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Foremost religious expert of the Middle East, Al-Qaradhawi, has an outburst about Wafa Sultan and claims George Bush adhere to the Torah

The educational level is so low and the lying so high that rarely can Muslims respond to a debate. They know how to lecture but they don’t know how to hold a debate and put forth concrete evidence or a valid and sensible argument. Listen to this Islamic scholar, Dr Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, who is suppose … Continue reading

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Muslim fruitcake stalker sailed 2,500 miles to propose to British waitress

No wonder she found it freaky. The number one cause of death in Turkey for women is not heart disease or diabetes like in the rest of the world. It’s spousal abuse. But hey, don’t forget the EU wants to speed Turkey’s membership in Europe… They still execute people in Turkey, persecute Christians and Churches … Continue reading

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Maajid Nawaz: “Violent and Nonviolent Islamism Are Based on the Same Ideology”

Originally posted on Palestine-Israel Conflict:
Maajid Nawaz – Chairman of Quilliam, a counter extremism organisation – is a British born Muslim who became a radical Islamist. He was arrested and imprisoned in Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, but when he emerged from prison he renounced his former views and launched a campaign to counter Islamist ideology. To…

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Israel sent 20 letters to U.N. on Hamas rockets in 2012, before responding militarily

Originally posted on Palestine-Israel Conflict:
Published by UN Watch   – at November 20, 2012 The current bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas did not emerge in a vacuum. Israel is exercising its legitimate right to self-defense in light of repeated rocket attacks coming from Gaza. Since 1 January 2012, we were able to count 20 separate…

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Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
Norway: 61.5% of Muslims think demonstrations are unreasonable, 44% see signs of radicalization There were protests by Muslims on both Friday (~3,000 people ) and Saturday (~300 people).  Both were mostly peaceful, and the organizers put great emphasis that it would be so, though one of the speakers in the…

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UK: Muslim Dog owners banned from keeping animals after terrified and starving dog is found caged in a filthy car

RSPCA investigators found the animal locked in a car with its own faeces Dog could have been in the car for two weeks and had to be put on a drip Investigator said she had ‘never seen a dog so thin’ Saimi Bi and Kiran Hussain not allowed to keep animals for five years By … Continue reading