamist takeover’ and claims it is simply not there. Sackur is not a Muslim and never has been. But like many people in Western media he simply…

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