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Must See: Jihad in America: Grand Deception – Discussion Panel Webcast

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Jihad in America: Grand Deception – Discussion Panel Webcast
October 25, 2012


The Investigative Project on Terrorism, the nation’s largest archival intelligence center on radical Islam, held a discussion panel on October 25, 2012 to launch a new documentary exposing the covert infrastructure and growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The documentary, now on sale at Amazon, is called Jihad in America: the Grand Deception. (See the trailer at

The documentary contains interviews with FBI agents, federal prosecutors and Muslim experts on radical Islam. See undercover video and audio of secret Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood meetings and internal Muslim Brotherhood documents seized by the FBI. Hear what these front groups are saying in their speeches and conferences behind closed doors and witness a former member renounce his affiliation with radical Islam for the first time on camera. Congressman Frank Wolf called the film “the most shocking and important documentary I have ever seen in my life.”

The 60 minute panel focuses on the Muslim Brotherhood in America and the areas in American government and society where Muslim Brotherhood (MB) front groups have been able to infiltrate major American government agencies, the media, Hollywood and the publishing industry.


One thought on “Must See: Jihad in America: Grand Deception – Discussion Panel Webcast

  1. the jihaddi 7 4 7 Genocide plan: 7 nukes 4 7 USA Cities, somewhere I read this threat will endanger 70% of all people of the African Diaspora in America(ADiA)!

    the plantation seer


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